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Dry Roasted or Roasted & Salted Cashews 750g $10 @ Coles/Woolworths


Cashews are native to South America and were introduced to Africa, South East Asia and India. These countries are the major growing regions today.

Thanks @GordonD for information about Woolies.

Dry roasted cashews


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    Normal price about once a month. Consistently good for supermarket "nuts". Better than Aldi, and FAR than the last two offerings I've had from WW (now in the 'never again' basket).

  • Same price at Woolworths. There was a label on the shelf referring to it as the "summer price". I get them for my magpies, but the pigeons come into the kitchen and nick them.

    • Do you maggies a favour……buy Coles'.

      Used to give my possums cashews occasionally (hand fed) but have never tried the local 'pies. They don't mind oat flakes and small bits of ripe pear, and lurve mince when they get it as a treat (rarely, it's not recommended from memory).

      • have never tried the local 'pies

        They don't eat whole cashews. You have to break them up between your thumb and first finger into bite sized chunks for them.

        Unlike parrots that all love demolishing whole almonds. Even the little ones like cockatiels.

        • Yep, figured that out. They try to break up small dry cat food but eventually give up and swallow it. Ditto for fruit, Smash and rub it into the ground before swallowing if necessary. Fabulous birds.

      • Try feeding them some peanuts in the shell, it's the cutest thing watching them break it open and hold the little peanut in their tiny hands

    • I 'aint touchin Corporal Nobbses nuts!

  • They use cotton seed oil .. taste horrible

  • Oh these have sunflower oil .. might taste better

    • Useful info on the oil, thanks. Best to try a product before commenting about the taste I find. Tastes vary widely and many may not agree with my opinion on the merits of Coles/Ww offerings but it's interesting that they both use sunflower oil so it seems to be the 'nut' quality and/or the roasting process which makes the difference I'm noticing

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