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Get 5% Extra Value on Woolworths Supermarket and BIG W Gift Cards @ Woolworths Gift Cards


Offer runs from 00:01 AEDT 13/02/24 to the earlier of 23:59 AEDT 15/02/24 or while stocks last (Offer Period). You can redeem your offer multiple times during the Offer Period.

Offer is only available for purchase at giftcards.woolworths.com.au/offers or through Everyday Gifting in the Everyday Rewards app. Everyday Gifting can be found on the 'Wallet' screen in the Everyday Rewards app. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any offer unless otherwise specified.

How it works
Purchase a Qualifying Gift Card^ online at giftcards.woolworths.com.au/offers or through Everyday Gifting in the Everyday Rewards app and receive an additional 5% face value on top of your base purchase amount. The additional 5% face value will be added to your base Qualifying Gift Card^ purchase amount after checkout. Your Qualifying Gift Card(s)^ will be sent to the email address used in the billing details for the eligible order and will be loaded with the base purchase amount plus the additional 5% face value. For the avoidance of doubt and as an example, if you purchase one (1) $200 Qualifying Gift Card^ you will receive a card with a total value of $210, with the $200 being the base purchase amount and the $10 being the additional 5% face value.

This offer is only available during the Offer Period or while stocks last. By participating in this offer, you acknowledge and agree that there is a stock limit on the number of Gift Cards that will receive the additional 5% face value. While we will make best efforts to ensure Woolworths Gift Cards Online at giftcards.woolworths.com.au/offers and Everyday Gifting in the Everyday Rewards app reflects stock availability, to the extent permitted by law we disclaim any liability around stock limitations and you agree we are not obliged to supply the additional 5% to the extent that a purchase is made after the Offer Period.

^Qualifying Gift Card
Qualifying Gift Cards are Woolworths Supermarket Promotional and BIG W Promotional Gift Cards.

Any transactions made by members from a partner portal or corporate users registered with Woolworths Gift Cards are not eligible for this offer. This offer excludes Gift Cards purchased in-store.

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    For those wondering:

    • This deal is equivalent to a 4.76% discount.

    • If you have access to a NSW or VIC Seniors card, you can purchase an Everyday WISH eGift Card (which covers both Woolworths and BIG W) at a 5% discount everyday.

    • If you have not yet taken advantage of the current Prezzee deal, you can purchase a $150 gift card and get a $10 bonus gift card (and both can be exchanged for an Everyday WISH eGift Card). That deal is equivalent to a 6.25% discount.

    • +22

      ^ This guy is the WW GC VIP.

    • and if you're with Woolworths Everyday Mobile you get 4% off right?

      • If you have access to the discounted Woolworths Group gift card portal through many of Woolworths Group’s partners (e.g. automotive clubs, Entertainment Book, Everyday Mobile), you can get 4% off Woolworths Supermarket gift cards and 5% off BIG W gift cards everyday.

    • When purchasing directly from Woolworths Gift Cards, transactions come up as a supermarket purchase on American Express credit cards. That means for cards such as Platinum Edge, you earn three points per dollar. That might bring tilt things back in favour for this deal vs Prezzee depending on how much you value your Amex points.

      • +1

        If AMEX still categories purchases through this gift card portal as supermarket spend, that is good to know, because I would not necessarily expect AMEX to do that anymore.

        Woolworths Group changed the information reported on transactions through their online gift card portals around October 2023 to make these transactions appear to be from a generic store, not a Woolworths supermarket.

        When I made a purchase yesterday through this deal, the following information was reported:

        • The merchant name was WISH GIFT CARD 6673 BELLA VISTA AUS. (It used to be WOOLWORTHS GIFT CARDS BELLA VISTA AU.)

        • The merchant category code was 5399 - Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores. (It used to be 5411 - Grocery Stores, Supermarkets.)

        • +1

          Went through at triple points for me on PtEdge card.




          I checked and the last time (before this deal) I bought directly via the WW GC portal back in mid Nov it went through at triple points, which is what gave me confidence to go ahead this time.

