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½ Price: Connoisseur Ice Cream 1L Tub Varieties $6 | 20x EDR Points on Apple Gift Card (Limit 10 Cards Per Day) @ Woolworths


Connoisseur Ice Cream 1L Tub Varieties $6

Connoisseur Ice Cream Caramel Honey Macadamia 1l Tub
Connoisseur Ice Cream Belgian Chocolate 1l Tub
Connoisseur Ice Cream Cafe Grande 1l Tub
Connoisseur Ice Cream Cookies & Cream 1l Tub
Connoisseur Ice Cream Classic Vanilla 1l Tub
Connoisseur Butterscotch & Gingerbread Ice Cream 1l
Connoisseur Baked Choc Chip Cookie Chocolate Fudge 1l
Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream Crunchy Peanut Butter Salted Caramel 1l
Connoisseur Ice Cream Raspberry White Chocolate 1l Tub
Connoisseur Mint With Cookies Ice Cream Tub 1l
Connoisseur Plant Based Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream Tub 1l
Connoisseur Ice Cream Vanilla Caramel Brownie 1l
Connoisseur Ice Cream Chocolate Brownie 1l Tub
Connoisseur Ice Cream Murray River Salted Caramel 1l Tub
Connoisseur Camarosa Strawberry Gourmet Ice Cream 1l
Connoisseur Ice Cream Matcha Green Tea 1l

Earn 20x points on Apple $20, $30, $50, $100, $200 or Variable Gift Cards

Offer available from 14/02/24 to 20/02/24 on all denominations of gift cards pictured, in Woolworths Supermarkets and Woolworths Metro, while stocks last & scan your Everyday Rewards Card to collect 20x points. Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro and Metro60. Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase. Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions. For cards with a fixed value, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member (can be done across multiple transaction). For variable card where you choose the amount to load, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction. Rewards Points $20 = 400, $30 = 600, $50 = 1000, $100 = 2000, $200 = 4000, Variable Gift Card $1 spend = 20x Reward Points.

Basically 10% of the Apple gift card’s value returned to you in the form of Everyday Rewards points.1

Credit to Richard for the title, and credit to my AusPost employee for the heads up :)

  1. The 10% calculation assumes you opt to redeem your Everyday Rewards points for Everyday Rewards Dollars (either through Money Off Shopping or Bank For Christmas). - Credits to WookieMonster 

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  • +4

    God it is hard to believe these are $12 now, when i use to buy these for about $5 on sale from $6 about 4-5 years ago :(

    • +13

      Price gouging. We know it. They should be punished

      • +13

        I choose to punish them by never buying them at full price. $12 is an absolute scam

        • +4

          You should punish them more by never buying them again regardless of price. Why do you think they discount? So ppl like you will buy it. You fell for their scam

        • I dont know the last time i bought a chocolate, icream or chips at retail price 🤔

      • +10

        Yeah I can see it now, ACCC’s letter, “stop gouging now, or we will send you another harsh letter” toothless tiger, meow

        • +2

          Just don't buy it.. the people need to help themselves. Hunga's and Macca's vouchers became a joke. I stopped buying from them years ago. If everyone did this, they would be out of business.
          Asking the ACCC to prevent supply and demand is a big ask!

          • @tunzafun001: It's a slippery slope for the economy.

            People are boycotting things left and right because they're overpriced or bad value.

          • @tunzafun001: That and the fact that Australians are sheep and just buy buy buy… but at the end of the day people have to eat and drive cars, go figure what’s the expensive stuff

            • @BatmanAU: You have to pivot though..
              I haven't bought meat from Colesworth for maybe 4 years. It is extortionate. $40+ per kg…Pure uneducated buy meat from Colesworth.

              Foodland, IGA and butchers get my business. Meat is more than half the cost per kg. Got a pork roast last week for $4.90/ kg, Lamb was s$7.90. Cheapest in a long time!
              Grow my own fruit and Veg (easy these days with a plethora of automated watering systems). If not, there are community co ops on Facebook.
              As for fuel, I bought a PHEV in 2018 for $16k. Best decision…Last fill up was October 2023.

              Looked elsewhere for staples (Aldi etc). Their spaghetti is like 65 cents a can, and SMASHES the colesworth offering for $1.20+

              House is pure electric. Took up the governments solar battery offer in 2018. $5k for solar + 2 batteries.

              Have 2 rainwater tanks for the garden (lucky, came with the house).

              Etc etc….

              I have no need for any ACCC involvement….EXCEPT for Government charges! (which are "indexed' with "inflation").
              Yet, not a single govy job EB agreement or wage indexation has come within 30% of the same index. That is gouging at its finest.

