70% off Onyx Black 4-in-1 Dog Harness Set $30 Delivered @ Wolfie & Whisker


🖤✨ Unleash the Elegance: The Midnight Magic Sale at Wolfie and Whisker! ✨🖤

Attention, dog lovers! Ready to elevate your furry companion's look with an unbeatable offer? Presenting our Onyx Black 4 in 1 Harness Set – a sleek sophistication for your pup, now at an astounding 70% OFF! For only AUD $29.99, reduced from AUD $99.99, your four-legged friend can parade in elegance.

And there’s an extra treat! Enter the code "MIDNIGHT" at checkout for FREE shipping on your entire order! 🚚🌙

Why this incredible bargain, you wonder? Our inventory has transformed into a veritable canine treasure chest (a result of our overzealous purchasing). Our little oversight means huge savings for you!

What’s in the Set?

Onyx Black Dog Harness: Adjustable, ergonomically designed for ultimate chic and comfort.
Onyx Black Dog Collar: For that perfectly coordinated look.
Onyx Black Dog Leash: Walk in sophistication.
Onyx Black Dog Poo Bag Holder: Because elegance doesn't pause for life's necessities.
This harness set isn’t just about looks; it’s engineered for comfort, safety, and resilience. Your dog can frolic, jump, and even indulge in a joyful tumble on the lawn without a hint of discomfort. Plus, you’ll be the talk of the town at every dog park outing – a true fashion statement!

Act fast, as deals like this will make our surplus vanish quicker than a sprinting pup! 🐾💨

Shop now and let your dog dazzle in Onyx Black! 🛒🐕

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  • +1

    reduced from AUD $99.99

    Seen it many times before from Reps - jack d price to $99.99 then offer 70% discount to make it look like a bargain.

    Also description needs more emojis.

    • +2

      The bigger issue I have is how much do you have to hate your dog to force them to wear corduroy?

  • +1

    The last time we offered this deal was 04/12/2023 - the price has been the standard $99.99 since then…

    • And how many have you sold?

      • +1

        We sold out of the 4 in 1 Red Christmas harnesses packs, which was what the previous deal was for, we had an ozbargainer @520x3 ask if we were going to do another one for the black version… so we did :)

        • Not really what I was asking. Was more curious how quickly a $99 dog pack was moving.

          • @ZacWinny: @ZacWinny The going rate for most of these bundles from Aussie brands are in the $90 to $120 last time I checked, I can’t talk for other brands, but the general sales in pet accessories have gone down since Temu started selling into Australia around mid last year…

            • @Supersonic101: Still didn’t really answer my question, but none the less. Where are your products made? Can’t seem to find that info anywhere on your site.

              • @ZacWinny: @ZacWinny The corduroy harnesses are made in China.

                • @Supersonic101: Ahh, okay. So not at all different to the stuff being sold on Temu and elsewhere.

    • +5

      Says a lot about your margins if you can shift these at 70% off, sell out at that price and then reup your stock in a different colour with the plan to sell at 70% off again. $99.99 doesn't seem at all to be the regular price.

  • Well your presupposition is wrong for starters, just because we sold out a specific style doesn’t mean we repurchased new stock - Rather with Temu in this space it just makes sense to clear stock at cost. If you have any experience in the pet accessory industry you would know there is no margin in this price after shipping, payment processing, GST etc…

    But I guess that’s the internet for you, someone will always have something to whinge about 🤣

    Thank you for everyone that has placed orders, we have sold out on the XS size harness but still have sizes left. We’ll be processing your order for you Monday morning!

    • I'm sure the 4 people who upvoted will be very happy with their dog collars.

  • Hi rep, does dog fur get stuck on the fabric of these? We have that issue with our current one

    • +1

      Hey @carboncider you would be better off with a different material to corduroy if your dog sheds a lot - maybe check out something like the express harness from Ezydog.

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