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De'Longhi Rotofry Deep Fryer F28313.BK 1kg Capacity $89 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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So there's this thing called a De'Longhi deep fryer, right? It's normally like a big pot of boiling oil that people willingly dip their food into, but this one's a bit fancier. I mean, who in their right mind thought, "You know what this chicken needs? A nice hot oil bath"? It's like trying to make your food healthier by bathing it in heart attacks. People go on about how everything tastes better deep-fried, but I'm not convinced. Sure, it might give you that crispy outer layer, but at what cost? You're basically sacrificing your arteries for a bit of crunch. I'll stick to my oven, thanks. At least I won't have to worry about accidentally setting the kitchen on fire every time I want some fries. But hey, if you're into living life on the edge, go ahead and fry away. Just don't come crying to me when your cholesterol levels hit the roof.

  • Perfectly fried food with Less 50% oil

  • Digital timer & Adjustable thermostat

  • Easy Clean System to drain oil

  • Easily removable and washable lid and replaceable anti-odour filter

  • Large food capacity

  • Anti-odour filter

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    OP: hates on deep frying
    Also OP: here is a deal for deep frying!

  • The unit looks decent sized but it's rated for 1kg? I assume that's the basket size that gets inserted. The machine itself looks alright.

    The oil drain feature would be handy. Had a deep fryer growing up and it was really hard to drain and clean.

    I guess you could still shallow fry things too if you wanted. Without oil, could you use it as an air fryer?

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      Shallow Fry - No
      Air Fryer - No

      It's a deep fryer with a rotating basket set at an angle such that 30%-ish of the contents are exposed to air as it rotates. In other word for 30% of the time the contents are in hot air, the other hot oil if that makes sense. It works well for chips e.g. from basic potatoes or frozen oven chips and I suspect things like nuggets etc but don't use anything with any loose crumbs/batter - will be messy and useless.

      Personally I like it and it's a keeper for chips every week or so. I use a dedicated deep fryer for other things with breadcrumbs and batter etc. Kmart used to do a tiny 1.5L (?) deep fryer that's superb for things like battered mushrooms etc. It seems to have gone from their website now but if you see one buy it - so easy to use for small cooks.

  • Also available at Delonghi AU website with a $50 promotion when you spend $250+:


  • I've got one of these and it does a decent job. I only use it for chips though and change the oil after 4/5 cycles - it only uses perhaps 50% of oil compared to my normal deep fryer which is why it has a place on the kitchen bench. It's easy to clean too.

    Cut spuds, boil for 5/10 mins depending on thickness, let cool and then put them in this on max heat for 5/10 mins - great result, sof and fluffy inside, hard and crisp on the outside.

    For things like deep friend mushrooms etc forget it as there will be too much debris but for chips it's great.

    Edit - you can strain the oil through a filter and store in an old large Mayo jar and put in the fridge etc. Useful if you only use it every week or so. Warm oil will flow better but be careful as anything more than say 50C can hurt…

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    So there’s this thing called a description. It’s where you put actual details about the deal instead of unreadable bullshit and lame attempts at humour.

    • Fixed.

      No need to be rude.

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        Yes there is. This is OzBargain. And we are tough behind keyboards!

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          Click, click , CLICKITY , CLICKKKKKKK

    • I appreciate the humour, please sir, can we have some more? As someone who sold this crapola for 10 years, the #1 problem is proper cleaning, there's always an uncleanable nook or cranny that will pong over time; for my $ , Philips for the warranty & accessories Ninja for the innovation/extras.

  • Sarcasm is saved for the comments.

  • +1

    Safer than putting sausages in the toaster ey Karl?!

  • Bummer! Missed out on this. Seems it has some really cool (hot) features. Damn!


  • I have one and it does a decent job. Only uses a smaller amount of oil by comparison to others. I use it occasionally for Japanese doughnuts. Would note though that things with home made batters may not work as well as it basically sits in a basket that rotates in and partially out of oil.
    Would imagine the batter would be caught in the basket mesh.

  • I've had one for years, very good deep fryer.

    • Hi, could you please tell me if you can remove the oil pan to clean?

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