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Canon EOS 650D DSLR 18 MP Camera Lens Kit EF-S 18-135mm IS II Lens $929 Incl. Delivery Aus Wide


Hey Guys

I bought this camera this morning, as I am going overseas soon. Did heaps of research on this model and to find the best price. This one is quite decent priced with a bag and screen protector.


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    pretty expensive considering it looks to be the NON-STM version

    also, look here if you want grey imports, assuming it is one



      Picture looks to be the STM version.

      Perhaps it's what the "II" means?


        yeah saw that too, just funny that they don't say it

        regardless, price still isn't the best

        deleted -ve

        EDIT: if this is AUS stock, effin bargain!


          Nope, Hong Kong,

          "This product is classified as an 'Overseas Imported Product' by Dealworkz
          This product will be dispatched directly by our channel partners based in Hong Kong"


    This is only a import version, For that price you may as well get the twin lens kit from Kogan

    Only $839 plus Delivery


      It was 799 couple days before for twin lens.

      In my opinion, I prefer 18-135 rather than swap lens around. It's more functional and safe time.
      This deal would be better if it comes with STM lens. I'm not understand why? as the lens price is almost the same.


        If you have the cash, get the Tamron 18-270mm VC for around $450. Excellent all purpose zoom lens for travel!

        Also agree with you on the lens swapping. The time you take occupied with swapping lens could mean that you get a nice photo or miss a shot. There is also the risk you could get dust, water between the elements & sensor or even drop the lens.


          imho canon 18-135 is way better than tamron 18-270.
          unless you really need a superzoom.


      I bought for $799 a week ago.


    Verticalhorizontal - thank you for posting our deal!

    Ozbargainers, We can confirm that this is a STM lens and we have updated the deal.

    Thank you

    The Dealworkz Team

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