              • @tunzafun001: Would you share where do you buy Lamb for $7.90 kg???

                • @kanu666: Foodland (SA)

                  • @tunzafun001: thanks.

                    But I just looked into their catalogue online - it says Aussie Lamb is $27 per kilo, not $7.90

                    • @kanu666: Ouch…sign on our Foodland says they do their own butchering in store. So maybe difference between stores. Haven't been in this week.
                      That being said, we still have a lamb leg in the freezer. We are talking about a leg aren't we? Forequarter and loin are a different price bracket.

              • @tunzafun001: That’s awesome, unfortunately 90% of Australians either can’t or have no time (time being relative to personal circumstances) to do what you do, therefore just plod along and pay because they have too

              • +1

                @tunzafun001: Didn't realise it was uneducated to value time and pay for the convenience of doing groceries in one place. But of course the harvard educated ozbargain warrior saving a few bucks here and there is what we should all strive to be

    • +4

      Yeah but who could have guessed that if Australia, the USA and the rest of the world pumped tens of trillions of dollars into the financial system to recover from the GFC and then COVID that it would eventually cause inflation?

      It was a bolt out of the blue.

    • WW and Cls are exploiting us.

  • +1

    Imagine all the exercise you need to do to burn off all the calories from eating this.

    • +1

      Only takes me a nap and 1 trip to the toilet to clear it all.

      • Oh the luck to be lactose intolerant.

        I don't even have self control.

        • Fortunately I'm not lactose intolerant. Just lacking a few organs.

          • @Clear: Oh.

            Well at least you can eat ice cream too your hearts content… Meek upside…

    • Most people aren't smart enough to work out that what they eat directly affects their health.

  • The woolworths near my home no longer sells apple gc.

    • Big W has the same deal about a week later if that helps.

    • +1

      Because of scammers?

  • Catalogue starts on the 14th, not the 13th.

    • +1

      14–20 Feb In 2 days

      Umm my deal has been set to the 14th?

      • Nvm me, it says 13th at 9pm for me because I'm in WA.

        • 13th at 11pm for me in Qld.

  • +1

    Argh, my waistline isn't gonna get any smaller eating these

  • +3

    Connoisseur Ice Cream Cafe Grande

    The best, imo.

    • +1

      Not a fan of coffee. Does it have a huge coffee taste? You should try Matcha. It is one of my if not my favourite flavours.

      • No, I wouldn’t say huge coffee taste.

        It has chocolate coated hazelnuts in it; I think.

        They are the star.

        Yes, I should try it; but I’m over my limit this week.

        • Ahh sounds great. Will try it soon. Thanks for the recommendation. Unsure why someone negged me? Ah well

  • +6

    I bought $4000 worth of Apple gift cards from Coles last week, got 20 times flybuys points. This will be similar deal. I wish i have waited one more week as I mainly prefer woolies over coles and it's easier to spend rewards points compare to flybuys points.

    Also, if anyone planning to buy mac/apple products try calling/chatting with apple for price match. Officeworks/Good Guys have apple products on 10% off. which apple will price match and then 10% additional off with these gift cards deal.

    I got new Mac with 20% discount than listed price.

    if you're wondering, Yes Apple does price match up to 10%. call 133-622 (133-MAC)

    • Will the price match stack with the education gift card promotion by any chance?

      • Unfortunately not….one or the other.

      • Could get $240 Apple gift card now if buying a Mac from Apple Edu store.

    • When does Officeworks/TGG have 10% off on Apple product?

      • JB Hifi and Officeworjs seem to have a current sale

  • I came here looking for the ½ Price for woolies but doesn't seem to be one!
    I can find the Coles but not Woolies.

  • +6

    I was in woolworths Highpoint VIC today, I spotted all 5 * $500 Apple gift card on shelf have been tampered with. I open them up before purchase and yes all of the inside has been swapped . I reported it to store manager and also ask him to go with me to check all the other cards on shelf.

    I have opened about 10+ $200 Apple gift card they ALL have been tampered too. The store manager even said this maybe a new thing Apple do until I open $100 cards and show him the seriel numbers should match the package. Even I suggested store manager should check CCTV and report this massive incident to police, he does not seems too care about it. Just took away all the tampered cards I found then left.

    I also stopped another couple who tried to purchase $200 cards at highpoint woolworths

    Please be very careful

    • what do you mean by tampered here?

      • I open them up before purchase and yes all of the inside has been swapped .

  • is there a limit on the amount for apple gc? like can i get 1 variable for 1.5k? and get the x20 points

  • What's the best flavour ice cream need some quick before I start keto

  • I went last night and they were 12 I made a 40 min trip for nothing

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