Unlocking Motorola Defy+ (For those who got one for $99 from Telstra!)

Here is my tutorial to unlock your Defy+. Be aware, that even though this method has worked for me, there are always risks involved when tweaking with the phone's software, but as long as you don't do anything stupid (unplug the phone during flashing, trying this method with 2% battery, etc) then you should be fine. In the case where the phone may go into a boot loop, all you need to do is wipe the phone via recovery and reflash a ROM and that should do the trick.

I am not responsible for any devices that explode, implode or spark the end of the world.

Note: If you're having issues with download locations, etc scroll down to Forgot69's post

Step1: Rooting

Check your phone software. If your baseband is "EPU93_U_00.59.01" or below, you can root your phone using the following software.


If your baseband is higher than the above ("EPU93_U_00.61.03" will most likely be the case here), you need to root the phone via the following method:



  1. Download the software provided in the link above. Extract them both to the same folder (You can ignore firmware.z01 and extract firmware.zip as the two files are linked.

  2. Download the software in the following link - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1100585

  3. Install RSD Lite and the drivers that suit your Windows version (x32, x64)

  4. Open RSD Lite as Administrator

  5. Turn off your Defy+ and follow the instructions here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=25243714&post... - on how to get the phone into recovery mode so we can flash the files

  6. Go back to the first link that provides the software and follow the basic instructions there. Select the files in RSD Lite and flash the software mentioned in the link in the order provided by pressing "…" on RSD Lite. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU ENSURE THE PHONE IS CONNECTED TO THE PC PROPERLY. THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY THAT THE PHONE WILL BRICK IF THIS PROCESS IS INTERRUPTED SO MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE NO PENDING WINDOWS UPDATES OR ANYTHING THAT WILL FORCE THE COMPUTER TO SHUT DOWN.

Voila, your phone is now rooted. Now we prepare to flash CM7,9 or 10 (whichever you prefer; I'm staying away from CM10 as JB isn't fully stable just yet). I flashed mine with CM9, so we'll be using that for this tutorial as we know it works with the unlocking.

  1. Download 2ndInit from here -
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1032212 - IF YOU ALREADY HAVE CYANOGENMOD ALREADY INSTALLED, THIS IS NOT NECESSARY

  2. Pop that onto your phone, enable non-market apps to be installed, turn on USB Debugging (Settings -> Applications -> USB Debugging) and start up the app. Click the one single button in the middle and we now have CWM (ClockWorkMod) installed.

  3. Download the most recent CM9 Nightly by quarx2k and the CM9 GAPPS here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1618904 - and put them onto the root of your SD card. Then download "ICS_Defy_softunlock_v1.3(EPU_U_00.59.01).zip " and " Baseband_change(EP93_U_00.59.01).zip " provided in this link - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1483297 - and copy those files onto the root of your SD card. Those who wanted to go to CM7, download "GB_Defy_softunlock_v1.3(EPU_U_00.59.01).zip" instead

  4. Power down the phone and turn it back on. Wait for a blue LED to appear at the top left of your phone and press Volume- when it does.

  5. When the recovery screen pops up with the rabid rabbit at the bottom, navigate through the menu with the volume buttons and select the highlighted option with the power button. Select Recovery and then Custom Recovery.

  6. Now, it is VITAL that we do a phone backup here incase anything goes wrong. Nav to Backup and Restore and select Backup All.

  7. Once that's done, go to Wipe data/factory reset and then wipe the cache/dalvik cache

  8. Once that's done, go to Install zip from sdcard and select choose zip from sdcard and select the CM9 ROM that you downloaded earlier.

  9. Boot up your phone and if it doesn't work (stuck in boot loop, black screen after Motorola logo, etc) then redo steps 4-9 (skip 6)

  10. If the phone is booting up correctly, then power down the phone again, and enter 2ndInit by pressing the power- button when the blue LED flashes

  11. This time, install the GAPPS you downloaded earlier to install Google Play, etc

  12. Now we can apply the software unlock by installing "Baseband_change…" first and then "ICS_Defy_softunlock…" after.

  13. Wipe the cache when you are done, go to advanced and then wipe the dalvik cache.

  14. Power down the handset once you have finished, pop in your non-Telstra simcard and hooray! Your handset is unlocked.



  • Thanks. Will try when the phone arrives.

  • Awesome Effort.. Will help OZB mates :)

  • Thanks, I just ordered a phone now due to this tutorial. I admit I don't understand everything, but I am sure it is one of those things that you need to try and do to understand.

