[Past Best Before, VIC, NSW, QLD] Samyang Buldak Korean Spicy Hot Chicken Ramen 5 Pack $2.85 + $15 Delivery @ Beyond Best Before


Previously I read a news about stores that sell very cheap food at huge discounts here:

Then one of them is in Newtown, Sydney. So, I came there recently and looked around. Korean instant ramen 5 pcs for $2.85 with expiry date past 2 months (15 April 2024). The store is named "Beyond Best Before" that sells food and beverages. I checked some of other food have already past more than 6 months … But quite a lot of people in the store when I was there.

Current price of Samyang Hot Chicken ramen in Coles/Wollies is $9.9 down from $11 but different flavours than this Stew one.

So, I grabbed 2 packs of these spicy Korean instant ramen and 1 pack of other noodle brand from Thailand with different flavour (just wanna try). Most of the goods there are not available in Coles/Wollies or maybe from overseas.

Anyone can check other food/beverages they sell through their website here:

This ramen is good for winter …
Great for next Ozb meetup … Someone did mention expired drinks in one of previous ozb meetup …

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    (Past best before)

    Is it still OK to sell it?

    • -2

      One of the aim is to reduce food waste. I have tried the noodle, still good. Not too spicy for me. I can eat very very spicy food. Try the spiciest Nene chicken or God ramen from Hakata Gensuke if anyone can handle very spicy food :P

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      the sauce itself will probably outlive a nuclear fallout

      • -4

        It's past 2 months BEST BEFORE. If it is USE BY, I won't dare to try. How long do you think instant noodle can last? How about expired chocolate?

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            @RichardF89: I am not the seller. Just bought the ramen for myself.

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      The only expiry date that matters is on your license.

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    Are these the ones that just got legally classified as "poison" in Norway and withdrawn from sale? Spicy to the max.

    • Not this one. There are other different packs that say 2x for example but not available in this store. This one has soup, other flavours no soup

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      It was Denmark.
      Danish food is so bland that Danish people think chicken with black pepper is too spicy

      • These are actually hot hot, cant imagine the 3x one. If kids bought it they actually could have medical complications they were within reason to ban it or at least have warning on it and it is marketed with cute stuff on it to appeal to kids.

        • Thats a valid point about the cartoon chicken but recalling it as a poison is probably going a tad too far

        • If you can't imagine the 3x wait till you learn about the 5x. Personally I'll need to coat my tongue in wax if I was to stand a chance.

      • You are right, even Stew included …

        • possible risks for “acute poisoning.”

          Only "Children and frail adults and the elderly are at risk" of those highly spicy varieties.

          Eat up your nice soup Granny & leave me your house😁

      • I had 3 x and it was proper hot, I could "handle" it but I certainly wasn't enjoying it and was worried about what it might do to my stomach so gave up after half the bowl.

          • +1

            @INFIDEL: Capsaicin is found in all Chili giving Chili it's heat.

            Now check this out:
            A Buldak is reported as 13,200 SHU. Assuming that the flavor packet Buldak is similar to coffee sachet the weight is 2g. Chili with 16,000 SHU has 0.06% of Capsaicin. Hence 2000x0.0006 is 1.2mg.

            Where neurotoxicity occurs in Capsaicin is 15mg/kg.

            Taking a very low estimate for weight of a person at 60kg that is 900mg a 750x more then what's in Buldak x3. The half life of Capsaicin in the body is 24 hours. So don't eat 750 packets of Buldak at once and you'll be sweet.

            • @SarcasticEmu: As I stated above
              Danish warning was "Children and frail adults and the elderly are at risk"
              Often with a much lower weight than your assumption & likely already at risk!

              Maybe tell the Danish authorities they're wrong.

              • @INFIDEL: I don't know the Capsaicin tolerances for children or the elderly.

                But the FDA approves supplements with 25mg Capsaicin. That's 20x more Capsaicin than what's in Buldak. The Capsaicin in Buldak is also 50% less than the Capsaicin in Cayenne Pepper; a common spice around the world. Buldak is also less harmful than most lollies; especially lollies with an ungodly amount of malic acid. And definitely less harmful than alcohol. So why are these products allowed?

                So for the Danish Authorities reading: You're 100% wrong.

                I was wrong in my first comment. The half life of taking Capsaicin orally is 25 minutes; topical is 24 hours.

        • I haven't tried 3x, but this one is Stew (with soup). Not too spicy, less than 2x or even 3x you tried.

        • Do you usually eat hot food? I eat the 3x for lunch and it's not that hot. I do recommend Byron Bay Devils Doodoo jerky as it has a bit of kick if you're into hot stuff.

