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World of Peter Rabbit 1-23 $50 C&C/ in-Store Only @ Big W

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Collection of all Peter Rabbit children’s books.

RRP >$200 but comes down to $50 occasionally, such as now.


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  • +5

    Good price but the stories themselves are not good. Bought the set, and read a few books to the kids. We all hated it and ended up selling it to someone for like $20 just to get rid of it.

    • I feel like Peter rabbit has not stood the test of time. They feel very much like something from a bygone era.

    • -3

      Came to say the same thing. Hated reading it

    • Ditto

      Peter Rabbit and maybe a couple others (e.g Mr Jeremy Fisher) are good but the remaining 99% are quite a struggle, real Victorian era type stuff

      Its easy to see why usually its just the characters get adapted, not the stories

    • -1

      Had a similar experience with the original Thomas the Tank Engine books. A few charming tales, but plenty of stories that didn't really land, and a few too many moments of the Fat Controller being a "stern, pious Victorian patriarch" to the naughty, disobedient trains.

    • +5

      Can you recommend one of these books with lasers, video games and woke elements?

      • -2

        Maybe some Minecraft books?

      • -8

        In fairness there are such a thing as children’s books with ‘woke’ elements. Many daycares seem to include books proselytising indigenous religious beliefs. Presumably the people running the center don’t actually hold these beliefs.

        In any case no need to argue about it here.

        • -1

          Our local library has shelves full of this bilge, the librarian is an angry cat lady the children are frightened of you couldn't make it up. She needs her own series of books. Inexplicably political angry cat lady ruins local library volumes one through twenty.

          • +1

            @Donmega123: Ad hominem argument doesn't validate your discomfort

            • -1

              @Ninternet: I don’t want my children exposed to religious materials without my consent. Freedom of religion is an established right in this country.

              Edit: fwiw I do think it’s fair game at a public library. Just not in a setting where the parent isn’t free to approve or deny.

            • -1

              @Ninternet: Not uncomfortable it won't affect my family, just saddened that other children will be robbed of the flowers of a decent education.

        • -1

          Oh absolutely, and if the books could stand on their own merits they wouldn't need to be pushed so hard by these daleks.

    • -1

      I completely agree, it's psychotic. Hopefully their children might get exposed to decent literature at a friend's house.

  • +19

    And there it is,

    Apparently the Ozbargain community can end up having an argument about Peter Rabbit and even force the word "woke" into it

    Continually impressive, fellas. Keep up the great work.

    • +1

      Interestingly enough the Peter Rabbit debate was had in the eighties in England where all the Bolshy teachers complained that children were distracted by the beautiful illustrations and had them replaced with idiotic photographs of soft toys. There's nothing new under the sun.

  • +2

    Target has it for the same price

  • Costco sells this set for 45 saw it today at Costco Crossroads

  • +1

    Wow, people sure are touchy about books nowadays…

  • +1

    Bought the set!
    Note that there is a Dr Seuss collection we also got on special for $50 RRP $200.
    Wouldn’t have found either without you, thanks Op!

    • Got the Dr Seuss ones too. Great books for kids who are starting to learn how to read

      • +2

        Yeah i reckon Dr Seuss has held up better than Beatrix Potter

      • Got both of these sets 10 years ago… attempting to get through even a single Peter Rabbit probably one of the worst parenthood experiences ever: the idea of the characters is the one draw card - stories r bland to say the least, never any interest from the kids. Dr Seuss is still brilliant and always gets regular rotation even as the kids get older

    • Well done!

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