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$10-$20 Cashback on Your Groceries Every Week, for Four Weeks (Min Spend $50 Per Week) @ Westpac Debit Mastercard


Simply spend a minimum of $50 on your Westpac Debit Mastercard® at Woolworths, Coles, Harris Farm Markets or ALDI Stores (excluding Woolworths Metro and Coles Express) in a single transaction, once per qualifying week.

Terms and conditions

The "Offer Period" starts Monday 12 February 2024 and ends Sunday 10 March 2024, inclusive (4 weeks only). The Offer is limited to one Eligible Purchase per "Qualifying Week" over the Offer Period. A "Qualifying Week" starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday, as follows:

• Qualifying Week 1 Monday 12 February 2024 to Sunday 18 February 2024,
• Qualifying Week 2 Monday 19 February 2024 to Sunday 25 February 2024,
• Qualifying Week 3 Monday 26 February 2024 to Sunday 3 March 2024,
• Qualifying Week 4 Monday 4 March 2024 to Sunday 10 March 2024.

An "Eligible Purchase" is a card-level transaction of at least $50 in value, in a single transaction, made using your Westpac Debit Mastercard , in-store or online directly at Coles, Woolworths, Harris Farm Markets or ALDI Stores supermarkets, in Australia, but excludes subsidiary brands, for example, Coles Express, Woolworths Metro, service station outlets and liquor retailers.

Eligible Purchases do not include the purchase of Gift Cards alone, ATM transactions, cash out only transactions, cash equivalent transactions, gambling transactions or payments made with gifts cards, grocery delivery services, purchases processed through PayPal, or Buy Now Pay Later providers.

Cancelled purchases or refunds do not qualify as Eligible Purchases.

Referral Links

Westpac Choice Account: random (85)

Referrer & Referee get $50 after referee makes 5 card purchases & deposits $500+. Maximum of 5 referrals allowed per customer: bonus is not paid to either parties if the referral code has been used more than 5 times.

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  • +2

    Good deal. Shame I only got targeted for $10 per week.

    • Got targeted for $20, I haven't touched this card for months but I do still make transfers to and from this account.

      • +2

        I did use it for some ShopBack transactions so probably got less cashback because of those.

    • I hardly use my debit card (prefer cash) but got $20 for this offer so I’ll take that up. Works out nicely with Rewards stacking etc.

  • +3

    How do they know if the transaction includes GC

    • +1

      Eligible Purchases do not include the purchase of Gift Cards alone

      Maybe you can buy something else as well along with GC

      • But they can't tell what's on your receipt right?

        • Don’t think so, looks like $50 WISH card will be the way to go I think.

      • +1

        Buy $50 worth GC plus a bean

    • I don't think so. It is probably standard t&c that gets reused, might actually dissuade people from buying GC

      • +5

        They actually added it in this time, last time there was no clause. However yes, I suspect it's just to discourage people and won't actually be enforced/they won't know what you purchased. Also the wording sounds like you could buy a $50 gift card + $0.15 bag and it would be eligible as per their terms as it's not a gift card 'alone'.

        Eligible Purchases do not include the purchase of Gift Cards alone

  • I only got $10

    oh well. better than nothing!

    • Yep stack this with 10% monthly discount from Woolworths rewards

      • Should I split $50 Westpac and the rest with gift card or HSBC Global?

  • Whereabouts do you see these offers or was it via email?

    • +1


      • Thanks :)

      • +2

        Do you need to have a specific Westpac product? I've had an account for over 6 months and never received any email offers

        • check your notifications allow them to send these sorts of emails

      • I've got the email but it hasn't appeared in the Offers section in the app?

  • Where do we get notified of this offer?

    • email

      • Should it be the email linked to our account? I've received no offers from them in my email and signed up for a year now

        • +1

          Me too never received email from them

          • @amsaini15: Same, and last time I saw this on ozbargain I turned all the settings to off and then turned them all back to on, and still I've never had an email about any offers ever.
            I'm wondering if its because I use giftcards and my HSBC for most in store spending?
            Has anyone received this offer who rarely uses their westpac card for in store purchases?
            I'm going to start using westpac for tiny dollar colesworth purchases from now to trial if I can trick them into giving it to me next time, but still strange they never email me ever even though I can see crappy offers in tha app.

  • nothing like that in my husband's offers email….just got the usual suspect offers that we don't use
    Is this in the normal westpac extras email, or a separate email?

    • Mine was a separate email.

      • weird, in the app it has a flag of a new offer, but I have checked all the offers and there is nothing new, plus I don't have that email. Just got the normal weekly email about spends at a few stores to get bonus cashback as normal, which is rarely used as I don't purchase from those stores. Until I saw this, didn't even know they ran these campaigns for supermarket shopping.

