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Oztrail Flinders Discovery Jumbo Swag $124.25 (RRP $519.99) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Upgraded from an old Oztrail Mitchell King swag as part of my motorbike camping setup. Received mine a fortnight ago at a slightly higher price and tested it over the past weekend after seasoning. Foam mattress is horrible, I used my Oztrail 3D FatMat Lite mattress (https://www.oztrail.com.au/3d-fatmat-lite) inside this swag with great success- leaves enough room for my helmet, and gear. Bootbag is great however I had to lean it against the side of the swag (zipper facing down) so no rain got in through the zipper. Size is definitely worthy of car camping if you intend on using the foam mattress it comes with. However, I found it to be more compact when I placed my mattress inside (68cm width) and tucked approx 20cm swag overlap from either side of the mattress and compacted nicely on my pillion seat.

Felt spacious inside with all my gear, has 3 large pockets at the head of the swag. Also held up great during consistent light rain- I did season this heavily and had read one review complaining about the stitching- could easily use seam sealer for anyone paranoid about leakage. I always take a tarp regardless and if the rain turned into a downpour id have unrolled the tarp and covered the swag completely.

Any questions or queries let me know.

PS: I'm going to give a spreader a go next time- as the ground become very soggy and I had to use my panniers to tie off the ends of the swag; https://www.snowys.com.au/swag-pole-plus-kit

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The Flinders Discovery Jumbo swag features a strong and stable 3 pole structure and is made from ultra-tough weatherproof 420gsm Ripstop® canvas. The heavy-duty vinyl flooring ensures durability and protection from wet ground.


Strong and stable 3 pole dome in jumbo size
Ultra-tough weatherproof 420gsm Ripstop® canvas
Heavy-duty vinyl flooring
Insect-proof mesh panels for ventilation
Dual entrance from top and front
Comfortable 7cm high-density open-cell foam mattress
Removable polycotton mattress cover for easy washing
Strong nylon webbing straps with a convenient carry handle
Internal pockets for storage

Material: 420gsm cotton polyester Ripstop® canvas
Waterhead rating: 2000mm
Base: 560gsm reinforced vinyl
Mattress: 7cm open-cell foam with removable cover
Mesh: Heavy-duty ultra-fine nylon mesh
Dimensions: 210L x 110W x 80/50H cm
Weight: 11.9kg

Carry Bag
Guy ropes
Steel pegs

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  • +53

    I have no intention of buying this but appreciate the detailed review!

  • +4

    Great description. So helpful. Thanks!

  • +11

    $229 from Oztrail
    $182 from Pushys
    Don’t know where Amazon are getting this overinflated rrp from ..

    • +6

      I did my research and I came up with the same conclusion.

      I really don't know who they are trying to fool when everyone has access to the internet to do a quick research. Obviously, the rrp is overly inflated.

      Dishonest seller is a good sign to avoid doing bussiness with. This is called Basic Bussiness 101.

    • +1

      Yeah no one is selling @ the RRP, including Oztrail.

    • I searched Amazon and could not find the RRP of $519.99. Did anyone actually see it on the Amazon ad?

      Where did the OP get the RRP if it's not mentioned in the Amazon listing?

      • I checked Oztrail’s site and it said $229 down from $329 .
        But seems like this jacking up of RRP is everywhere these days ,
        only to heavily discount so you think you’re getting a kickass deal .
        It’s wrong and suckers people in , just like the limited quantity deal .
        It’s marketing and it’s a bit scummy .

        That being said this is a $125 swag and a bargain.
        But it never sold at $500+

        • I totally get that, but why did you (see above), and others criticise Amazon and/or the Amazon seller? I don't see any misrepresentation on their part.

          The OP should have stated that he got the RRP from Oztrail's site, not Amazon.

          • @rickb: Laziness I suppose in not doing extensive research into the underlying issues of swag marketing .
            Thanks for pointing that out .
            Now I just feel stupid .

    • Taking the Anaconda approach and pulling it out their bumholes.

  • Hey OP, New to the whole camping stuff .. just wanted to ask .. can this swag be used for only 1 person or can 2 persons use it at the same time ..

    • +1

      110cm width- would definitely be a stretch for 2 people.

      • +10

        Sounds like it would be more of a squish for two people.

  • +1

    So whats the difference between a Flinders and a Mitchell?

    • +8

      Flinders is a Mountain Range , Mitchell is a River System .

    • +3

      I have both a Flinders double and a Mitchell singe. The Flinders is made from a much heavier canvas, 7cm mattress, more head height, and has a tub style floor. The Mitchell has around 10cm less head room, a 5cm mattress, has a lighter non tub pvc floor and, is made from 8oz poly/cotton ripstop canvas. If space and/or weight is more important get the Mitchell otherwise get the Flinders.

