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50% off Everything (Winnie The Pooh, Harry Potter, Disney, Lilo & Stich & More) + $10 Delivery @ Short Story


Hey bargain hunters! Get ready to score big at Short Story's Warehouse Closing Down Sale! For a limited time, enjoy an incredible 50% off EVERYTHING! That's right, HALF PRICE on all our products, including our licensed Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, and more!

From scented candles to stunning jewellery and framed artworks. Plus, with licenses like Disney, Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter, you know you're getting quality products that will make every dollar count! 💰💫

Click the link to start saving:

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    This reads more like an advertisement than a bargain. Are there any actual bargains?

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      It definitely is. I used the Darth Vader car air freshener as an example. This websites “half priced” price is the same as it costs practically everywhere else.

      • Where else has them for $4.98? Would like to see if shipping is any more cost effective elsewhere.
        (Cheapest I saw elsewhere was $6.50)

        • Do you have google where you're from? Search for Darth Vader car air freshener and search for the ones that look exactly like the ones on this website.

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  • Some cool items. I haven't seen lots of this merch. Not convinced about the prices though.

  • This company used to do Kami Lamps (Japanese Paper Pattern Lamps) which I thought was really fun and unique and something hard to find elsewhere, but that was years ago.

    Now is a lot of generic but overpriced stuff.

  • These are always half price at EB/Zing

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