  • What does Westpac want the data for? Presumably that’s why they are running this? I suppose ShopBack’s coverage of supermarkets is quite limited and only works for online purchases.

    • Rumour mill is Westpac to buy ZIP BNPL. After selling out at $5 from series B looking to acquire for $1.

  • The T&Cs read as if you can miss a week (e.g., Week 2) and still get it in a later week (e.g., Week 4).

  • Thanks noticed they have 12% cashback for Lenovo ATM too

  • I only got $10 but I'll do it

  • got nothing

  • I saw this as a banner when I logged in to Westpac ($10), but now it's gone…?

  • +2

    been with them since covid, never receive any offer emails.

  • Anyone know if you can you do split payment and still qualify? $50 on Westpac, rest on another card?

    • +1

      Split the bill

      • Yeah that's what I mean. So at the checkout you can pay $50 with Westpac and then use another card for the rest and still qualify for this promo?

        • Or you could just make 2 transactions.

    • I split the bill last time. It did make the cashback come back slower than usual.

    • So this definitely works? I'm going to do my Woolworths monthly 10% off shop so I want to spend more than $50 in one transaction. I'd like to do split payment, $50 with Westpac card and the rest with discounted gift card(s).

  • didnt get it this time. got the last time in AUG 2023

  • How do we know if we are targetted?

  • Nothing for me either! I wish they brought back the pre-Shopback offers like the IHG hotel corp code.

  • Late to the party but which is the best westpac account to get without any min balance ?

  • Nothing apparently for me too, though I did see this in the Westpac Rewards & Offers;

    "We are currently experiencing technical errors with the Westpac Rewards and Offers hub and are actively looking to resolve this. Please try again later. In the meantime, check out the Westpac App to view discounts and offers powered by ShopBack, if you choose to. Learn more about the Westpac Rewards & Offers program"

    • +1

      this happens ALL THE TIME….such a pain. Try again tomorrow

      • It went away after about 10 Min but no offer for me.

        Pretty convinced it's hit and miss based on how you actually use your Westpac account. Up until last 233ji was init using it occasionally and transferring cash to do so.
        Î> not once have j ever received a marketing email from Westpac.

        Over the weekend u changed my pay to come into my Westpac. I'll. Slowly cue everything else.over and utilise it as nyl main account. I suspectto see changesk the. Marketing mail received. Afterall, who wants to offer rewards to someone who isn't using the service rather obviously?

        • I received this offer, $10 only, on the Choice transaction account I opened especially to purchase GC's from the SB deals. Never used it for anything else.

  • +1

    "Eligible Purchases do not include the purchase of Gift Cards alone."
    So purchase a gift card + an item?

  • No way. I've gotten all of the offers every time (4th time getting selected). Last time were all $20 but this time is $10 only but still eligible so win.

    • Got cashback after 1 day lol

  • -3

    Are these type of cashbacks ever counted as taxable income?

  • Has anyone bought a gift car, or gift card + extra item, and confirmed that cashback worked?

    • Bought $50 GC plus a milk today. Will let you know if it works.

  • Honestly, Westpac is such a mess. Because I saw the banner briefly, then it disappeared, I went to their online chat to check if my account is eligible.
    The CS agent basically said over and over, "If it shows for you, then you're eligible". In that case, why did it disappear and haven't shown up again since? My trust in their system is near non-existent. Further, the agent said they have no way of checking the account for eligibility, and you may not get an email at all if you see it via online banking. Also, there is no-one else who can help, and there is no phone number to call. Literally, if you call the number, an automated message tells you to start an online chat.

    This is one of our "big four" banks? I now understand that I'm truly lucky that I live in the suburbs where there are still branches I can visit… I really sympathise with those in remote communities if this is the support customers get…

  • Has anyone used the offer and already received $10/$20 back? I was just wondering the time frame between trx date and cash back date?

    Thanks in advance for sharing.

    • +1

      Just got my $10 back as rebate for week1. Took like 5 days for rebate to appear

      • Thanks for that! I got a joint account, with wife's card receiving an email about $10 rebate and mine, no email,but saw $20 rebate banner in the app. Will test it out.

        • Online chat says it can take up to 45 days 🥴

    • Last week I did my $50 purchase at Coles on Monday, and received my $10 refund on Thursday.

      • I did the purchase at Woolies on 16/2 and received $20 rebate on 19/2. Used wife's card at Coles on 15/2, but haven't received the $10 rebate yet.

  • Guys, for those that got the email, did it also appear in the offers section in the app or not?

    • Only got email.

    • Same as Sheng

  • my marketing preferences had emails ticked-off, updated,

  • Do you need to actually actively use the Westpac account in order to be deemed eligible for these?

  • +1

    Spent $50 on 16th (last Friday) @ Woolies using card tap, transaction in my app is recorded as 19th. Still nothing. Not sure if I should spend this week. I did get the email…

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