  • +2

    Yikes - Review on Tentworld

    OZtrail Flinders Discovery Jumbo Swag
    I was initially impressed with the design, size and general features. I seasoned the swag as per guidelines thoroughly wetting and drying out three times. I noted that the amount of water with each subsequent season got down to a minimal amount. I was ready for adventure!!

    So off I went, unfortunately disaster hit night 1,it rained some water got in around the perimeter. Remained optimistic, everything dried out over the day, night 2 it bucketed - I had to abandon ship, heap more water inside, mattress was saturated had to sleep in a recliner…

    Tried to dry everything out for night 3 but didn’t succeed. Slept on a recliner under a gazebo 🙃

    When I got home went over the swag with a light in particular the seams … the stitching holes remain obvious.

    To insult to injury the so called dry boot bag also had a crazy amount of water on the inside!!

    No I don’t recommend this swag… I will need to see if I can buy some “cavas sealer” and go over every seam and waterproof every junction that’s been sewn.

    • +4

      This person 100% didn't season their swag. Not the swags problem.

      • +2

        Utterly disagree. Assuming he wasn't lying, 3 passes ought to have been MORE than adequate seasoning. How many doyou want him to do? My Australian made swag needed 1 but I did 2 to make sure.

        • +2

          My daughter stupidly bought a King's brand swag which was seasoned several times, and is like a sieve. The puddles inside it were insane… it went back - much arguing ensued…

    • +8

      Exactly what I said in my post.. "Also held up great during consistent light rain- I did season this heavily and had read one review complaining about the stitching- could easily use seam sealer for anyone paranoid about leakage" this was the same review I was referring too.

      I camp a fair bit and this person didn't mention the surroundings of their set up. I don't think anyone could expect to camp in any canvas swag or tent (this one has a 2000mm waterheard) in direct, continuous and heavy rainfall over a prolonged period without it becoming drenched? Even the Tentworld swag seasoning guide, mentions any canvas swag needs to be seasoned thoroughly to ensure any sew holes are filled out- as the needle is thicker than the sewing material itself. It mentions to use sealer if you are still experiencing holes/ leakage.

      I always camp with a large 3.0m x 2.4m heavy duty tarp, clear nights I fold it in half to put under a swag or tent. Heavy rainfaill, I unfold, leave the bottom under the swag and drape the folded half over- taking note of the sealed side to face whatever way the rain is coming- ensuring no rain gets onto the swag.

      Another issue I have witnessed with other campers in both tents and swags, is the position of their campsite. If its downhill or at the flat area with a hill either side, torrential rain tends to pool or flow through camp and as old mate said in their review- water gets around the perimeter..

  • Wondering what bike your strapping this to? My Oztrail single swag, 50mm mattress, is HUGE on my bike and only ever use it for 4wd use.

    • +3

      V-Strom 1050, with OEM panniers 910mm width across the pillion from the outside of each pannier. I have been very shrewd and am always optimizing my moto camping setup, I have a setup for, 2up, solo overnight, solo multiple night and pack mule for friends with smaller or sports bikes. I've done a fair few trips, including an anti-clockwise trip around Australia in 2022.

      What bike are you rocking?

      • +1

        Nice. KTM 790 Adventure R. Just splashed out on Mosko Moto Backcountry soft panniers. Treated myself to a Xmas present.

        • +1

          Nice mate, the biggest compromise I found was a comfortable mattress. If you took the foam out of your single swag and used something similar to this; Sea to Summit Comfort Light SI Sleeping Mat- you would save alot of space and it is relatively comfortable. I used this for a longtime, albeit with it a cot- I found it good however you would probably feel the ground sleeping on your side. I experimented with an old yoga mat underneath, while using a swag and noticed a bit more comfort as I was digging into the yoga mat and not the ground.

      • +3

        You really take a 12kg swag adv riding? What advantage does it have over light weight hiking tent and mattress that would come in under 4kg?(apart from setup time) Give this a watch https://youtu.be/OWnhCjYgsDw?si=-8Q3o9O_z5LiXrPg

        • +5

          I watch all of Adam's stuff and read his articles- he is a gem. I haven't weighed it without the foam mattress, but it would at least be half the claimed weight.

          Advantages in my eyes are: set up time/ convenience, ruggedness and drying out. Emphasis on the ruggedness, any tent and flooring is pretty susceptible to tears and damage even with a tarp (as I have found numerous times)- as well as mesh material tends to stretch and degrade over time. Compared to heavy duty canvas and PVC flooring. A swag also serves as a great backrest on the pillion seat.