  • +1

    I have no idea when it comes down to Android dev, but you honestly just need to follow instructions and you'll be fine.

  • +5

    I can confirm this method works 100%. Not just root access or a functional ROM but also the soft unlock too! Thank you very much LolwutMikka!
    Anyone who follows LolwutMikka's method successfully owes him/her a big thank you as the guide would have taken hours to write up. Exceptional contribution!

    On a side note, I'm very impressed at how this phone handles ICS. Such a worthy bargain I'm going to grab a few more as Chrissy presents. :)

  • +8

    Hey LolwutMikka, I wanted to contribute to your awesome guide as a very small way of thanks. Just refining and simplifying in some areas if you may like to check off and integrate? (I would have direct messaged you but you don't have it turned on in your OzBargain profile)

    This information is supplemental if it's not integrated into the main guide. If you're going to use my info, you will still need to read LolwutMikka's details too!

    • Check your current baseband:
      On the home screen/launcher - Menu Button > Settings > About Phone > BaseBand Version

    • Torrent mirror for files "firmware.zip" and "firmware.z01" (I had isssues getting these files from your link) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/gboyfi862c4u83q/defyplus_bl7_root....

    • MD5s of the critical files used:
      DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN_SIGN_UCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0R_PDS03C_USAJRDNGIBRIRD15_P015_A030_Service1FF.sbf - MD5: d5e7cdafd470ed63939fec87faaf84bc
      firmware.sbf - MD5: d5e7cdafd470ed63939fec87faaf84bc
      CM9-NIGHTLY-120716-Defy+.zip - MD5: 92ba86f00a7b9eb536857794478426eb
      gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip - MD5: dc560aa235e8dd8cb00df0cefb5abd38
      Baseband_change(EP93_U_00.59.01).zip - MD5: c8e1fa8e50066af066396aa92a9a09b9
      ICS_Defy_softunlock_v1.3(EPU_U_00.59.01).zip - MD5: 71210135ada373ad47f4c89ec0c56220

    Obtaining Root Access:
    4 Power down the phone, then power the phone on as normal while holding the "Up Volume" button to enter the recovery mode. Additional info here if you're stuck - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=25243714&post...

    5 Now the phone is in recovery mode you can use RSD Lite.
    Extract the file "DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN_SIGN_UCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0R_PDS03C_USAJRDNGIBRIRD15_P015_A030_Service1FF.zip" and select/open the extracted file "DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN_SIGN_UCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0R_PDS03C_USAJRDNGIBRIRD15_P015_A030_Service1FF.sbf" in RSD Lite by pressing "…".
    Once this is successfully flashed to the phone it will reboot. Put the phone into recovery mode again and now flash "firmware.sbf" from the 2 files "firmware.zip" and "firmware.z01". If you have any issues extracting, try using WinRAR.

    Installing a new ROM:
    1 Copy the file "SndInitDefy_2.3.apk" to your phones internal memory with Mass Storage Mode USB or via other means and use the built-in app "Files" to install SndInitDefy.

    3- Get the latest copy of CM9 and GAPPS here:
    Defy CM9 nighties by quarx2k(Defy RED Lens And Defy+) - http://quarx2k.ru/cm9-nightly-defy+/
    GAPPS - http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip

    10 After CM9 boots up, push and hold the power button and select Power menu > Reboot > Recovery for easy recovery mode access in the future.

    11 & 12 Can be combined into 1 step as all 3 zips can be flashed sequentinally without reboots in between.

    Thank you again LolwutMikka. Your guide is fantastic, with all the required warnings and steps. It let me complete the process in about 30 mins (excluding download times)!

    • +1

      A lot more simpler and safer lol, I'll add this to the OP

      • No, no, no. It's no replacement for your fantastic tutorial. I've just fleshed out or provided alternatives for just a few points. My additions need to be merged into your tut. I'm happy to do it if you like? Can you turn on your DM in the OzBargain settings?

        • How does one do this. Complete nub here

    • •MD5s of the critical files used:
      DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN_SIGN_UCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0R_PDS03C_USAJRDNGIBRIRD15_P015_A030_Service1FF.sbf - MD5: d5e7cdafd470ed63939fec87faaf84bc
      firmware.sbf - MD5: d5e7cdafd470ed63939fec87faaf84bc
      CM9-NIGHTLY-120716-Defy+.zip - MD5: 92ba86f00a7b9eb536857794478426eb
      gapps-ics-20120317-signed.zip - MD5: dc560aa235e8dd8cb00df0cefb5abd38
      Baseband_change(EP93_U_00.59.01).zip - MD5: c8e1fa8e50066af066396aa92a9a09b9
      ICS_Defy_softunlock_v1.3(EPU_U_00.59.01).zip - MD5: 71210135ada373ad47f4c89ec0c56220

      What does all this mean? So clueless

      • +2

        Those strings of gibberish after the "MD5:" bit are MD5 checksums. Basically they're a string generated by the creator of the file, they are used in order to ensure the file that you're downloading hasn't had any changes made to it.

