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15% off Travel Insurance @ Cover More

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Every little saving helps when you are saving for your next holiday. Saw this on FB…

Use the promo code MORE15 when you purchase your travel insurance policy at

This offer ends 11.59pm AEDT 31 January 2024.

Terms and Conditions
15% discount is not available in conjunction with any other offer. The 15% discount will be applied to the total cost of the insurance policy purchased. Offer excludes Great Stay Product policies. Offer only available from Cover-More’s Sales Team on 1300 72 88 22 or online at from 00:00 AEDT on 22/01/2024 to 23:59 AEDT on 31/01/2024. The discount will only be redeemable by using the promo code MORE15 at the time of purchase.

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  • Perfect timing. Worked on the annual policy for me.

  • Just don't consume alcohol on your holiday to make sure you're still covered..

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      The PDS for this product states: involving, arising from or related to Your
      impairment due to You drinking too much alcohol:
      a) which is evidenced by the results of a blood test
      which show that Your blood alcohol concentration
      level is 0.19% or above. (The level of alcohol in Your
      blood is called blood alcohol concentration (BAC). As
      a point of reference, a BAC of 0.19% is almost four
      times the legal driving BAC limit range in Australia
      which is currently 0.05%)

      • +1

        To me it seems to be a pretty reasonable policy wording compared to some other policies I've seen

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      That's going to be hard…. I always love a drink when overseas.

  • quite alot more then other quotes i have got

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      Insurance isn't about the premium, but whether they will weasel out of any claim at the earliest opportunity they can.

      No point getting a cheap policy if they don't pay out. Likewise, no point to pay for premium if they are going to take the budget option.

      • +2

        100% - having claimed through them I'm happy to pay more on the premium versus unknown providers.

        • +1

          Ive made succesful claims with 2 other places half the price. I guess everyone's idea of a bargain is different. Glad you got your claim sorted atleast

      • +2

        Insurance in Australia is very consumer friendly. Provided you are actually entitled to cover and the cover is sufficient, and you have your “receipts”, if the claims handler is not approving your claim, just make a claim with AFCA and they will advocate for you on your behalf for a flat filing fee of about $50.

      • I understand, this place is almost double after the discount, Ive made claims before

    • Worth it when it comes time to claim, support and payout is worth it.

  • +4

    After apply promo codes, the premium is far more costly than other insurance providers.
    Please shop around.

  • Hypothetical:

    If cyclone kirrily smashes North Queensland this Thursday - and - 'Billy' has a holiday booked for that location flying out the day after on Friday.

    Can Billy buy domestic insurance today and be covered for any cancellations that happen due to cyclone kirrily?

    Billy booked this holiday last year.

    Just a hypothetical :)

    • +1

      I am not the legal expert but I would have though yes, Billy would be cover in this case.

    • +5

      I would've thought that even if Billy had booked his trip prior to the cyclone event, he won't be covered if he purchased the policy today because it's a known event now. The probability of the event to occur is almost a certainty, therefore insurance will refuse to cover.

    • +1

      Read the PDS, but I concur with the above poster that possibly not covered as it's now a known event that's likely to occur prior to purchase of the insurance.

  • +5

    Tick Travel Insurance has an ongoing 10% off with code 'finder', the quote I got from them is quite a bit cheaper than this one.

    • +1

      Thanks, going to bookmark them for later.

    • Was $200 vs $60 for me. Huge.

    • We had Tick travel insurance for a recent trip. They just paid out $499 for broken iphone screen replacement that occurred on the trip. No challenge, very happy.

      (My wife did spend about 2 hours collecting all the documents for the claim - but effort well spent).

      • What documents were required by Tick? Last time I claimed broken screen from credit card insurance, they asked me photos and quotation for the repair.

        • My wife filled in the claim, but they needed proof of travel (ticket with itinerary), quote for repair (from apple), invoice for repair. Maybe other stuff, i don’t know.

    • Tick has well over doubled in price for me this time.. it costs around this much now

  • Anyone got any experience claiming with these guys?

    • +1

      So far so good. Unless it is pandemic related.

      • +1

        I claimed recently on the free version of Cover-More included with my Commonwealth card. No dramas at all and their medical assistance line (you talk to a paramedic) was amazing.

        I'm buying an annual policy with them directly now as the free version was reducing cover, increasing the excess and adding requirements to purchase part of the trip with the card.

  • Worldcare is the go-to for me, although have not made a claim from them either (thankfully).

