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ALFORDSON Mesh Office Chair - $72.95 (Free Delivery to Most States) @ Oz-G-Day eBay


I was looking to replace my home office chair and came across this on eBay. Not sure about the quality and have not used this chair but $72.95 seemed like a good price for someone needs an occasional chair. I imagine the chair won't be amazing for everyday, all day use.

eBay Plus members get a further $5.00 off if the monthly discount has not been claimed yet which brings the chair down to $67.95

Key Features
Angle and height adjustable headrest
Adjustable armrests
Adjustable seat height
Flexible tilt adjustment
Premium universal wheels
Smooth 360-degree swivel
Maximum weight capacity: 180kg

Note: Delivery fee may apply to some remote areas, and WA.

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  • +4

    I just bought this chair last mth but $10 more! It's pretty comfortable for the value. The instructions were pretty good for the install too.

    You can request for a tax invoice from them if need to. I got one for tax.

  • These chairs and alike are only worth $100 max delivered.
    I got this for the child: https://www.alfordson.com.au/alfordson-mesh-office-chair-gam…

    So good so far. Better than the Coloured crap one he had before which broke after a week.

  • Is this the same chair?

    • Yep but +$40 Delivery, since it sold by a third party.

      • Lol.. didn't add it to cart to check final price but $40 delivery costs more than the chair :D. Thanks for pointing it out

  • +2

    This one looks about the same, and it’s now $65.67 delivered with the code SHOPAPP at Mydeal App .

  • I’ve bought 2 Alfordson chairs from this seller recently. Fine for the price point, just have to keep in mind you’re getting what you pay for and will most likely need to replace it in a few years.

    • Whats your feedback on its quality /comfort / features ? Any downsides or build quality issues you have noticed right out of the box?

      • I bought this a little while ago for ~$123. Comfy but light and flimsy, mine was also constructed with a slight fault, where the headrest bolts didn’t reach the screw holes. Had to find/buy longer bolts. Different seller. YMMV.

      • +1

        Similar to above - personally no issues assembling but they definitely feel like a cheap chairs. Mine are different models to OPs but wouldn't mind more cushioning on them.

  • Coming up as $49 delivery fee for me

    • Ebay plus maybe?

      • I have Ebay plus, still no free shipping, I'm in Brisbane

      • I'm seeing $13.99 delivery to WA, plus or no plus.

  • lucky i check. this is too low i need chair that can go higher

  • Why would anyone buy a $2000 Herman Miller when I can get a ALFORDSON for sub $100?
    Looks nearly identical, surely they were built in the same factory assembled by the same 5 year old Chinese kid no?

    • +1

      I'm certainly not advocating people to buy $2000 chairs unless it's for a commercial office but there's a world of difference between this and them.

      These have got no weight, no cushioning and no longevity. If you're going to be sitting on something 40 hours a week, at least try extend the budget a bit further than $72.

  • save $0.05 through this listing instead? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/145248291932?hash=item21d1790c5c…

  • Not sure if this was there when op posted the deal but it is there on the listing now :

    Presale: Send by 8th Feb

  • +1

    Ended up buying a different chair with this deal.

    Ended up paying 62.95$ with the 20$ off from Student Beans.

    • Which one did you end up buying?

      • The Keldon one at 82.95$.

        • thanks. ive ordered the same. did you get yours? how do you find the quality to be?

          • +1

            @lknight: It is good and sturdy. Definitely well worth for the price.

            • @vnomous: thanks! mine is not due to arrive till end of month. cant wait that long so have req to cancel

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