        You and me can download an application to generate a checksum, if the generated checksum is the same as the one given to you then you're fine! If it's different then you know that the file has been altered in some way and is generally presumed unsafe.

        So the checksum for the file "CM9-NIGHTLY-120716-Defy+.zip" is 92ba86f00a7b9eb536857794478426eb. If I go and use any checksum generator and select the zip file above and the checksum isn't 92ba86f00a7b9eb536857794478426eb then we've got a problem!

  • Also confirm 100% working on Vodafone.

    Thanks lolwutMikka. You are a legend.:)

    • +1

      No worries, glad I could help :)

  • Must i insert a Telstra SIM to start with this phone? I just stuck at the Emergency Call only window and goes nowhere.

    • +1

      If you get that, try enabling and then disabling airplane mode. If that still fails, then do a reboot.

  • Is there any danger in rooting an Android phone (hacked/virus type rather than install bricking/bugs)?

    • +2

      You'll only be at risk of malware on an Android if you install apks from untrusted sites or obvoiusly visit malicious websites.

  • Dude.. I'm speechless!!

    Thanks a million for all the efforts you put into this tutorial..

    Just received my phone today, followed this tutorial and now running CM9 on my optus sim!

    Everything works butter smooth.. The process took me altogether 45 minutes, including the time taken to download the files..

    • +1

      No worries. I couldn't be greedy and keep it to myself :p

  • Is there a way to restore the phone for warranty purposes?

    Does CM9 have a data limiter app?

    • +1

      I can't guarantee it'll work, but you could try backup everything first and then restore the first backup made before all the modding was done. No guarantees so try at your own risk. Otherwise browse xda for ways to unroot. I haven't had the need to do so, so sorry I'm not much help here

  • Thanks a lot. I was trying to get my head around all the different instructions on XDA with little luck.

    This worked perfectly, including changing the band frequencies to use Optus resellers.

    • +1

      You have to do a lot of research when browsing through xda, mainly because the stickies are outdated or the threads cater to those who already have knowledge in android dev. It's all just a matter of reading and getting your head around it

  • Thanks LolwutMikka and Forgot69 for your great effort !!

    Do we have to wipe/factory reset before/after and in-betweeen flashing "DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN…sbf" and "firmware.sbf" ?


    • +1

      Nope, just wipe the cache and the dalvik cache

      • Can we wipe cache and dalvik cache during rooting phase? Don't think we've installed 2ndInit at that point yet …
        The reason that I asked is because this link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1595013 asks us to wipe before flashing "DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN…sbf" and "firmware.sbf"

  • +1

    Ah shi, my bad lol. Yeah, just follow the instructions mentioned in that guide and you'll be ok

    Edit: oop, supposed to reply to the above

  • Dumb question: I see mention of the baseband in these instructions; As part of these steps, can you change the baseband to Optus network, i.e. 900/2100, and have it all work as well as other phones on that network?

    • +1

      Not too sure about having it work on Optus, although some of the above comments have noted that it does work. Could you guys please elaborate? I know for a fact that you can change the baseband to 900/2100, but I'm not too sure if that's required to do so.

    • As far as I know (and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), the UMTS frequencies of phones are hardware dependent.. Thus, I don't think changing the baseband of this phone will actually make it a 2100/900 phone rather than 2100/850.

      I did follow LolwutMikka's steps and got the phone rooted, flashed and unlocked now. I'm using it with my optus sim. No issues whatsoever with data on the 3g network.

      On a side note, I did own an HTC chacha (was originally locked to vodafone) and it had a UMTS frequency of 2100/850 as well. I did use this phone for a couple of months on my optus sim before I decided to root it and flash a custom rom. It did work perfectly fine as a 2100/850 phone on Optus.

      Long story short, this bad boy will work on your Optus sim. What really matters here is where do you actually live. I know that Optus uses 900 MHZ in "regional areas". Interestingly enough, I am based in one of Darwin's suburbs (quite far from the CBD), so I don't really know if I'm in a regional area or not according to Optus.

