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BabyLove Cosifit Nappies Size 6 (3 X 26 pack) $36 ($30.60 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Found 78 of these BabyLove Cosifit Nappies. That's a lot of nappies, isn't it? I mean, how many times does a baby need to poop in a day?

Supposedly, they're called Cosifit. Not sure what's so "cosi" about them. I mean, they're nappies, not a day at the spa. But hey, if it makes the baby more comfortable, I suppose it's worth a shot. And get this, there's 78 of them in a pack. I didn't realize nappies came in such bulk. It's like stocking up for the apocalypse or something.

Anyway if you've got a baby with a penchant for pooping and you're in need of a mountain of nappies to keep up with them, BabyLove Cosifit might just be the ones for you. Just don't expect them to change the baby's nappies for you. That's still on you, mate.

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    REALIZE? What is this a CHATGDP?

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    Crossfit nappies - incase you shit yourself falling on your head while doing kipping pull ups..

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    I mean, how many times does a baby need to poop in a day?

    When you are out and about, always one more than the amount of nappies you packed.

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    Maaate…if they size 1 then 78 only last a week or so for newborn…much longer for size 6 lol πŸ˜†

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    Nappy pants all the way once your toddler is up and moving

    • Why?

    • Especially with twins. They have been the best

  • Are they better than Huggies?

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      Yes, by a shitload.

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        Not sure why downvoted. Totally agree we find these work better than Huggies. From what I read if you have kids who don’t have that typical baby chubbiness, then these work better.

        • Yeah spot-on.

          The no voter above me got negged as well (not by me, of course).

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    Good luck getting nappies on a 2 year old. Nappy pants all the way!

    • +4

      Each to their own, my experience is nappies work better (hold everything in) and are easier to remove for cleanup, and are cheaper.

      Nappy pants are good for toilet training though.

      • Same, I hate pulling the nappy pants up, snapped a few before when they got 'stuck' N then had a mini cry since it's double the price of nappies πŸ˜‚

        • Ohhh you're talking about nappies snapping and not body parts

  • Size 6- maybe time for toilet training?

    • Or maybe has developmental delay? cerebral palsy? etc, etc? Is that hard to think that not all children are equal?

  • I mean, how many times does a baby need to poop in a day?

    A shitload.

  • +1

    Not as good as that value box of condoms you got for Susanne for Christmas?

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