          • @MeagerDollarBucks: Sometimes. I can eat very spicy food. Even in my country I have tried spiciest chicken that made my whole body sweat …

  • Thanks for the post. Don't think I'd order stuff from them but if they had the equivalent near me I'd take a look. We don't mind stuff that's (well) past the BB date depending on what it is.

    • but it is 2 months past the BB date. and the price is not cheap

      • 2 months is nothing. The discount is OK. Like I said if they had a store nearby I'd take a look.

      • What would you expect? It's about a quarter of the regular price?

        • coles and WWS would discount it to less than a quarter of the regular price before the BB date and put it in the bin after the BB date

          • @RichardF89: i dont think i've seen these discounted more than 50%, ever.

          • +1

            @RichardF89: I think Coles and Woolies just dump the produce. Hence the dumpster diving trend.

            • @brotherfranciz: Surplus good food given to Ozharvest & charities.

              Dumpster diving is not new trend - it's a very old food source. Learnt it from friends in the 70's. Wasn't a new trend even then😉

          • @RichardF89: That's mainly to protect their reputation for selling "good" food.

            Surplus stock is given to charities to feed the needy.
            (Dumping costs them money💰)

      • Current price of Samyang Hot Chicken ramen in Coles/Wollies is $9.9 down from $11 but different flavours than this Stew one.

      • It's about 75% off. Best before means nothing, like maybe if it was a year out I might second guess it.

      • Bro just look at these "ingredients" and tell me what could possibly go off within 2 months lol. Or.. maybe don't look if you want to buy it 😂 seriously the date is the least of your concerns.


        • Which one? They still sell the instant noodles and nobody complain about food poisoning etc. How about food given to charities, refugees etc.? Instant noodles are usually there …

          • @neoleo: Oh I wasn't even talking about the whole recent food poisoning thing. Instant noodles just aren't exactly nutritious or healthy in the slightest.

            Point being if you're on OzB for cheap instant noodles you're probably already up shit creek, and a simple date won't matter.

            • @pennypincher98: People on Ozb look for bargains, not really specific for noodles (Coles/Aldi home brand instant noodles are cheaper). Some people really love mi goreng for example and eat it often. Recently I bought goods online from Amaysim (100% cashback), Temu (50% cashback) and David Jones yesterday (>80% off, thanks ozb). People that queue in front of food bank or Centrelink are another story …

              • @neoleo: … Cool, want a cookie? Weird tangent to go on especially considering I'm on your side for dates not mattering.

                • @pennypincher98: Not really into debate. You haven't answered which ingredients are not good after best before … Just curious.

                  • @neoleo:

                    You haven't answered which ingredients are not good after best before …

                    That was my point???? Read the response again.

                    I asked OP to tell me which ingredients could possibly go off in 2 months. Are you replying to the right person 😂

                    • @pennypincher98: Oh I thought you know the answer … I read from some articles that instant noodles, tinned food etc. can last longer than their best before date as long as no sun exposure, keep them in cool dry area, no moisture from outside (closed packaging anyway), no change in taste or colour or smell.

                      Certain people said >3 months, 7 months, 1 year or even 2 years … I am not sure with >6 months best before date … If there's zombies outbreak, we'll have to eat tinned food or whatever food available anyway …

                      • @neoleo: The best before date is there for quality, not safety (to an extent) so it really just depends on how picky you are. Generally, food quality decreases when exposed to moisture and oxygen - and a dehydrated noodle cake in a wrapper has got neither.
                        The seasoning will clump and the oil will congeal at some point (either before or after or way after BB).

                        Also, generally you know when things are actually unsafe to eat. It's not an exact science, but evolution has gifted you senses to determine this.

    • +1

      I bought them in store, no delivery fee.

      • Then that's a deal

        • This Stew one is not dry noodle. So spicy noodle soup, good for winter.

        • Then that's not a neg.

          Obviously buying just 1 packet doesn't make sense. Just the same as driving km to store for 1 item.
          But a larger order at discount prices does!

          • @INFIDEL: My transport cost was much less than 3 packs x 5 pcs of instant noodles …

            • @neoleo: Lucky you😉
              Some drive km to save a few cents per item.

    • +2

      "The shop isn't conveniently located for me so I'm negging the deal"


  • -1

    I’m ok with short dated food, but not expired.

    • Expired food is illegal to sell, so I don't know what dodgie places you shop to be offered illegal expired food😜

      This business is called Beyond Best Before!
      Like similar stores popular with those saving money.

