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TP-Link VIGI C540V Outdoor Full Color Camera $134 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Wanted to get a decent and budget outdoor camera before going on my holiday and considering this option. Quite new product so if anyone has this one installed please comment.

Direct TP-Link product description here

4MP Super-High Definition: 4MP offers more than enough pixels to pick up some of the more discreet details.
24h Full-Colour:: Captures 24 hours of full-colour details, even in pitch-black conditions, thanks to a large-aperture lens, a high-sensitivity sensor, and 4× attached supplemental lights.
3× Zoom: Allows for closer viewing of objects in expansive areas.
Instant Zoom: Zooming is instant without suffering from delays and image dragging.
Human & Vehicle Classification: Distinguishes humans and vehicles from other objects, so you receive more accurate event notifications.
Smart Detection: Receive notifications and check feeds when someone crosses a boundary, enters an area you've set, obstructs the camera, removes/abandons objects, or enters/exits a certain region.
Powerful Pan Tilt: Customized patrol routes and auto-tracking provide more intelligent options to monitor key areas and improve security within your property.
Active Defense: Warn potential intruders instantly with sound and light when abnormal events.
Two-Way Audio: With voice intercom support, carry two-way conversations while watching your feed from anywhere.
H.265+: Compresses the video size without sacrificing video quality, easing the network load and saving disk space.
IP66 Waterproof: Reliable IP66 for stable outdoor performance.
Flexible Management and Storage: Take full control over your security via four management methods: the web UI, NVR UI, VIGI app, and VIGI Security Manager. Local storage is available for each method, as well as onboard storage with an SD card slot (up to 256GB).

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  • That's a pretty good price for a camera with such an impressive feature list. No idea if the performance is any good though.

  • How long is the power cord?

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      Up to 100m if you use POE…

  • I just bought some Wi-Fi 6 cameras, looks like decent quality, ali express have some stackable coupons, 2 cameras for $240

    • Why do people use the Vietnamese AliExpress link? Is it cheaper?

      • I just clicked through from my order details and took me to vi. I paid with USD 28 degrees

      • +1

        I know right! It's a pain to get rid of if you have multiple AE pages open - like me. It's not cheaper.

      • You get redirected to it sometimes. I tried to get back to the .com one but I keep ending up on the vi one.

        • You have to clear your Ali cookies. I think different Ali domains give you different search results? I try to stick to .com

    • Reolink is quite good for the price, i hear bad review on TPLinks

      In addition the 1 free cloud camera per account is a bonus with Reolink

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  • Fairly much standard price. I purchased this a few days ago & connected via POE. Being ONVIF compliant it pretty much works with anything. Configured with Blue Iris. You will need BI V5 for the PTZ features to work. I use for Human tracking and it works fine so far. It will track people OK but don't expect it to follow and zoom in for facial recognition at this price point (although there is a way to achieve capturing a close up via a sub menu if you can predict the path)

  • Looks like an entity from the show
    Tales from the loop

  • Wonder how this would compare against Hikvision colorvu.. just picked up the 2047G2 for $100.

    • Link?

  • Does anyone own this, could you give a short review? Mainly interested in pros and cons

  • Any cheap cam with solar powered?

  • Tapo, Vigi, Kasa, so bloody confusing

  • Anyone recommends a wifi with an AC power plug? I had an Orion that just died on me.

    • I have a couple and they work a charm.
      As long as you’ve got good WiFi coverage.

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