TaylorMade Stealth 2 Package RH Reg Golf Clubs $1,999.80 Delivered @ Golf Clearance Outlet


I came across this which I thought was quite a deal. Tiger Woods played it, Nelly Korda played it and I am sure there are many more pros who used it.

Cheap adidas glove as well($8.99)

Spend $30 and more to get free shipping.

I hope to see many more golf deals posted on ozbargain in the future!

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    Don’t forget discount code Welcome10 for further 10% off!.

    Bought the sim2 max driver from them last week for $450 which I thought was a pretty decent deal.

    • Oh wow, that makes this set just under $2000.

    • Updated the code

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    Would this suit someone who is 5 foot 7?

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      Do they like to play golf?

      1. 7 here. not ideal but workable…. grip down a little would make your life easier
    • If you have shorter than average arms, possibly. Length depends on wrist to floor measurement which can be found online and measure yourself. Can get them cut down to suit if you need but adds cost, especially if they cant save the grips.

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    Will I still be shit if I buy this?

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      Yes. If you need to ask, get this: https://www.costco.com.au/Sports-Fitness/Outdoor-Sports/Golf…

      And come back when you can hit under 100.

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        Yes. I have moved from this set to a fully fitted Titleist bag. The clubs do not matter.

        Golf is a reminder that we are all shit.

        Funny enough, years on I still keep the putter from the costco set in my fitted bag. I modded it, and it goes well.

      • Why not the full graphite set for $100 more?

        • Graphite on irons is too whippy for a lot of players. Better suited to ladies and seniors.

      • I have these lol

      • Does this set work for someone who is 6’2?

        Looking to get into it and read somewhere that size matters …

    • Yeah but you’ll look like you know what you are doing just turning up with this set!

      Although it is taylormade so there will be titleist snobs who really know that you are just a hacker lol

    • Yep, a shit player with excellent clubs is still a shit player. Spend the $2K on lessons and you'll become a good player even with shit clubs…

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    I don't know how to play golf, should I still buy it?

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      Buy now golf later.

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      Because flexy graphite is for old blokes and women.

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    Edited for the fools negging: No. A waste of money for a complete beginner. See my recommendation above for the Callaway's at Costco for $900. See review here: https://youtu.be/vBfm66_fPo0?si=FGSAOGiLg3D32vyp

    • You can save even more and get this set, perfectly fine for a beginner: https://www.amazon.com.au/Wilson-Golf-1200-Effect-Package/dp…

      I got the set for $389 on sale on Amazon last year, currently at $550.

    • McGregor do some good beginner sets. With a budget of $500-700 though I'd personally go for a decent used set. You can sell it for the same price you paid for it when it's time to upgrade. Avoid Facebook Marketplace like the plague unless you want to buy counterfeit or stolen gear!

    • I would recommend regular flex for a beginner vs. the linked 'stiff' flex.

      Bit more forgiving IMHO

  • Thanks OP, bought 2!

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    Must be nice.

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    Shame theres no left handed set.

    • Not sure if you're already aware but left handed clubs seem to come up pretty often on amazon.co.jp. good if you're just after some wedges…

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    whats the ozbargain golf set? this is not it

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      Callaway Edge from Costco

      • That's a decent set, but there's no bag included so for a beginner it's realistically an $1100 set not a $900 one. I'm not sure who it's really aimed at though. Very expensive investment for a novice and not the sort of thing an aspiring mid or high handicap player would be interested in. But, it's Callaway so it's definitely good…

    • -3

      not sure of golf clubs but i know why costco isn’t the ozbargain pizza, too big to fit on the food delivery scooter .. dominos and pizza hut does fit …. so if at costco buying golf
      clubs complete the experience in their food court …can never find the healthy option on the menu.

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      used ones from marketplace…. the costco set is ok but once you get into the game you will immediately replace them (not fancy enough)
      and if you are not into it.. throw it back to marketplace.

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      I'm running a 2010-2012 set of Nike clubs that I got for $80 off gumtree, supplemented with wedges/driver/hybrid/putter I picked up for on avg about $25 a piece… and, maybe I've played a hundred games on them, a thousand or so balls at the driving range.

      I finish most games 20-25 over but i don't feel like it's the clubs that hold me back. If you're thinking about spending $1-2k for beginner clubs… maybe spend less and spend the rest on a PGA certified coach, and spend some time working through something like the Phil Mickleson chipping videos.

      I really feel like money spent on coaching earlier on will actually pay significant dividends in the long run unless you're just a naturally talented golfer.

