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[Backorder] Nissin Sesame Oil Flavour Instant Noodles Bowl 110g $2.10 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Sesame oil flavour instant noodles
Quick and easy to prepare
Great for any time of the day
Country of Origin: Singapore

Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • sad the chicken one not available…definitely the superior flavour in this range imo

    • Miso Tonkosu one is best

      • for me, it's 黑蒜油猪骨湯味。

  • +2

    They just matched Coles, use to be under $2.

  • +1

    What are we, poor uni students living in London or Sydney?

    • -3

      Best instant noodles when WFH

      • +2

        WFH, I turn on bbq when the weather is good and cook lunch …

      • Best instant noodles? WTF? 😅

        Compared to what? Maggi? 🤣

    • +1

      if you graduated uni, u can go fancy and just add meat and drop in an egg :)

      • +1

        Who can afford meat or eggs these days!? :p

    • ozbargainers….looking for bargains

  • +2

    100g pack for $1.60. 50c for all in one packaging and an extra 10g.…

    • should have just gotten this. Feel bad for all the plastic. next time thank you

    • The bowl is handy, and it comes with a packet of veggies too. And $1.60 for the packets isn't a great price, a year ago I'd get a 5 pack for $5 from Big W.

      • I don’t think bigw sell them anymore?

        • No they don't, but the price went through the roof anyway - a 60% increase!

      • agreed, i buy packets for home and bowls for work or going out. im not bringing a bowl and veggies when i am out, lol

      • I think thats the point, $1.60 is normal price too, so at 5 for $5, it'll be more than double the price.

    • 100g pack for $1.60.

      use to be 0.65, also just bought for around $5 5 pack

  • OzRecommendation strikes again

    Never heard of this before but I love Shin Ramen and Indomie. Ordered a few to try

    thanks OP

    • +1

      Shin and Indomie are better.

      • ol reliable. On another note what is the best cup noodles ever?

        • +1

          what is the best cup noodles ever?

          Nissin Nakiryu Tantanmen (~$10/bowl in Australia)

          The Nissin Ramen from coles and woolies (normal price $7.80 for 5x106g) is a step up in quality from these Nissin Demae (delivery boy on packet) and is worth a try too.
          Nissin Raoh (~$20 for 5 pack in Australia, ~$5 in Japan) is another step up from those.

          • +1

            @devilbabies: wow - so many to try. ok will do

            • +1

              @ChatCPT: They're all just Nissin instant ramen too. So the same brand and pretty much the same style, just different quality levels.

              For other brands and styles of instant noodles, I'd highly recommend Indomie Hype Abis Rasa Ayam Geprek if you like spicy noodles.

              • @devilbabies: thank you!

                Im having trouble finding these two
                -Nissin Nakiryu Tantanmen
                -Indomie Hype Abis Rasa Ayam Geprek

                • +1

                  @ChatCPT: Yes. They won't be that easy to get in Australia and relatively overpriced.
         has both of them. No affiliation, I just noticed that website kept coming up when I was searching for them.

                  • @devilbabies: Thank you. I saw that website too but never heard of them. Decent flat delivery fee.
                    Time to pile it up
                    If there are any others do let me know

                    • @ChatCPT: never tried it. but I just saw they have Nissin 謎肉まみれ カップヌードル. Mystery meat flavour. lol.

    • +2

      This is nice if you want a noodle that is homely and neutral in terms having an overbearing flavour… Shin that spice can get tiring and Indomie sometimes that taste sticks to you all day.

      Mix it up.

      • too true. love a few options in the pantry depending on my mood

  • The photo says made in Hong Kong though.

    • somewhere else it said Singapore and it has vietnamese writing on the box. go figure

      • Once bought a brake light switch, the actual switch was made by Omron in China, but it was in a plastic bag that says made in Japan.

        Maybe the plastic bag was made in Japan, or the label was printed in Japan, or maybe the switch was put into the plastic bag in Japan.

    • Made in Japan better but a lot more expensive.

  • +1

    The XO ones are way better.

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