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LEGO 10328 Icons Bouquet of Roses $78 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Kmart


Both Kmart & BigW are doing these for $78 , Stock might be hard to find however after checking this morning 24/1/24 I can see plenty of Kmart stores showing stock,
You can save around $10 by purchasing via BigW using Coupon code XJAN2024 code can only be redeemed once you'll also need to have a everyday rewards account linked up.

Take time out with the LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses home decor building set for adults. Indulge in a mindful building project or treat a loved one to this timeless buildable bouquet - a perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion.

A joy to build, this LEGO bouquet depicts a dozen red roses, including four in full bloom, four blooming and four in bud, with long green stems for vase display, plus 4 sprigs of baby's breath with small white flowers. Easy to assemble, the bouquet makes an elegant display for any space and is combinable with other sets from the LEGO Botanical Collection. This set comes with six brick bags and separate instructions for the three flowering stages, making it perfect for solo or group construction.

A digital version of the building instructions is available in the LEGO Builder app. Discover a space for relaxation with the inspiring range of LEGO creative building projects designed specifically for adults.
Suitable for ages: 18+ years

  • Buildable home decor bouquet - Indulge yourself or join friends and family for a mindful project with the LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses building set for adults
  • What's in the box - This creative building set includes everything you need to craft a dozen red roses with long green stems, plus 4 sprigs of baby's breath with small white flowers
  • Blooming buds - The LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses building kit depicts roses captured at various stages of flowering, including 4 roses in full bloom, 4 blossomings and 4 in the bud
  • A faux flower display - Add a splash of colour to your home or office with this zero-maintenance bouquet of roses
  • Valentine's Day gift idea - Celebrate a birthday or any special occasion, or surprise a loved one with a gift designed for adult fans of LEGO building sets, home decor and flowers
  • Build solo or with friends and family - This LEGO Icons set comes with 6 brick bags and separate instructions for the 3 stages of flowering so it can be built as a solo or group project
  • Part of the LEGO Botanical Collection - Discover a space for relaxation with the wide range of LEGO construction sets designed specifically for adults
  • Dimensions - The tallest rose in this 822-piece building set measures over 31cm long

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  • +1

    Perfect for Valentine's Day Wed, 14 Feb 2024 !

    You can save around $10 by purchasing via Big W using Coupon code XJAN2024 code can only be redeemed once you'll also need to have a everyday rewards account linked up.

    • Just wondering if the code would work for other Lego products?

      • +1

        Tried on another model, seems like it works. Got a further 10% off with this code

        • +1

          Thanks. They do seem to have other things in stock people might be interested in.

    • +5

      This is NOT a $10 discount - it's 10% of most items at Big W for Everyday Rewards Extras members.

  • BigW stock almost non-existent 🥹

    • Correct, this is why I linked to Kmart , if you are lucky enough to find a BigW Store with stock and take up the promo code then well done mission accomplished haha!

    • I had a little scroll around the map and could only find some at BIG W Whitsunday

      • Excuse to take a last minute holiday?

  • Is this the best Valentine's present?

    • Found the Chemist Warehouse marketing advisor

    • +11

      You give her fake flowers, she will give you fake moans

      • What else can we give then?

        • +1

          fake engagement ring, save that money for holidays

          • +1

            @prankster: Damn straight. My wife has lost both engagement and wedding rings, plus a replacement wedding ring. No more rings.

            • +2

              @BadGiraffe: She might be trying to tell you something :)

              We bypassed the wedding and went straight to buying the house.

              • +1

                @try2bhelpful: yeah in todays world, i would've rather spent the 50k on a nice holiday / towards buying a house than that 1 day for the wedding lol

              • +1

                @try2bhelpful: I could have bought a couple of nice OLED TVs for that. Oh well.

            • @BadGiraffe: ouch! hopefully you can claim with insurance or just put it on insurance and say you lost it overseas so you can recoup the loss?

              • @prankster: That was years ago. And… damn… I didn't think about insurance. But then again, if I did they would just raise the premium. Insurance is a scam.

                • +1

                  @BadGiraffe: well yeah, how would insurance company know you lost it before although you have to get a believable story and police report if you "lost" it overseas, i'm thinking going to an asian country and its easier to get that report from police with a little something under the table hahaha

      • +1

        @hopper I don't agree.