      • What's confusing me a bit is that I saw a tool on XDA for the defy (not plus) called basebandswitcher, that has a whole list of different frequencies you can pick: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1052745
        Now a lot of software for the defy seems to also work on the defy+, from what I've read. So couple of thoughts:
        1) I'm not sure if the frequencies are hardware dependent (I too had always assumed they were, but now I'm no longer sure)
        2) Wondering whether this tool would work on the Defy+ phone
        3) Wondering whether the mucking about with basebands is even necessary (sounds like it may not be, based on your experience). I'm located near Sydney's CBD, about as non-regional as you can get. But it'd be more as a secondary phone.

        • +1

          If you install CM9 with details above you'll have the option to switch between basebands as required:
          Just snapped those screenshots from mine. ;)

          System Settings > Advanced > Baseband Selector

        • 1) You're right.. I'm now having more doubts about that.. hopefully someone could confirm that it could be manipulated through baseband changes.
          2) Not sure about that.. Although it seems that developments for defy and defy+ are interchangeable
          3) I just checked the current baseband on my phone. And guess what? It says 2100/900! That's because I changed the baseband to get the phone unlocked through the simunlocking tool posted in this thread. I'm now even more tempted to test the 900 MHZ on this phone. Maybe a trip to Humpty Doo over the weekend :D

        • Just drove through there this morning. I didn't get a signal down at Acacia, but I definitely had a signal before I got back to Humpty Doo.

          Can't remember exactly when I got signal back though.

        • +2

          I can't believe that there's actually a place called humpty do.

  • Being a noob, how can I "wipe" as mentioned in http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1595013


    2,flash this


    4,flash this(2 parts)
    http://dl.dbank.com/c04rtbzxlm prat1
    http://dl.dbank.com/c0qbym7a3b par2



    • Skip over that 'wipe' part you only need to download the files from that page (you can use the torrent link for the second lot if you have problems).

      • What the.. I can't get the torrent from forgot69 to extract for the part 2…
        I got both those files in the torrent but won't let me extract both into one by with win7.

  • Had me worried when I got no signal on reboot, but found the setting to choose a baseband and changed that to Australia Telstra nad now it works. Ta very much as I was not going to bother the instructions on XDA were too cryptic for me.

  • Oh dear, I just messed up.

    I followed these instructions (before stumbling upon this thread) :


    Everything is fine, and its rooted and whatnot, my issue is that I cant connect to the telstra network. I did this before checking my baseband :-/.

    [B]I go to the network selection screen and my only options are optus and vodafone. I kinda wanted to use this with telstra though :-/[/b]

    Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can get out of this mess I put myself in ?

    • No idea, but I know in system settings under device in advanced at the bottom there is baseband selection and you can choose what carrier there. Unless that is what you meant in which case my post is useless.

      • I followed the instructions for "EPU93_U_00.61.03", and everything is fixed up now. Thanks :D

        ALso, I'm the torrent file really came in handy, ill be seeding it for a month or so …. probably a lot longer because I tend to be forgetful.

  • This works 100%, I really have to hand it to you. It was easy for someone who has never done anything like it before. So thank you kindly. Oh and thanks to forgot69 for his notes to. The only time I had difficulty was downloading the firmware.zip due to it being in a different language the download site. Now I just need to configure it all as am coming from a windows phone and making contacts work is tiresome.

  • can someone confirm baseband can be change from 850/2100 to 900/2100 ?

  • I followed this method step by step but i had bootloader error and cant boot my phone black screen thats all what i have…..now i cant find the orginal telstra branded firmware for the phone so i can re flashed to get the phone booting normally!!!!!!

    • +2

      You shouldn't need the original firmware really, any should do.
      If you can still access the Motorola Recovery mode (Power down the phone, then power the phone on as normal while holding the "Up Volume" button to enter the recovery mode) then you should be able to flash the first file "DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN_SIGN_UCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0R_PDS03C_USAJRDNGIBRIRD15_P015_A030_Service1FF.sbf" using RSD Lite. You can pickup the tutorial from there.

      • Thanks for the reply what idid after i coulding boot the phone i reflashed another firmware retailer AU from bootloader using RSD cuz icouldnt access recovery mode.i successfully booted the phone but cant make call now phone in emergencey mode.
        Now i will try with recovery mode as the phone is on and i can access recovery

  • Actually I can't make phone calls or texts…. Hmmm no idea what could be wrong. I had baseband of EPU93_u_00.60.00 though so maybe I used the wrong one.