      • +2

        I use a Coles Rewards Mastercard (1% cashback) to buy ShopBack Supermarket Card (2.25% cashback), which is a Visa Prepaid card can be used at any merchants that the code is 5411, 5422, 5441, 5451, 5462 or 5499, and then use it to buy other gift cards at Woolworths or Coles when they are on promotion.

    • To maximise the discount, order a card for $5.11, receive card worth $5.37, equivalent to 4.84% discount.

      Just did this 5 times to complete my pesky ING chore of 5 card transactions per month.

    • -2

      How is it 4.76? www says it is 5% clearly so U saying they are fraudulently lying?

      • It is because I am talking about an upfront discount, whereas Woolworths Group is talking about extra value (i.e. bonus value).

        For example, if I choose to pay $100 for a Woolworths Supermarkets Promotional gift card through this deal, I will receive a gift card with $105 loaded onto it.

        • In terms of an upfront discount as a percentage, the equation is 1 - (amount paid)/(face value) * 100. Plugging in the numbers into this equation gives 4.76%.

        • In terms of a bonus value as a percentage, the equation is (face value - amount paid)/(amount paid) * 100. Plugging in the numbers into this equation gives 5%.

        In other words, both Woolworths Group and I are correct, but we are viewing this deal from two different perspectives.

  • +1

    Only 4.76% off. Better purchase form Prezzee instead.

    • +1

      Prezzee is once off

      • +5

        Yes but really no.
        It is one per account/email.

        Just use different emails or the gmail email trick to get multiple Prezzee vouchers.
        No need to make new accounts just different emails.

        Can confirm this works as I purchased something worth $450 from ebay using prezzee vouchers last week and they sent the $10 bonus voucher each time.
        Then add them to my one account 😀

        • What is the Gmail email trick?

        • Not same card, though?

          • +1

            @tajid: Same card should still be fine.
            I used my IGN card for all three of my transactions the other day within 5 mins of each other.
            I just checked out as a guest using a different email and gifted the card to my original email address.

        • does anyone know if this will work with the hotmail +XX number? eg [email protected],

          • +1

            @n0mad: plus (+) aliases should work. Adding periods does not.

        • You need to connect to a unique mobile phone number. How many mobile phone numbers do you have?

    • Similar rate if you are using $100 Coles Prepaid MC via PayPal as a topup of $50 cash onto PayPal is needed to spend $150 @ Prezzee.

  • Might be a silly question, but can you buy gift cards from the 20x rewards deals using these gift cards?

    • Nope

    • -8

      Yeah its a silly question 😅

      • +18

        its a valid question. What is silly is assuming it works without asking the question

    • You cannot buy gift cards with gift cards.

  • +33

    The manager at my local Woolies said something like…

    In the aisles of Woolworths, a question did arise,
    Can a gift card for groceries buy other gifts in disguise?
    The cashier chuckled, her eyes filled with mirth,
    "Sorry, sir, no swapping gift cards for your quirky worth."

    But the customer persisted, with a gleam in his eye,
    "Imagine the possibilities, oh the things I could buy!"
    The manager sighed, scratching his head in confusion,
    "Using a gift card to buy more gift cards? That's a strange illusion."

    And so in the checkout line, amidst the beeps and the bleeps,
    A Woolworths gift card, for other gift cards, it seeks.
    But alas, the answer remains a dark and twisted joke,
    As the gift card's destiny remains forever broke.

    • +2

      👏Your talent is wasted in the comments section

      • -1

        Your comment is wasted in the talent section 👏

  • I've stopped shopping at Woolies, even with the discount, as I've found many items to be cheaper at Aldi.

    • +5

      You'll also find many items cheaper at woollies, or Coles, or believe it or not, some items at IGA.

    • +3

      Aldi has always been cheaper. They also have far less range, and they have been unreliable in stocking products since the pandemic.

      • +16

        I would also compare ALDI products with Woolies home brands. The saving becomes less obvious then, especially after constant promos, points, discounted giftcards and other savings at Woolies.
        To me, ALDI is an expensive and inconvenient store.

