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Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray 300g (Pack of 9) $42.75 ($38.48 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Found this pack of 9 Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray – sounds like enough to disinfect a small country. Comes in Lavender, Original and Summer Garden, cheaper with subscribe and save.

They're claiming it's an All-In-One disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. 99.9%? What, are there special germs that Glen 20 can't handle? I just want my surfaces germ-free, not negotiating with the remaining 0.1%.

It kills the source of mould allergens – because apparently, mould has allergens now. I just want it gone; I don't need a biology lesson from my disinfectant.

And it controls the growth of mould and mildew – I thought that's what the 'kill' part was for. Now we're managing mould growth like it's a hedge in the garden.

It even kills Athlete's Foot Fungus on soft surfaces – are we disinfecting feet now? I just wanted a clean countertop, not a foot spa.

Eliminates odour-causing bacteria – because nothing says 'fresh home' like bacteria causing a stink. I just want my place to smell normal, not like a laboratory.

In summary, if you want a disinfectant that promises to tackle everything from germs to mould to funky smells, this Glen 20 thing might be your cleaning superhero. As for me, I just want a spray that does its job without turning my home into a science experiment. Keep it simple, Glen.

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  • +1

    This stuff probably does more harm than good.

    • Just curious, what sort of harm?

      • Cure herpes?

      • +3

        Bad for your lungs I'd hazard a guess.

        • -3

          But Donald trump says we should inject disinfectant into our bodies to stop Covid.

          Instructions unclear.

          So I shouldn’t be inhaling glen 20?

          • +1

            @J B S: Probably won't affect your mental capacity, but use only as directed.

          • -1

            @J B S: he referred to Chlorine Dioxide..

        • +1

          No Huffing the Glen-20 thanks ;-P

          Seriously though if I spray it in the toilet and not wait at least 30 second and happen to breathe some in, it’s an unpleasant experience on the lungs and if you want to know why I would go back in, well to put the spay can back on top of the toilet of course. Been using Glen 20 for years - makes my air purifier go nuts if I happen to spray in the kitchen and it’s only 4-5 metres away. Pretty sure I set off the VOC sensor.

          This looks like a good deal considering the supermarkets often only have the 300g cans for $4.75 on special and I remember when it was in 500g cans. Shrinking the product, charge the same price trick. Just be aware that it does have an expiry date on the bottom of the can above or below the batch number.

      • -1

        The type of harm you get when you get poisoned with chemicals

  • -1

    Surely the Aldi equivalent is cheaper than this…and you don't need to buy 9 of them?

    • +1

      While I use the Aldi one I found it leaves white residue but glen 20 doesn’t- but I can’t afford glen 20 at what Coles sells it for

      • +1

        Tried the ALDI one and had a similar experience. I also found the scent less pleasant as compared to Glen-20 Summer Garden. This has always been a product you can use to disinfect surfaces though if using in the kitchen I’d suggest maybe Spray and Wipe or Windex All Pupose or ALDI equivalent on a cloth would probably do almost as good a job. Typically I’ve used it in the toilet and bathroom and it’s gentle on plastics as in some air fresheners which are not disinfectants can leave your toilet seat with speckles where it eats into the plastic. Watch out for Nil-odor - can be nasty to various surfaces. But a completely different product for different purpose.

        • +2

          Thanks for the tip with Nil-odor. I’ve only ever used Nil-odor once when dog was sick in back of car as the vet recommended it.

    • +1

      Yeah, the Woolworths brand at $4 has exactly the same active ingredients -…

      And this product is actually on special at Woolworths this week for $4.75 so cheaper.

    • +2

      Last time I tried the Aldi one it was bloody hopeless… It left surfaces all sticky and liquid comes out of the head if you spray a little too long that can drip on to you hand depending on the angle you hold it… Also as others have said, if you spray too much on surfaces it can leave white marks behind….

      • I’d still buy the Glen-20 on special for $4.75 over Woolworths brand despite it may have the same ingredients. I’ve seen this on special at both Colesworth slightly different size can typically for around $4.75 for 300g and there’s a slightly larger can option might be 390g or so which was half price for $5.75.

        It does come on special enough - I guess it depends on how quick you go through a can as to whether buying in bulk that many cans and having the storage space for them.

  • +2

    The "Glen 180 deal"

  • How is this even a good deal..

  • -1

    Will this work on China's new COVID strain the GX_P2V ?

  • +5

    I've been using this as deodorant, I no longer shower and saves me a ton on my bills.

    • +1

      Can wash hair with this product to (no shower)

      • +2

        I've gone bald since the use of Glen 20.

        Win Win

        • +1

          Classic lol

  • +1

    Bald Manc twat!

    • +2

      At least I kicked me own height.

  • This has saved me from getting rona. Havent gotten it at all yet. Mrs got it a d she sprayed it all over the place and i never caught it.

    *Touching my wood

  • +1

    It smells horrible.

    • It's supposed to kill germs, not mask smells.
      I have a can near me and use it (seriously) when my dog becomes too ordorish in my room, but a bath fixes this too.
      I only use G20 as a last resort, it triggers my air purifier something chronic.

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