    • +1

      Try these in order:
      * Toggle airplane mode
      * Reboot the phone
      * Check you're using the correct baseband for your SIM - System Settings > Advanced > Baseband Selector
      * Restart the tutorial from: If your baseband is higher than the above ("EPU93_U_00.61.03" will most likely be the case here), you need to root the phone via the following method.

      • First of all thanks for the help. I tried toggling airplane mode. And rebooted and all that. I am using the right baseband. And I did use that part of the tutorial. Was unsure if I should as it was technically lower. But it all did work. So will try again I guess.

      • Okay I have tried to start again and now it is just rebooting constantly and won't power up. This is after the first step again. No idea what to do now.

        • You'll need to enter recovery mode, wipe the device and reinstall CM9. That should kick you out of the bootloop

        • +1

          Sorry flameinfiren, damn day job! LolwutMikka is right, you need to get into the Motorola recovery again by power the phone on as normal while holding the "Up Volume" button. While turning it on do you happen to get a blue LED flash?

        • No blue led, and once I am in the motorola recovery mode then what? I have tried flashing on the original file like you said to do in the first step.

        • +1

          From the Motorola recovery you should be flashing the rooting ROM from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1595013 (or you can use the torrent in my post).
          If you're successfully flashing the required files via RSD Lite (as per step 5 in our tutorials) you're almost guaranteed to have a booting phone.

        • It flashes it, but after it does it, it will try to reboot the phone and that is where it keeps going into that bootloop and then RSD lite says to manually power up the phone but the power button doesn't actually do anything. It will stay in the loop until you take the battery out.

        • Check the MD5 hash of the files you have using something like hashmyfiles. If you have a bad download it'll cause issues like this. Try using the torrent in my post if necessary too.

        • +1

          I have downloaded that program but I have no idea what to do with it apart from load the files and they seem fine. I have tried redownloading the DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN_SIGN_UCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0R_PDS03C_USAJRDNGIBRIRD15_P015_A030_Service1FF and the firmware.sbf files with no luck. And your torrent doesn't contain the first one if I am correct, only the firmware.

        • +1

          Okies, try downloading DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231_CN_SIGN_UCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0R_PDS03C_USAJRDNGIBRIRD15_P015_A030_Service1FF.zip from a Dropbox mirror here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aucmzwd8nk5eeaz/zOCaGf2a1w/BL7%20...
          Make sure you extract the file with WinRAR and then check the file with HashMyFiles and confirm the MD5 is d5e7cdafd470ed63939fec87faaf84bc.
          Start RSD Lite by right clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator" (if you don't get that option, hold down SHIFT while right clicking and you should).Proceed to flash the file and after a few minutes it should complete and the phone should reboot.
          See how you go with that. :)

        • Okay I tried downloading the files from there and that first one is only 135mb and winrar or any other program won't extract it. Seems to be incomplete or something. So I got my laptop and downloaded everything fresh on that and the MD5 code is the exact same as that. So I think the files are fine, it isn't the computer as tried a different one. If there was another file to try to flash I could try that.

        • Well I think I may of fixed it. It is early, but it has actually booted up. I had almost gave up hope. But if anyone else has this problem. Go to the default motorola repair menu thingy. (By pressing the power button and down on the volume keys and when the android and triangle pops up, you press both the up and down keys) and you do a factory wipe and then after that is done you can reflash the sbf and it boots. I will try and do the rest later. For now this is a win, and I only hope that after I get it all done that calls and txts work after this. Which is where it all started.

        • +1

          Great news. Good luck with getting the last half sorted.

        • Well it is working, granted it wasn't working with the baseband being changed to telstra (tpg sim). It only works with it being telstra as far as I can tell. But I can actually send txts and make calls and stuff. So while it is working I should probably stop fiddling. Unless there is any idea why the optus baseband didn't work.

        • yeah i got the same problem, i cant flash those files firmware .zip and the other z01 file, any ideas?

        • Those files aren't flashed directly. You'll need to extract firmware.zip with WinRAR first, then flash the SBF file.

  • Can you tell me if the ROM has Chinese language availability? Wanting to get one for my mother and she's not as handy with English.


    • Not too sure, but you might want to check out the XDA threads for the Defy. There may be some other ROMs that support Chinese

    • I was able to use French in CM9, and there are options there for both Chinese Simplified and Traditional (simplified worked fine in test).

  • Thanks, bought one after reading your topic :)

  • After flashing firmware, the xda forum asked…
    10. After flashing is done, turn off the phone, unplug it from the PC, press and hold Vol- and Pwr buttons. At the yellow exclamation mark with an android press simultaneously Vol+ and Vol-
    11. Wipe data/factory reset.

