eGift Cards Disappeared from Woolworths Rewards App

This morning I saw that all my eGift cards had disappeared from my Woolies Rewards app.
I tried phoning their contact number 1300 10 1234 three times, but it disconnected before connecting
I chatted online with a CSR who said

"Hi there, sorry to hear that! The Gift Cards team is currently experiencing a technical glitch. Rest assured, this is a known issue that has been raised by the Gift Cards team, and IT is actively working on getting this resolved as a high priority. My apologies as there is no current time frame provided on when this will be resolved however I would recommend checking the app again in a few hours. My apologies for any inconvenience!"

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    Your eGCs’ value has been used to fund the current promotion.

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    It looks like the IT problem has been resolved.
    My eGift cards have been restored in the Rewards app.

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    Lol the internet is borked today - ubank down too!

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      ubank was down last night as well. i was able to do a transfer this morning

  • Did a $200 shop this morning with $400+ available on a gift card. Got to the checkout and no balance on the gift card, so I had to pay with a debit card. I missed out on about $8 of savings from not being able to use the gift card. Not happy lol.

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