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[PC, Steam] Pyre $5.90 @ Steam


Anything by Supergiant, Pyre's developers, is absolute gold.

Pyre was briefly this price last year on Steam, and it's been a little cheaper on GoG if you prefer DRM-free, but not since 2022.

If Pyre is currently a gap in your Supergiant collection now would be an excellent opportunity to rectify that omission.

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  • -6

    Looks stupid.

  • Absolutely loved Hades, I'll be checking this out cheers

  • +4

    Supergiant released games like Hades, Bastion and transistor. Pyre is the least well known.

    It is singleplayer 3v3 basketball. But it's basketball in the same way that soccer is in Rocket League. It's incredibly fast paced with powerups and character classes.

    The best part about the game is the music. The story has an interesting premise but a disaster of an ending. At this price point, it's a bargain.

  • Loved Hades. Bastion was droll.

  • Hades is one of the best game I played.

  • Worst SuperGiant game, but still pretty good.

  • +1

    This game is great, highly recommend. Different to the other Supergiant games, its more like a visual novel mixed with rocket league.

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