    I can highlight "Wipe data/factory reset" at the yellow exclamation mark with an android. But what to do next?

    If I press the power button when it is high-lighted it asks me to "confirm wipe of all user data? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE." Should I go ahead and delete all user data?


    • Where are you reading these instructions from ubor? How far did you get into the tutorial?

  • Thanks a lot, bought one after reading your topic.

  • +2

    Success finally for this noob. I can now use sim card on Vodafone network.

    Thanks a billion to both LolwutMikka and Forgot69 for the instruction.

  • +1

    Doh! I did a ubor. (New post, not reply). ;)

  • Looking at these instructions is what is still keeping me away from android phones… Then again, learning everything about JB an iphone wasnt that much easier for me either. Just wanted to say good work on keeping the peeps here on OZB happy :D

    • It shouldn't, considering rooting and custom roms aren't for everyone. Most, if not all high end android devices come with ics or jb and don't even need custom roms to run smoothly. The people who do this are either devs or people who enjoy modding their devices, otherwise making the switch from ios to android would be a very smart move.

    • Motorola phones are extra-complicated as Motorola puts in measures to make it very difficult.

      If you look at e.g. a Samsung phone, rooting/jailbreaking and installing a custom rom is very easy. it's childs play compared to this. Samsung even gave a Galaxy S2 to a cyanogen dev for development.

  • For those who got the phone, what's the battery life like??
    How does it compare to the samsung galaxy s2

    • More than an entire day with minimal use. Throwing in the fact that I have Juice Defender ultimate

      • Wow that's terrible haha, Will definitely give you're tutorial a shot when the phone arrives next week.

        • I don't think it's terrible, I think it's fantastic, considering I've only charged it once since yesterday morning and it's still at about 80% charge

        • Yup, it's quite reasonable. 19+ hours with 71% battery remaining, minimal usage but Wifi connected and Bluetooth on. https://www.dropbox.com/s/roc7q06shj54flb/Screenshot_2012-10...

        • I thought you just said entire day with minimal use meaning it died after 1 day without no apps running. Still I wonder if there are any battery extenders for the phone.

  • If anyone would prefer to attemtp to get a cheap unlock code rather than go through the above you could try here. The code for mb526 here is $10, and from what I can see is about the cheapest going at the moment.

    I actually used these guys back in January for this phone, and while the code I received at that time wasn't successful, the follow up service they provided was fantastic, and they refunded almost immediately. It should be noted that although the code I did get was wrong, it was identical to that provided by about half a dozen other services, so the problem was obviously in the code generator not the individual business.

    I'd like to think that something would have improved in 9 or so months.

    • +2

      There are success stories of SydneyUnlocking in the deal's thread for $18.

    • I don't need my phone unlocked as I am with Telstra anyway, but decided for $10 I'd find out anyway, and can confirm that it works


      I did initially have a bit of a hiccup, but it seems there was probably a glitch in the system. As per my previous experience mentioned above, they're very good to work with. I'd happily use them anytime.

      • They didn't try to make you pay $18?

        Here it says - $18 (AUD). Unlock any Motorola phone that is not supported by 8 digit codes. Includes MB525 & MB526.

        I've been having serious network dropout issues on CM9 and CM10 (w/Vodafone) so wouldn't mind trying CM7.

        • When I was looking, that read "any motorola phone that is not supported by 8 or 16 digit codes. Includes MB525 & MB526". Although it does specify those two phones there, I know that it IS supported by a 16 digit code, so went with the other one.

          I and others have had success with the $10 option.

        • Cool, will try them out. Thanks.

        • Its the phone not the firmware, the stock firmware does the same, worse IMO

          They giving these phones to Telstra techs now and the same thing happens, I saw it first hand

  • +1

    my baseband is between those two numbers epu93_u_00.60.03

    • Is it a Defy or Defy+

    • I believe that's what mine came with too and I successfully used the instructions/files for EPU93_U_00.61.03. I have another Defy+ arriving hopefully Mon/Tue and I can confirm what it has too.

    • +2

      I can confirm that my Defy+ was epu93_u_00.60.03 and I used the instructions/files for EPU93_U_00.61.03

      • awesome Mines 00.60.03.

  • I disagree with steps 7-11. All you need to do is Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache. Then you can flash the CM9 rom & gapps.

    That's what I did and I had no problems. The boot loops would be because you're not wiping the cache before flashing…

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