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½ Price: Cocobella Coconut Water 1L $2.75, Cadbury Baking Chocolate Block, Chips, Melts $2.50 | Herbert Adams Pies $5.7 @ Coles


As spotted in the ShopFully upcoming catalogue!

Expect Amazon to match the Coconut Water.

Always good to see half-price baking chocolate.

40% off Herbert Adams Pies ~ Stock up for the approaching Winter!!


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    Last time I had a Herbert Adams pie the quality seemed to have declined substantially.

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      The pepper steak one seems to consistently be a winner for me.

      • I don’t eat Herbert Adams often but last time they seemed like they had a slight four n twenty frozen pie taste than what they used to.

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      All frozen pies dead to me now that national pies are back in Woolies in qld

      Next best thing to starting the work day with 2 cheeky steak n onion pies, vanilla slice, and a Krazy lemon from the local Vietnamese place with the little old lady who doesn’t speak much English but has great enthusiasm when she hopes ya have a good day (you won’t because your anxiety and job and kids and *gestures broadly at everything * won’t let you)

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        Never seen those pies pies before, but I just checked and wools sells them in Melbourne too.

        Lol. Can I suggest you kick the *gestures broadly at that “food” * and try a low carb clean diet and 16hr fasting for a few months?

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          But that’s the 2nd best food group! 😭

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: You would get to eat a lot of steak and lamb chops though…

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              @mapax: Lamb chops on my salary when not on special at 28/kg? 😭

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                @Jimothy Wongingtons: $22/kg full price at Coles. Learn to pick the good trays and the quality is fine.

                Plus, you’ll save plenty of money by fasting, not eating trash, not drinking alcohol, and not snacking.

                • @mapax: What fasting programs/guides do you use?pretty interested

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                    @Francis82: Nothing fancy at all. I previously read some things by Dr Jason Fung and a few other doctors but for me I simply don’t eat for at least 16hrs, I only get into the electrolytes side of things if I’m going to do a fast for longer than 24hrs.

                    There are a few different drinks you can consume that won’t break a fast such as some plain teas and black coffee but you need to go easy. When starting out electrolytes can help if you get headaches, you can either buy commercial or make your own.

                    • @mapax: Cheers,must look him up ,I do love a cup of tea what's your results been like?

                      • @Francis82: I generally function better when intermittent fasting. I think clearer and have more energy throughout the day.

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          And yeah Melbourne had them many many years ago, I visited friends in Melbourne and we popped into Woolies - they had a sample server person and I tried a pie and was like holy moly this is the best cook from frozen pie I ever had???? Spent many years in a depression trying to find anything that came close. Woolworths stated they had no plans to expand the line to qld branches.

          Fast forward to 2023, happened to walk past Woolies pizza section … HEY I KNOW THAT BLUE HAT LOGO … ITS THE RETURN OF THE KING?!!

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        This thread was a wild ride.

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      The Elmsbury pies from Aldi are literally the same pies for substantially cheaper, anyway.

      • yes, I get the premium Aldi 4 pack and then tweek them how I want them….either making into a curry pie or pepper pie

    • Couldn't agree more. The "slow cooked beef" one was just gravy!
      Rather disappointing

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    Cooking oil was $8/4L half price before COVID then go to $16 half price now $18z crazy

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    Waiting on Amazon to price match some of these especially the coconut water.

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