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Logitech G Pro X Superlight (White) $99, Logitech Streamcam $89 + Delivery ($0 VIC, WA C&C) @ PLE


Not the best sale by any stretch of the imagination @ PLE right now (like 0% off all CPUs, I'm not even kidding), but did find a pretty decent price for the G Pro X Superlight in white (ATL if I'm not wrong).

Logitech Streamcam in White is also on sale for $89 https://www.ple.com.au/Products/641864/logitech-streamcam-fu…

Edit: Great, lasted 7 minutes. Mouse expired.

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  • that seems crazy cheap, don't need but have an upvote

    • Version 2 is out now of the mouse

  • Is this not usually 180

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      Logitech in my experience pulls random numbers out of their arse to make up MSRPs, $180 is pretty normal for this mouse since like 3 months after release

    • The version 2 of the mouse is out now so they're probably trying to clear old stock

  • Got the black one like a year ago for $150 and don't regret it, wish I'd splashed out for a good mouse long before.

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    ANDDD its gone

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      So sad I missed this. :(

  • dang, just got in, nearly hesitated as wanted black. No regrets at this price.

    Thanks op

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    Good price

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    I got the LOL version for like $50. Only slight issue is micro usb

  • Great price if you managed to snag one.

  • Damn, that is an amazing price! Had the Logitech G Pro and it was amazing (till it was stolen)

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    Webcam is fantastic do recommend. Good lighting and focus overall.

    • My Streamcam "died" just shy of 1 year. Got to customer support and after sharing my troubleshooting effort, he approved a replacement C930.

      • Rip bro - I've had mine for like 4 years

  • What’s the deal with lighter mice? Is it the same as cars (i.e. more control, better handling)?

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      Very good for FPS, I doubted it at first but lighter mice significantly improved my aiming as I was able to use much more mousepad space and lift up the mouse without much grip. The weigh is more about the lifting power, not the control. I switched from a much heavier mouse and I have full confidence that lighter mice is the way to go. Plus, I find my right hand to be way less stressed and often never have cramps even during long gaming sessions. So it’s generally better ergonomically as well.

    • less mass = less inertia = easier switching and targeting

  • I'd buy the black webcam at this price, white would look weird with my rig

  • Does it do windows hello?

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