This was posted 6 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Roasted and Salted Cashews 750g $10 @ Coles


Coles have cashews for $10 per 750g bag, which is $13.33 per kg, making them cheaper than Aldi.

Coles only have salted cashews, they don't sell unsalted in this weight.

Allergy warning: Check the packet. The ones I saw have warnings for other nut types, and also for wheat and gluten.

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    • yeah cool

  • These are great for making cashew butter/spread.

    • Wouldn't there be way too much salt? Do you wash the nuts first or something? Ever tried using peanuts?

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        I’d tend to agree kind of unsalted is better for cooking type use

      • I just give them a good shake in a colander and most of the salt comes off

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          True OzBargainer will ensure the salt coming off is collected and used later.

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        Ever tried using peanuts?

        I ain’t no chef but I’m pretty sure you can’t make cashew butter/spread from peanuts…

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          You're right, I was trying to be obtuse. You could also cut your cashew butter with peanut and I reckon no-one'd be the wiser

      • You can't make cashew butter with peanuts.

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    may contain nuts

    • Thanks @jv

      • There was no highlight

    • That's nuts!

    • Nice try at a seedy joke, but Cashews aren't a nut

      • You must be fun at parties

  • This is a good price as I don't see cashew nuts cheaper than Almond quite often!

  • Coles had this a week or two before Xmas, my local Woolworths matched the price till yesterday at least.

    • Yes these cashews always on sale $10 between Coles and Woolies

    • I still have the pack I bought for Xmas!

  • In my opinion these have more flavour than the equivalent from Woolies or Aldi. Great price.

    • IMHO the Aldi roased/salted cashews taste better, slightly darker roast.

  • The Coles one taste superior than other supermarkets. Kind of like an umami feeling…

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    At Coles now and can't find this deal. They have 750g mixed cashews as and peanuts for $10

    Found the cashews underneath.

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    After watching a video of how these are processed, people that wipe their asses with their hands, and clean the toxin off with shit in their nails, I'm going to stick with Australian macadamias.

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      That's either a very old video, or fake news. Cashew de-husking machines have been around for years, and you can buy them on Alibaba.

      Even when people did remove the husk by hand, many years ago, it was only economical to do so if you didn't have to pay them at all, so some prisoners were forced to do it. And only a tiny proportion of the husked nuts were produced this way.

      More facts and figures here, I've fully debunked this argument before:

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    These are dangerously easy to eat too many of, in case you're not aware of many kilojoules they pack into a tiny amount of space. I've had to swear off buying these, but if you have better self-control or are buying them for multiple people then it might not be such an issue.

    I can easily go through a pack in like 2-5 days, and didn't feel great after both times I did it recently.

  • Last batch I bought in December was fine, this new batch has a fishy smell :(

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