      • Except its like over $100 per coaching session in Australia. Money grow on trees for everyone in the lucky country

        • Yeah it's crap, but any one on one time with a professional (not necessarily a pro athlete but someone who makes a living with their expertise: lawyer, doctor, accountant, even tradies etc) is expensive and charged in expensive time increments.. and odds are your golf coaching isn't during the standard Mon - Fri working hours.

          Since they're the bulk of the people paying for golf coaching I'd reason that you'll have to pay what they can afford. And, green fees are pretty high; I imagine coaches are paying considerable chunks of their coaching fees to the club.

          I just think that 10 hours of coaching is better for you than buying shiny new clubs (if you actually pay attention and want to improve).

          And, if you want to get into golf on a huge budget…. then you're already on the $150 set of clubs and just watching Rick Shiels/other YouTube tutorials like me, with a membership at the cheapest club you can find….

          Edit: proofreading after 1am post

        • I agree with you about the price, however, if you have a couple of mates and you find a pro that is willing to do group lessons it can be decent value. While I was away last holidays I had a lesson and took my two sons. It was $100 an hour for a personal lesson and $10 for each additional person, so $40 an hour per person (although being a good Dad I paid for the lot). It's not as good as a personal lesson with them watching all the time, but I found it really helpful anyway. He watched my swing, gave me some pointers and then I worked on them while he tutored one of my sons. Plus we each got two buckets of range balls which were $15 each themselves. So, in one sense, the tutoring component only cost $10 each.

    • I got this for $389 last year, currently at $550: https://www.amazon.com.au/Wilson-Golf-1200-Effect-Package/dp…

      Perfectly fine for a beginner


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    It's a good set for those that are a bit above beginners, all the way to reasonably decent players who can't quite make blades work yet.

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    I never knew Kennedy had such a temper!

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      The only thing worse was his slice

  • Too many failures with Taylormade clubs. Wouldn't be my first choice.

    • Failure with the metal materials or bad designs?

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        Collapsed and cracked faces.

        Running them too close to the edge of performance I guess.

  • Golf? No golf

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    Tiger and Nelly dont play the irons. They have used the woods but some say the pro's equipment is different to retail but dont know if that is true or not and their shafts

  • My friend ordered a set and rust was on some of the irons. They never responded too his emails.
    There is no customer service these days unless it’s Amazon, Bunnings, Kmart for examples.

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    There isnt a big saving over buying each piece separately so you mix and match if you need different flexes. These are superseeded models so prices aren't anything special imo. Probably would have worked out cheaper when golfbox had their 20% off sales. Stealth drivers had cracking issues
    Driver $599
    3 Wood $351
    Hybrid $279
    Irons $1036
    Total - $2265 - 10% Welcome10 = $2038.50

  • There is also the package for Sim2 Max (TMs model from 2 year prior) for $1,999.00, so 1800 after discount.

    Also for a beginner, not a full package but the Deep Red iron set is 248, so $223 after discount.

  • Go get fitted. Even as a beginner. Drummond has mimatch. Go during a quiet period and just pretend you're looking to buy full set.
    No point getting mens r flex standard lie length if you don't and never will fit them. Most young adult males will be stiff flex for starters. Lie angle out from your delivery will mean balls going left or right of target

    After the fitting at least you will have an idea of what to look for on gum tree. Can always change lie angle a degree or 2 cheaply. You're stuck with flex

    • what Aquegen said. If you are semi serious about getting better etc, go get fitted. Shafts make all the difference.

      However, i've found some Drummonds are great in this regard (Glen at Enfield, SA was fantastic fitting my Qi10 driver) and will spend the time and some other Drummonds are crap

      If they don't offer to go through different shafts and try different brands, models etc, or ask you, what do you like the look of and then hit a couple of balls with them and they say, they are the clubs for you… don't buy anything from them.

      Another thing about this set… It's a mixed bag. The irons are super forgiving (but the KBS MT shafts are extremely light and if you have a bit of strength and you do catch a few heavy/chunky, you will end up snapping them) but the Driver… I never personally hit it but have 3 mates who have and all of them hated it and could never 'gel' with it. (all use either the Qi10 or Ping G430 Max)

  • Can I use these for mini golf? Or self defence at home?

  • What am I missing. Showing $2,222 for me?

    • Use the code Welcome10 at checkout for an extra 10% off

  • Thank you! As others have said, you can build your own kit and essentially spend the same with the discount code. I didn’t want the 4 iron, and wanted an extra wedge.

    Irons 5-9
    PW & SW


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