      Definitely NOT expired!
      No use by date to be short dated.

      Past BBD is just likely lower quality (e.g. taste) than fresh stock.

      Expired is only if past Use By Date! Like with meat, dairy products, eggs etc

      foodstandards.gov.au: "food products cannot legally be sold after their 'use by date' as they may pose a health and/or safety risk" That does not apply here!

      • -3

        A lot food including this noodle do not have a used by date on the package, they just have a BBD, by your logic these food will never expired and can still be sold and consumed even 10 years post BBD.

        • by your logic…

          Not my logic.
          It's Govt Regulation & law!
          Informed by research in food science.

          You are either ignorant or confused about food standards.
          That is not healthy. It's not hard to understand!

          Use-by and best-before dates foodstandards.gov.au

          Expired foods are a health hazard. So are illegal to sell.
          Hence have a USE BY DATE!

          Other food have a BEST BY DATE. NOT a USE BY DATE!!

          Beyond BBD foods won't likely taste or look as nice as fresh stock. So usually discounted.

          Statistical analysis determines the BBD of foods, based on the rate of decline in the qualities of the food (taste, texture, look, etc).

          Beyond that date a food will be edible, but may not be as nice to eat.

          these food will never expired and can still be sold and consumed even 10 years post BBD.

          Obviously Yes!
          As not a health hazard.
          But if a food is tasty & popular, it's unlikely to be unsold or uneaten by BBD😉
          But overstocking is common & possibly a good buy.

          Bottled water can have a BBD… Certainly not a use by date.

          Just ate some delicious Pecorino Romano Cheese with my pasta. Been saving it. Well beyond stated BBD - getting tastier with age🧀

          Like old wines, old cheeses are cherished & eaten as a delicacy!
          You must live a sheltered life not to know that!

          Cooks in my family used to say "In my day - there weren't dates on food!". Found 60+ year old curry powders etc! Just threw it out.

          Honey is sold with a BBD - because it can candy with age. Still delicious but a different look & texture. (Consumers may complain.)
          But honey found in an Egyptian pyramid was said to be edible after over 1000 years

          So no Use By Date is necessary.
          Use your common sense & taste buds🤔

        • +1

          Seems the usual confusion & misinformation found in Deals about BEST BEFORE vs USE BY DATE

          See Food Standards Australia's
          Use-by and best-before dates

          Fresh fruit & veg have no USE BY or BEST BEFORE DATES!
          Consumers are expected to use their own common sense & experience to make good food choices.

          Products with USE BY DATE are considered by research to be a health or safety hazard beyond that date.
          Regulated by Govt body Food Standards Australia.

          Because of the risk to public health - it is illegal to sell the product beyond the USE BY DATE.
          And should be consumed by that date, although most likely have consumed beyond that date with no issue.

          (A dumpster diving mate ended up in hospital with serious Pneumonia after eating processed meat from a supermarket dumpster!)

          Other manufactured / packaged products carry a BEST BEFORE DATE.

          It's NOT A USE BY DATE!
          Just a recommendation that for best quality (taste, appearance, smell, texture, etc), use before that date.
          Can be sold & consumed past that date, without a public health risk.
          Simply - buyer beware.

  • +2

    awesome these will make great gifts for my friends in Denmark

  • +1

    Personally I think It's overpriced as much as other imported foods (In korea, $1 each or $4.5 for 5 bundles)
    But If there's any near asian grocery, pick this up instead: https://premiumco.com.au/cdn/shop/products/SAMYANGBULDAKHOTC…

    If you prefer smoother taste:

    As a small additional bonus, it lasts longer in shelf

    You can easily replace noodles from any other cheap products (maggi, ichiban, koka or whatever)
    Each packet from original noodle contains 3T of it, and add powdered cheese or korean style seaweed(kim or nori, but japanese ones are much bland)


    • Thanks for this. I haven't tried Carbonara one …

      • Carbonara one is actually more famous in Korea than original one since it's teen~lady's favorite, not sure in here.
        Anyone likes dairy or cheesy flavor might prefer that one.

        And less disastrous tmr..

        • I've tried it and tbh not a fan. Wasn't that spicy but it was sweet and I got sick of it halfway through eating (but had to finish since it was expensive lol)

          • @MeesusEff: Personally I prefer x2 one too
            Carbo one feels more like a snack rather than meal

            • +1

              @prototype95: Does the sauce taste kinda sweet too for the normal flavour? I'm dont mind spicy but I hate sweet flavours for 'mains'

              • @MeesusEff: Actually it is. Mostly due to MSG regulation in Korea, they add some sugar on it to ”enhance flavor“ they said.

