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Seagate Expansion Desktop 14TB Hard Drive $399 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Listed on the JB HiFi website but doesn't appear to be available in any stores near me, so you have to pay $5.99 for Australia Post to deliver it too.

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    Probably SMR

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      Small modular reactor?

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      Looks like the only SMR drives in the Seagate range are 8 TB and below - everything else is CMR.


      • oh that's great - I stand corrected

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      Neither Exos drives, nor IronWolf pros, are SMR.
      So far, no region has reported these containing anything other than those two SKU's.

      • If these are indeed exos or ironwolf pro inside (bear in mind shucking them voids your warranty) then that’s not bad as I paid $400 for a 12tb ironwolf pro just the other day from Unser and that was the cheapest I could find. Yes I also bought a few exos from the other deal also for far cheaper

        • Did shucking start voiding seagate warranty? I know it does for WD, but seagate would be a recent change.

          Local store warranty sure, but unless something has changed in the last 3 months I missed, they dont record what serials are in portable cases, so the drives show up for warranty as regular internal drives.

          Hence why Seagate are the more popular 'shuck.

          • @MasterScythe: There are certain area with laws forbid warranty void on shucked drives.

            WD easystore/elements enclosure is very easy to take apart and you can easily put them back together for warranty - I keep everything for shucked drives within the warranty period just in case. Seagate enclosures on the other hand are pain in the ass to teardown. But I claimed warranty once with shucked bare drive quite a few years ago (8TB Expansion, SMR Barracuda inside) and got approved and replaced with a recertified drive. Interestingly enough, I returned a bare drive, but got a Backup Plus Hub (the enclosure with a built-in dock) instead.

            • @xmagic: I'd expect that it's considered entirely reasonable for anyone with a failed drive to have dismantled it to attempt data recovery between failure and claiming warranty.

        • Unlike WD to whitelabel enterprise drives before putting them into an enclosure for consumers, Seagate just shove run-of-the-mill enterprise drive into those enclosures. Of course in exchange of the warranty. Probably also not binned down like WD does since the label is still legit.

          Although I shuck drives all the time, I don't consider shucked drives the same as enterprise drives from proper channel.

          • @xmagic: Exactly :)

            They dont know it was originally in a case, so they warranty still stands, unless something has recently changed.

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    Based on this post from a month ago, it might have a SATA Exos 2x14 inside.


    • That would be awesome. MACH.2 on the cheap.

      Edited: It's SATA-variant MACH.2 so on a different firmware and seems work like a normal drive.

  • Were these 359 before Xmas?

  • 49 dollars too much

  • My drive arrived today - according to CrystalDiskInfo it's a ST14000NM0121 inside, which is a Seagate Exos X14.

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