Free Shipping With No Min Spend (Normally $9.90 SA & $14.90 for The Rest of AU) @ Charlesworth Nuts


Free shipping with no minimum spend. Handy for those outside SA who like Charlesworth, or for those in SA to save a trip to the shopping centre.

I think it's the first time we have seen a no min spend code since 2021.

Salted/Unsalted Macadamias are on special $25.60 for 500g

Expiry date unknown, guessed the end of 2024.

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Charlesworth Nuts
Charlesworth Nuts


  • Is there anything that you recommend trying from them?

    • I really like the spicy millionaires mix but it is pricey (contains macadamias). Got it as a gift and it has been my favourite since.

      • Oooh okay thanks :)

        • +1

          Splurge and try the billionaires mix.

    • +1 on the hot chilli beer nuts, they are great. I also recommend the smoked beer nuts and spicy peanuts

      • My thoughts exactly.

  • -1

    How do their macadamias compare to the ones from Coles/Woolies/Aldi that are about 30% cheaper?

    • +9

      the free shipping.

      • +1


      • -2

        I already get free shipping from Coles.

        • +4

          I already get free shipping from Coles.

          I thought Coles uses trucks?

          • +1

            @PainToad: Not the one at Port Melbourne.

    • -2


      Who won?

      • +1

        Nutsaboutlife seems cheaper for most of the stuff including shipping.

        • Not macadamias.

  • +2

    Try making Grandma Charlesworth’s Christmas Cake. It’s unreal. Got gifted the ingredients one year in Rundle Mall when they were doing a Christmas promotion:…

    • +2

      Yep, 23 years ago, I used this recipe to make my wedding cake. Their pudding mix is also a family tradition.

  • Got an email from Charlesworth that they are doing 40% off these varieties if anyone is interested, free shipping code works with them.

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