  • +1

    For anyone heading to Europe starting off in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary or Czechia, looking for a much cheaper (yet safe) option to be covered in the EU (and Switzerland), I strongly recommend Axa Foreigner's Health Insurance (just google it). It's a reputable European Insurance comapny. It works out roughly 22 Euros a month, although there are a little pricier options too. It covers almost all private/public clinics. The customer service is nothing but great. They will happily prepay and organise a doctor appointment at a fancy private clinic. If required, you will be brought back to AU for further treatment. I used them in 2022 (8 months) and in 2023 (4 months), lodged around 10 claims in total (bad luck), especially in 2023 and all of them were approved and paid out, including all prescribed and related meds etc. The best part is that there is absolutely no excess involved. I even had my wisdom tooth pulled out in the NL and that was covered too. Overall, a much better experience than any other AU insurance company I ever dealt with.

    • Great suggestion, however unfortunately not a viable option for shorter trips/holidays - unless I'm missing something. I tried a few different Axa sites and all stated "Please note: we do not offer cover for less than three months".

  • +1

    Considering this just for cover on our rental vehicle in case of an accident.
    A lot cheaper than paying the rental companies daily charge for $0 excess.
    This or

    • +1

      Get a quote, choose the best policy for your needs. Consider

      If you’re doing multiple car hires, then there may be better policies than carhireexcess. have an annual multitrip car excess insurance. I use them as i use car share (popcar, goget etc).

  • Just FYI, some Commonwealth credit cards provide its "free" travel insurance using Cover More

  • Is Insureandgo backed by the same insurer as Cover-more?

  • The only reason I have a credit card, travel and car rental insurance is free for you and your family. Saves me 1000$ per year at least, and it's through cover more.

    • Just don't use the credit card with 'free insurance' for any international transactions. I 'accidentally' paid $10k in international airfares with my Citibank card and was charged ~$300 in foreign currency fees. 28Degress or UBank wouldn't have charged anything for the same transaction

      • Nah, Citibank was awesome, but moved to Wise since their decline, Ing isn't too bad and refund the fees if you jump through a few hoops.

  • Covermore is one of the most expensive insurance products. The reason it is so popular is because it's sold by travel agents and in particular Flight Centre, who love selling it as Covemore pay them large commissions, sometimes 40% of the policy amount or more. With that said, it's a good product.

    Personally, I only ever use Southern Cross Travel insurance, who offer competitive rates, but most importantly have paid out on the 2 occasions that I have lodged claims.

  • The policy says " $5,000 Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess" would be covered. Would it include campervan/motorhome as well? or just the car hire?

    • +1

      “Rental Vehicle” means a campervan/motorhome/caravan that does not exceed 6 tonnes, SUV, sedan, station wagon, hatchback, people mover, coupe, convertible, four-wheel drive or mini bus rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company, Car Club Company or agency.

      I am looking at a policy to cover car hire excess of $5000, a lot cheaper than paying the $40 a day quoted from the rental company.

    • +3

      You probably need a specific policy for campervan/motorhome (read the PDC - depends on size of the van). have a specific motorhome policy. I’ve used them before, had no trouble getting them to pay out for a replacement tyre when we got a screw through the tyre wall (with a car hired via ubercarshare).
      Tyres and windscreen are typically not covered by car hire company default insurance.

  • Flown overseas a bunch of times but have never used travel insurance, how fast does it take for them to payout if something does go wrong?

    • That probably depends on your claim, and how diligent you are in following their requirements. Always read the PDC in detail before making a claim, so you know how to frame your incident to fit the policy. Anytime you claim anything as lost/stolen you need a report, vehicle accident etc. (police report or lost baggage report with the airline, even photos).

      I’ve never had to claim medical so can’t advise… but again if you need to make a medical claim get someone you trust to read through the PDC in detail who can advise you on what is required. It’s much more difficult to gather evidence weeks/months after the event from a different country.

      • I see, so something like a dropped or damaged phone wouldn't be too hard to claim if that did happen? that's probably my only fear when travelling is damaging or somehow losing my phone.

        • We claimed this exact item via Tick Insurance this week. Our claim was approved based on the phone being in hand luggage and another bag being jammed into to overhead locker.
          There is nothing in their PDC about how the damage occurs.
          We had the phone repaired for $499, they have honoured the claim for $499. We also paid additional for no excess (about $50ish dollars).

          If you lose your phone, you’ll need a police report, or airline report.

          • @braddsey: Awesome.
            Sounds painless, how long did it take for you to get the money once it was approved?

  • Do any insurers cover war? like hypothetically travel to SK, but Kim gets antsy and kicks off round 2 preventing you from going, would that be covered?

  • Anyone have any suggestions for Ski (on piste) travel insurance… cover more was about $1k for my husband and I!

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