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Optus ZTE 4G USB Modem $19.50 (Was $39) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


Price beat at Officeworks, currently $37.00

  • 4G connection on the go
  • Locked to Optus
  • 4GB start-up data for use within Australia - 14 days
  • Model Number - MF833N
  • This doesn't have WiFi


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  • So I need to insert Optus sim into this USB thing and then plug into my laptop?

    • Yup.

      I plug mine into my router as 4G failover in case NBN goes down.

      • Do U use a manual failover or does your router allow U to do it automatically

      • Do you know if you the little usb does the routing or it’s all by your router?

        I found all the WiFi portable ones when in tether mode still route it and failover doesn’t work because I have hundreds of devices and it shits the bed.

        • The dongle is a router. You might be able to change it, but the firmware seems pretty lacking.

          • @Celebraces: Thanks! Saved me $20 to work out it still won’t solve my failover issue.

        • Mostly my router. Final hop is this device.

          I apply some heavy SQM on failover though, since these devices dont expect a multi user load.

          I use CAKE queueing to limit it to about 1/4 my real throughput.

          • @MasterScythe: Thx for the tip I’ll crank my sqm settings (I use UniFi so don’t think I can use cake)

            • @stewface: Even fq_codel is better than nothing. Its just important I stay online and can work. Even 10Mbps is 'enough' until nbn comes back.

        • you have hundreds of devices at home? may I ask how? smart home stuff?

          • +1

            @beltdrive: Yep, dozens of smart switches, bunch of digital photo frames, addiction to raspberry pi’s for projects.

            most things in the home are connected, air cons, dishwasher etc.

            Yes I have a problem, there is no AA for tech I don’t think

  • Correct

  • Use wireless or USB tether from you mobile instead.

    • +3

      I hotspot from my phone as well but prefer this for it's simplicity. Less wear on my phone battery too.

      Also if someone calls then I can't be using my laptop at the same time when hotspotting.

      • -3

        “Less wear on my phone battery too.”


        • +2

          Batterylifephobia is real real

          • +1

            @ruthlesskid: Yep it's annoying when you've been hotspotting then suddenly need to go out and your phone is almost dead.

            • +1

              @WatchNerd: And phones cost around $2.2K these days. Won’t like to play with its battery.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but plugging in iPhone into wall socket and using hotspot won’t use battery but the actual power from wall right?

  • +2

    Didn't someone say that you can call Optus to unlock these things? Is that an option for this model?

    • +1

      Ugh best of luck trying to get Optus to unlock anything.
      Had to go to telco ombudsman to get them to pull their fi gers out.

      [ and I had already paid unlock fee ! ]
      Learnt my lesson so didn't pay the second time.

  • Awesome, can you easily get office perks to price match via online enquiry?

  • Is it Optus only, or Optus wholesale locked?

    • +2

      I have some working with an MVNO Aussie Broadband

    • +1


      Optus, unlike telstra, dont split their network :)

      • I think the answer is 'yes' but this would work for say example 'catch' which is on the optus network?

        • +1

          Yes. Any optus network.

  • +4

    I worked in a telco call centre and I think about 95% of these we sold were dead within 5 years. I would personally avoid unless for very infrequent use.

  • Can it be unlocked easily?

  • +1

    I found it amazing these haven't been updated in years and they're still being sold. Used to work in telco and was shocked some people still paid as much as $99. You'd be surprised how many of these are defective too, or only last 12-24 months.

    They had their use but still? I've got one in a drawer I haven't touched in 5 years.

    • +1

      The actual modems inside have been progressing, but they look identical, yeah.

      • Don't get me wrong there's some that have actually progressed a bit like the Telstra one is wifi-enabled multi device compatibility, can hold a 32GB memory card and has various LEDs. But this model hasn't changed in years. In fact, when an elderly lady came to replace her old one there was essentially no difference.

        • Crack em open and check the chipset.

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