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VIOFO VS1 Dashcam with Free 32GB MicroSD Card $151.84 Delivered @ VIOFO


VIOFO VS1 $151.84 Delivered @ VIOFO 10% off specs are almost similar to A119 Mini 2 and includes free MicroSD card

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    Rear cam is just as important as front cam.

    However, a cam is better than no cam.

  • Stop procrastinating.

  • Was looking at reviews on YouTube for this a while ago and thought the footage looked really bad. Couldn’t even make out number plates.
    Has it gotten better?


    • Youtube downscale the video resolution to 720p.
      For anything decent, always do a min 2K res with 60fps.

      If this was same like A119 mini , it can record rego plates quite well.

      • If you look at the reviews of the A139 Pro you’ll see it’s night and day difference though with both being on YouTube.

        For the record I got the A139 Pro and the footage looks amazing but the many reviews I watched before purchasing also showcased the potential on YouTube.

    • Starvis 2 sensor so can record number plates and not have reflections at night.

      As folks below say, it's due to YouTube compression. I have the A229 Pro and front and back footage is mint.

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    specs are almost similar to A119 Mini 2

    So then which one to go for?

    • This one is smaller in size and can be hidden easily, doesn't have the screen and bit cheaper ($12) and 2K Quad HD 2560x1440P 30fps. A119 MINI 2 is Quad HD 2560x1440P 60fps/30fps.

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    Note the link is to the US VIOFO site. It does include free shipping to Australia, but don't know how much of a hassle warranty issues may be.

    However the VS1 isn't available via the AU site: https://www.viofo.com.au/product-category/car-dash-camera/
    A119 Mini 2 is $194.99 via the AU store, vs. $182.20 from US ($167.02 with discount code).
    All prices are AUD.

    As for video quality I can't comment - I have several A119 V3 and have been happy enough with them, but agree quality for getting rego numbers isn't great.

    • Starvis 2 is a decent step up and best in the game to be honest for plate capture.

  • Cheap gopro sorted

  • I like the new design. On all my current (and previous) units, I'm constantly having to readjust the camera angle. General driving and bumps tends to knock it downwards.
    This looks like it'll hang straight down in the worst case scenario i.e. pointing straight ahead.

    • Where did you drive?? I been using dashcam passing thru Parramatta rd with multi tilt angle since they have battery inside and never had this issue (3 models before the A119)
      maybe do a warranty claim?

  • Is it just me or the code (H65AWR31) does not work any longer?
    In the market for 2 new dashcams atm. Can anyone suggest a good (discounted) model?

    • Yes, had the same issue. It says the code has already been used.

  • Thx code worked for me. Though I got charged 153aud

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