                • @prototype95: Damn. I wanted to try for the spice hype but no point if I dislike the flavour lol. Thanks!

                  • @MeesusEff: Maybe put Tabasco sauce to reduce/remove the sweet flavour :P

    • That's why I started buying ramen noodles from Japan and forwarding them to Australia. Plus there's a whole bunch of noodles you just can't buy in Australia. This cost me roughly $150 for 40 days worth of ramen noodles.

  • you can smell oxidised oil even at 2months prior to bb date. Sure it' be no harm to consume but I wouldn't buy to eat

    • if you're eating instant noodles on the cheap, you probably don't really care about those oxidised oils.

    • Not just a problem with cheap noodles!

      Bought $19 small premium foil pack of muesli from David Jones.
      Was discounted 75% as was 2 months before BBD.

      1 pack was delicious with lots of good nuts & seeds.
      Other had rancid smell as soon as opened. Knew the smell from working with food
      Oil in the nuts & seeds was off😷 Not fit for consumption!

      DJs refused to refund rancid pack as was on clearance. Told them it was not fit for sale under consumer law, so a refund was necessary. Other staff supported me.
      New staff member still refused.

      Not worth the battle for $4.75.
      They lost a customer.

    • I need extra protein in my diet.

    • From reading the comments on the video, it was fake …

  • "My face is leaking!"


    Guardian staff taste test the noodles banned in Denmark.

  • -1

    Everyone going nuts over best before dates - check your canned veggies and packets of pasta - there's no date at all… waaaaaaaaaa! ThaT's ilLeGaL!!!!!!1111111oneoneone. It's fine, you're fine, we're fine, I'm fine, the food is fine. I bet you'll pour out your milk cos it has a use by date of today even though it's perfectly fine for a few more days. How often have you opened something within its use by date and it's off anyways?

    • They must not be an asian household 😂 I think over 90% of my pantry is past BB date. I did try a cup noodle that was 4 years over and that was pretty rank so there's some limit to that

    • check your canned veggies and packets of pasta - there's no date at all…
      ThaT's ilLeGaL!!!!!!

      Not illegal😝
      BEST BEFORE DATE is just a recommended date for best eating experience. Simply there as consumer information.

      USE BY DATE must be added by law. Because there may a health or safely issue if consumed past that date.
      (Not relevant in this Deal.)

      Food Standards Australia (the governing regulator) explains why you're wrong…
      "Foods that have a shelf life of two years or longer, e.g. some canned foods, do not need to be labelled with a best-before date."

      Pasta & tinned foods are "shelf-stable" foods that last for years.

      In "Before You Toss Food, Wait! "
      USDA states…
      Most shelf-stable foods are safe indefinitely.
      In fact, canned goods will last for years, as long as the can itself is in good condition (no rust, "dents, or swelling).
      Packaged foods (cereal, pasta, cookies) will be safe past the ‘best by’ date, although they may eventually become stale or develop an off flavor.

      4 different brands of Pasta in my kitchen - all had BBD!
      Won't taste much different if past BBD.
      But freshly made pasta is the best!

      Tinned goods keep for long time.
      No BBD on the baked beans. It's just not needed.

      • Yep, i'm with you. the "waaaaaaaaaa! ThaT's ilLeGaL!!!!!!1111111oneoneone" was sarcasm :)

        I'll gladly drink milk three days out of date if it smells good and doesn't "float" in my coffee. Finally converted a mate that you don't have to chuck food out just because the date says so and especially not when it's just a best before date.

        • you don't have to chuck food out just because the date says so

          Obviously. But best to use foods ASAP.
          That way it's nutritionally at its best & tastiest👍

          We buy foods to eat - so in my house eaten well before any end date. Hate paying for food to be thrown out!! Usually none is.

          Had milk go off before the Use By Date. Spoils a good coffee. But unlikely to make you sick.
          Sniff test is pretty accurate guide.

          With some foods (eg spicy noodles with likely little nutritional value), am happy to eat at or beyond BBD - if the price is right💰

          Usually add a boiled egg, kimchi, pickled radish, sesame seeds / oil, & fresh ingredients to my spicy Korean noodles. Makes it a tasty nutritious meal - even if the noodles are past BBD.

          Have experience working in kitchens - to know how to get the best from foods.

          And ran a food recovery service from supermarkets - so experienced foods that have gone very off!!

          Australia wastes 7.6m tonnes of food each year, costing households $19.3 billion

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