    • +3

      Aldi is not cheaper when you use the 10% EDR discount and then stack with discounted gift cards…

  • +1

    Having used my Prezzee options I checked out this offer as it’s a slightly higher discount and much easier than RACV

    Found a 2x points offer running in conjunction, which gives a 6% combined discount

    • 2x points how?

      • +3

        In the rewards store on the app, 2x points on Woolworths Group and partner gift cards

        • Get an error message: "Everyday Gifting is temporarily closed"
          Is anyone getting it to work?
          Seems like they are on it

          • @slickvic: I’m able to open and browse without issue

          • @slickvic: I get the same on the account where I have the rewards membership.

            It works on the other account without the everyday extra.

            • @djsydney: I get the same behaviour i.e. the 2x points only works for accounts without everyday extra

              • @nige0090: And now the Everyday Gifting is disabled for non Everyday Extra customers.

    • Does RACV give 5% discount? 2x points are extra 1% discount roughly

      • +1

        RACV gives a 4% discount

        The combined 5% bonus value and 2x points = 6% discount

    • +14

      Because you’ll be paying less…?

      Why fill the car with petrol when it was cheaper a few years ago?

  • Thanks OP

  • I'm getting "Everyday Gifting is temporarily closed" in the app

    • same since 8:15am

    • Any tips on how to overcome this?

  • Hi. Do you get rewards points if you pay by gift card?

    • +1

      It is a form of payment method. So yes, you will receive points (and bonus points, if any) as per usual.

    • How do you pay using gift card in rewards app? I don't find an option

      • you load the gift card into your wallet in the rewards app

        • It doesn't work.. Added gift card doesn't appear during payment for gift card purchase

      • Add gift cards to the wallet

  • -1

    Can we stack the 4% off offer mobile rewards

  • Wondering if this would stack with a Westpac card

    • "Eligible Purchases do not include the purchase of Gift Cards alone"

  • Something went wrong. Our service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again after 24 hours or contact our Gift Cards Team on 1300 10 1234 (Option 3) for assistance.

    • I'm getting the same:
      Something went wrong. Our service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again after 24 hours or contact our Gift Cards Team on 1300 10 1234 (Option 3) for assistance.
      Your card hasn’t been charged. Please try again later.

  • has anyone tried using Special gift card to buy Prezzee?

    • I tried using a Super Shopper gift card a few months ago on Prezzee and it did not work.

      • I first tried by manually entering the card’s details into the checkout, but it was declined.

      • I then tried using it via Apple Pay, but that was declined too. A declined message also showed up in my Apple Pay transactions, which indicated Prezzee tried to charge my card, but Special declined it.

      I am not surprised that Special declined Prezzee, because Prezzee is not listed as a participating retailer for the Special gift card I was trying to use.

  • I think they may have run out of BONUS 5% gift cards as now not showing.

    • Still showing on my app, offer ends 15/02/2024

    • Have to go through through the bargain link if you're using the website, doesn't work from the regular gift card selection page.

  • Thanks OP! 4.76% saving is great in this environment

    Just wished the PayPal pay in 4 worked for me :(

  • I'm getting a different error message from those reported above:

    I just tried to buy and on using Paypal got the message:

    *Your order cannot be completed.

    A refund has been issued to your PayPal account. You will receive an email for 23906088 transaction. We apologise for the inconvenience.*

  • Do we get Reward points if bought online at giftcards.woolworths.com.au/offers ?
    (App is having issues with Everyday Gifting)

    • You used to be able to, but can't find anywhere to enter it any longer.

  • I can't even login to woolworths just fails. Password reset does nothing. How these clowns can rake in billions profit gouging us yet still be incompetent..

  • Very nice timing, had literally just run out of balance on the last 5% bonus offer on my most recent shop.

  • Thx

  • +1

    Everyday gifting still down, anyone have any luck?

  • -1

    This is definitely deal of the century for ww, can't ever get higher than this and it sure helps beat the bad inflation now days.

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