        I reckon if you get her fake flowers, those moans that you will get until the end of time will be very real.

      • +3

        she will give you fake moans

        Bless your naive little soul. According to most studies, nearly half of all women don't orgasm during sex, so chances are good you've been hearing fake moans throughout most of your sexual escapades regardless of whether you splurged on real flowers or not, lol.

  • Lego bouquets are an odd concept, they look faker than fake flowers, more expensive, litltle parts to get lost if they get knocked off, especially if they fall on the floor and explode everywhere

    • +7

      The stems on these do make me a bit hesitant to buy, but regarding realism, think it's a bit like the uncanny valley effect: Fake flowers tend to look slightly off and are therefore offputting, but Lego flowers are obviously fake and therefore have their own cute/cool appeal. I have the succulents and the bonsai and they always get positive comments from visitors, especially when they discover the pink bits of the bonsai are tiny frogs

    • +1

      Lol a dozen real red roses is minimum $100

    • +4

      they look faker than fake flowers,

      Jeez, you don't say Sherlock?

      You do realise these sets are not marketed as a direct competitor to real flower bouquets nor intended to be used in the exact same way?

      They're meant for fans of Lego as a novelty home ornament because until the last few years, Lego haven't ever attempted replicating real plant species in the medium of bricks before.

      litltle parts to get lost if they get knocked off, especially if they fall on the floor and explode everywhere

      They're meant primarily for display, so obviously if they're permanently sitting on a shelf the pieces will stay together.

      Clearly, you're not the target demographic for these sets.

    • My partner and I love them - it's a short but fun activity to build them together, and they look great (imo). The "falling on the floor and exploding part" goes for the vase anyway…

  • If you don't mind your box with dents and security stickers. Ordered this for the missus from Kmart the other day and it has arrived in a plastic satchel, no padding and the box looks like someone stepped on it.

    • +1

      Kmart has really bad shipping I ordered a glass jug from
      Them no packaging just the box with a lot of space to move around. You can obviously see how it ended up

    • its obviously not consistent, mine arrived in a cardboard box, no security stickers and a decent amount of packaging around it… i wouldn't call the box mint, but i've seen a lot worse

  • Do they sell the exact same vase too?

  • +2

    oh boy am I pleased I found this myself and ordered a set last week before someone posted it on here!

  • +1

    Thx OP. Got one delivered from Kmart.

  • +5

    LEGO Icons Tiny Plants 10329 also the same price

    • Tiny Plants now $75 on Amazon

      Limited-time deal: LEGO® Icons Tiny Plants 10329 Building Set, Home Decor for Adults and Flower-Lovers, Carnivorous, Tropical and Arid Flora Display, Botanical Collection, Mindful Building Project https://amzn.asia/d/hG3fXOD

  • +1

    Partner would probably ditch me if I gave them plastic flowers…..
    …. now there's a thought….

    • them?

      • Neutral gender pronounce mate.

  • +1

    Copped the roses and tiny pots, these sets never really drop much below this price from memory

  • Why is it rated 18+?

    • Aimed at adults.

    • Why is it rated 18+?

      What usually happens after flowers should not be printed on a LEGO box. YMMV.

      • Just clear the Lego bricks off the “work area” first, unless that is what you are into.

    • depends what you use as a vase

  • +6

    Never could see the point of buying cut flowers. They die in a week and you’ve just wasted your money. Given the choice I would prefer these. However, we don’t buy into any of the Valentine’s day stuff.

    • +1

      That's because you tell her every day is Valentine's day, right? Oh, you.

      • +2

        I’m female, my partner is a bloke. Never could get into the fripperies. We just buy shit when we want it.

  • No stock it seems? Bought last night, they cancelled the order this arvo sadly.

    • Where are you? The Kmart in Brunswick says it has stock for click and collect.

      • Kmarts around me where all OOS, managed to buy one from BigW though but seems like they are also OOS now. Hoping that one doesn't get cancelled too.

  • Where do I apply the promo code on BigW, at checkout it only has the option to redeem gift card.

    • +1

      I'm stupid, its before the payment section.

  • Any recommendations on a good acrylic display case for Lego bonsai tree please?

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