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Cygnett Power and Protect 20K Power Bank – Black $39 (RRP $119) + $6.99 Delivery ($0 SA C&C/ $80 Order) @ Pop Phones


Cygnett Power and Protect 20K Power Bank – Black

Charge your devices quickly

Charge 3 Devices

Digital display

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    15w max , it should be sold for 20$

    • +1

      Yeah 'quickly' is the worst marketing term - it's always used in place of actual numbers, when those numbers would tell you just how slow it really is.

      I'm in the market for a power bank that does PD/PPS charging at 50W+ (and can charge the power bank at that speed too).

      • What's your budget? Anker 737 is my recommendation. 10/10 since buying it - only complaint is that it only lasts 2-ish hours when running my laptop off it

        • My budget is closer to this thing than anything by Anker.

          • @Nukkels: I feel like some Xiaomi ones are good and go on sale around $50-60 pretty often.

            Sorry not sure on models etc. just see them show up around here a lot

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    15w max. Electric waste. I would not buy this at $10

    • It's called a bargain and we are on OZBARGAIN

      • Is it as much of a bargain when you factor in other features such as poor customer support? I would happily pay a bit more if it meant I received better customer support. I wonder if it is able to be price matched with another store. Also doesn't it seem a bit shady that this seller is able to sell it at a price more than 1/2 the cost of the next cheapest seller.

        • Cygnett is a super overinflated rebadge of unknown China import, look elsewhere for a reliable power bank like for example Xiaomi the ZMI one.


          Super BS!

        • If anything, it shows how greedy most other australian stores are when they still sell outdated products at high prices.

        • You would happily pay a bit more and that's fair. But again this is OZBARGAIN, where people get hard ons over $2 cashback deals

          • +1

            @patso: I'll be honest. I have been guilty for good deals. I actually got on this app when I was 15-16 years old when I saw my father was on this app. Last year, I was in high school and whenever I was bored, I would just scroll through Ozbargain deals and then used the Forums as a form of entertainment similar to Reddit. Slowly I have gotten to the point where this might be my most visited website which is not a good thing at all.

    • $49 @ dick smith, my deal & ebay

      Looking at OP website they have 4 stores you can go in & interrogate them, maybe you’re getting bit to excited with your neg vote

      • Revoked my neg. I just looked at a quick google search and wrote my comment on that. It was my fault for hastily being skeptical of what seems like a somewhat alright deal. I have no intentions of interrogating them lmao but you cannot deny that Pop Phones has some negative reviews at least in their physical store in Adelaide.

        • all good, haven’t looked into their reviews, more just looked how much cheaper they were to others, being only $10 not much, probably an old model Powerbank

          Still think you should go past one of their stores, kick the door in & yell “How the F you doing it so cheap!” 😂

  • +3

    Micro USB

    • Not enough detail in comment for negative vote.

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