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Nike Air Max 97 from $99.95 (Was $260) + $10 Delivery ($0 with $150 Order) @ Foot Locker


Very comfortable and iconic silhouette

Great price and decent colourways imho

Don't forget cashback!

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  • I can't view any of them

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    Great price? Yeh. Very comfortable? Yeh nah

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    Time to get my eshay on.

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    Horrendous looking runner

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    Anyone worked out how to fix these once the sole wears out and the air bubble pops? 😃

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      I had a pair of these back in 97. I stepped on a thumb tac and it popped the air bubble. I kept wearing them for a bit but eventually put in the bin.

      As for fixing, I'm not sure….

      • Post reminded me that I might still have an original pair in the bottom of a cupboard. Just got done washing my hands as they've mostly turned back into oil. Sole was actually OK, mostly the midsole. Air bubble obviously long gone to.

        So with these, you'd actually hope that they really don't build them like they used to.

  • How are these compared to Saucony guide 15

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      These aren't running shoes

  • Not alot around… Was close to buying a 95 around this price, but sales finished…

    • oops… just black red 97 terrascapes at my outlet for $75

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  • great looking shoes, but not comfortable at all since the sole is hard af

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    Very uncomfortable shoes.
    Get some ultraboosts instead

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      Agree, they should edit the OP to say uncomfortable.

      Air Pegasus are comfy and often $80-100.

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