          Whenever I go moto camping, a linear map says 90 minutes to destination. I plug in my Garmin Zumo XT and click longest/windiest route and that quickly turns into 4+ hours. Stop for fuel, food, drink or a swim and that easily adds another hour or two. By the time I get to a campsite, its generally getting dark or if it is day (rarely seems to happen), I'm keen to explore or go for a swim. I can't recall a time I have ever been to a campsite or destination on time due to the freedom of a bike- I must say my bike is large with all the protection and gear so my ADV riding is bitumen, fire trails, gravel, dirt and unsealed roads (nothing extremely technical or daunting)

          Once at the site, tarp down, roll out the swag, peg out each end, inflate the mattress and throw my pillow/ sleeping bag in and its done. Always far quicker than a tent regardless of the brand or type (I have a Blackwasp UL2, Zempire Trilogy, Coleman Hooligan and Naturehike Cloud up 2).

          The other beauty of this swag is the top entry, I unzip the top, sit-up and stand straight up out of the swag. Majority of hiking tents are 110cm or so in height, having to crawl out becomes very tedious, especially in the rain or winter. Being next to dark due to green canvas is also a good thing when trying to sleep in a bit.

          Warmth is another factor people don't really consider, my brother-in-law took his 650, wife and I all went moto camping to the Bunya mountains in the middle of winter last year. We took our Zempire trilogy tent, thermals, hand warmers, 0c sleeping bags, beanies etc. The amount of cold air coming through- my wife thought she would freeze. My brother in law used my old Mitchell King swag and said he slept in boxers, a 10c sleeping bag that he kicked off and woke up sweating… he even unzipped the top slightly- my old wrapped tarp trick didn't allow any water on it either.

          Practically every biker will say a tent is better, in most instances I believe if you are staying put for multiple nights I would agree- to have the space and freedom. But as I ride for the destination and generally only stay in a place for the night- I always take a swag for anything less than three night.

          • +2

            @JoeJoog: Yeah for a one nighter I could see the appeal. My Big Agnes Angel spur UL2 tent can be confusing to setup if I havent done it in a while but a mate of mine can set his hiking tent up nearly as quick as the RTT on my 4wd so at the end of day I guess its what you prefer. For any single track riding I would be taking the absolute minimum but I enjoyed your detailed reply!

      • +1

        I would love to see a photo of all this. I have an '09 DL1000, and while it's been several years since my last big trip with gear, I'm always eager to see how other people do it. Considering changing bike to your model Strom, too @JoeJoog

        • +2

          Jarrod are you apart of the Austrom group on FB? I have posted a few camping photos and trips. Its mainly my panniers, a massive GIVI tankbag, and a big Darche Nero 90 drybag with my folded swag and mattress inside.

  • +1

    It’s probably still decent for the money , you should expect there’ll be some work involved with buying a cheap swag .
    But as op says a ground sheet under is a good idea , even on sand .
    Kudos to you guys doing it on the bikes ,
    Tried this with a swag and the old ktm640 years ago and found it too unwieldy ,
    So wide in fact you’re hitting bushes on the side of trails , and swag flopping around .
    But with panniers maybe you’re that wide already and can make it work .

    • +2

      Yeah, folding the sides of the swag over my fatmat lite has made it a lot more compact (roughly 700mm width in total). I also use 4 straps, 2 crossing over like an X and the other 2 at each side- it doesnt move an inch the odd time I have clipped something.

      • +1

        I see ,
        the old use a slimmer mattress and fold in and strap it down properly trick ,
        I see .

    • +1

      On bikes I used to use a bush walking tent, fitted inside the saddle bags on the bike well.

      like you i see swags as being far too wide.

  • +3

    motorbike camping setup

    For anyone new to camping, the key point in the OP's description is: motorbike camping setup.

    You can replace it with any other vehicle camping set up.

    It weights ~12kg and OP brings a tarp, so you won't be able to hike for very far with this set up.

    When we hiked to The Basin a couple of months ago as a day trip (previous attempts to hike down there and camp was closed due to fire danger), there were many swags at the campground, no doubt brought in by car/ferry.

  • +1

    Just wondering where you can see on Amazon that there were "19 available at the time of posting'?

    • +2

      Just above add to cart, it says quantity (defaulted at 1)- if you click the drop down you can see the amount available (11 atm)

      • Ha, there ya go! Been using Amazon for years and didn't know that. Thanks!! :)

  • +1

    i own one similar to this, but switched to the one with a bar on top with awning. it is so much better imo.

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