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Joseph Joseph Pocket Plus Folding Table-Top Ironing Board $79.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Only 2 left in stock (more on the way).(I know, I already wrote this down below, but cheers) - KP

Alright, so picture this, right? You've got this table top thing, but it's not just any old table top, no, it's a folding ironing board. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "Karl, why do I need an ironing board that folds?" Well, let me tell you, mate, it's all about space-saving brilliance.

So, you unfold this bad boy, and it's like unveiling a secret weapon against wrinkled clothes. It's got these ironing board legs that pop out like they mean business, sturdy as anything. But here's the kicker - when you're done, you just fold it up, and bam, it's back to being a regular table top. No fuss, no muss.

And get this, it's made of iron. Yeah, proper iron, none of that flimsy stuff. This thing's built to last. You could probably use it as a shield in a medieval battle, not that I recommend trying that. But you get my point, it's solid.

So, there you have it, the table top, folding ironing board. There's only two left but more on backorder apparently. It's like the Swiss Army knife of household appliances, solving your ironing woes one fold at a time. Brilliant, innit?

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    We have one, they work as expected. Love the compact size for storing in a small laundry.

    Upvote for O.P.'s description. That's gold Jerry, GOLD!

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    Karl, do you think this would be suitable for some fellas ironing their jeans at 11pm when they're getting ready to head out?

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      They sort of take over the last carriage of the Northern Line on a Saturday night.

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    I have one - note the iron holder seems really handy until it hits you that you can't put your iron in it until it has cooled down, which means you need to leave you ironing board and iron out after you've finished using it.

    Small thing, but definitely annoying. I'm using an iron with a steam base so the issue doesn't apply, but it would frustrate the hell out of me if I had a smaller iron. Part of why I haven't downgraded the iron to something smaller.

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      Step 1.Ironing board goes away,
      Step 2. Iron cools on bench, then goes away.
      Step 3. Profit

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    I'll tell my wife

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    I think it is same price at Costco now if you are the member and need one

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      $75 at Costco. Just bought one

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    If you are already using a table, just put a folded blanket and use on it. Wider table anyday better than narrower iron board.

    • And if you're not already using a table, a few extra doughnuts really hides the creases in your now slightly too small clothes. Case in point - Homer don't need no ironing.

      • Damn, thats the story of my life!

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