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Zyron Powaforce 100W GaN 5 Charger (2 x USB-C / 2 x USB-A) $74.99 Delivered @ Zyron Tech via Amazon AU

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Have been looking at GaN chargers since the ZMI Power Bank deal I posted recently. Wasn't really keen on spending $100+ but didn't want to buy something that would burn the house down either. Judging by reviews/comments, Zyron seems to be decent quality and this one steps it up with GaN 5 chipsets in it.

  • 【2023 GaN 5 Powerhouse】Sleek, pocket-sized fast charger with advanced 5th generation Navitas NV9580 GanSense Gallium Nitride chipset. Enjoy powerful on-the-go charging without compromising performance.
  • 【4 In 1 Fast Charging】With four ports, including two 100W USB-C and two 12W USB-A, our 100W USB-C charger provides the convenience of simultaneous device charging. Power up your MacBook, iPad, iPhone and watch together seamlessly.
  • 【Rapid Charging for Laptops and Smartphones】Experience lightning-fast 100W charging for laptops, coupled with 45W PPS support for rapid charging, including the Samsung S23 Ultra.
  • 【Efficient and Cool Operation】Embark on an efficient and eco-friendly charging journey. ZYRON 100W GaN Charger minimizes energy loss, ensuring a cooler and safer charging experience.
  • 【Complete Charging Package】Unleash the full potential of your charging setup with our premium package. The included 100W 2m long cable offers flexibility, and the zipper case ensures effortless storage.
What Spec
Model ZY-WC-100W-2C2A
Total Output 100W Max
Input 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.8A
Output USB-C1/C2 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V5A (100W Max)
Output USB-A1/A2 5V2.4A (12W Max)
USB-C1 + USB-C2 65W + 20W
USB-C1/C2 + USB-A1/A2 65W + 12W
USB-C1 + C2 + A1/A2 65W + 20W + 12W

There is also a 68W version with 1 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A if that fits the bill, $56 with a $10 off coupon: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0CN8SGZZH. Note that the max output is 50W USB-C + 18W USB-A.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Love that everything made in China skips 4 haha.

    Superstition is crazy

    • was thinking that too lol

  • Why do they make the USB A ports so low power compared to the USB C?

    • +4

      It's based on the USB standards.
      USB-A is rated at a maximum of 18.5 Watts, whilst USB-C were rated at 100 Watts, but now seem to have been rated beyond 240 Watts. Being the newer connector, USB-C gets all the upgrades.

  • Wasn't a fan of the PowerPod model, which shorted on me after a few months. At least it didn't cause a fire.

    • +1

      Did you try claiming on their warranty? I think it's up to two years from purchase (?)

      • Yeah I refunded it via Amazon. Was fortunate I was close and detected a burning smell. Just hesitant to try another model from the same brand again.

      • I bought the same from their website to "support an Aussie business" - bad decision. They said no to warranty despite being less than 2 years, then claim this model is only 1 year warranty.
        Never again. Switched to Belkin which I'm very happy with. Spend the extra $ for the peace of mind!

    • +2

      My 140w actually caught on fire and I got it on the dog cam. Ended up having picking up an Anker 120w after that.

      • Yikes sounds like product safety is dubious and failures more common than I thought! Glad I switched to Anker and had no issues thus far.

        • Hmmm, the above failures don't sound good!

          Anker/another brand might be the way to go then.

        • Yeah I bought into the Aussie brand reliability but I guess that didn’t work out in this case. Can fault the support team as refunded me and took the unit for inspection. They also ensured that there would be better checks moving forward but whether or not that turns out to be the case, I’m not going to stick around and test that theory.

          Right now, I’m trying to figure out what seems like a PD handshake issue with my Anker 737 120W for anyone that was looking to grab these to work with a laptop or specifically the Lenovo Yoga Pro 7i.

  • Looks like it supports Samsung 45w charging for the S23 Ultra series. Seems to be a rare feature on these bricks, might give it a go.

    • Can confirm, I have the gan3 model of this and super fast charging 2.0 worked on my S23U and now S24U.

  • +2

    Picked up the 68W for $40 delivered on their website. Got a 20% off code with the spin to win promotion.

    Seems to be ~150grams which is awesome.

    • Good price.

      I was considering that model as well but given I couldn't get 65W out of one port, I decided against it.

      I am a little suspicious given the comments above though.

      • +1

        Sorry suspicious in terms of failures?

        Many brands have this possibility. I'm not saying failures dont happen but you have to be aware that the only people that complain are those that have seen failures.

        These are new generation chargers as well… If you're very paranoid, just give its first high draw test outside! :)

        As for 60w vs 65w - the missing 5w is a small price to pay for the size and additional port. Totally fine trade off for me.

        • Fair enough, and yes the size is appealing for travel.

        • +4

          I do agree with your comment about failure in each brand, which I accepted when mine failed and returned.

          But considering the brand's product being a fire hazard and not just being an isolated case, I think it's best that people are aware of the info prior to purchase so they can do so eyes wide open. Good thing about this site is you get feedback from users that has prior purchase experience, both good and bad.

  • Was going to get this but not now. Glad I read the comments above. Maybe I will stick with Belkin or anker.

  • I have 2 Zyron 100w previous models. Plugged in my Pixel 7pro and SS A32 to each other them overnight and next morning both had black screens, still powered on but black screen. Not sure if the batteries or the screens were killed. Dont dare to charge my phones overnight anymore.

    Anyone can suggest a trustsble charger for U24?

    Btw, theses 100w PPS chargers charge U24 at max 30w, Dell 65w laptop at max 50w, as shown on my 5A cable with wattage screen. Don't trust their ads!

  • I wouldn't touch this brand again. I bought a 100W powerpod last year and it constantly resets when my macbook pro is plugged in, you hear the macbook beep like you've just plug in a cable. It's random, can do a few times over the space of a few minutes, to not at all sometimes. Nothing else is plugged in. I contacted support, they wanted me to show them on video. Had the included 100W cable also die within months. So much for supporting a local business but they have a rubbish attitude to rectify problems.

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