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Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro $129 Delivered @ Wireless 1


My own Soundcore Liberty Air 2 pro TWS were finally dead, and thus look for replacement. Been satisfied with my last pair and therefore wanted to try this one.

Anyone also interested?

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  • hows the fit ? stays in ear ok?

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      They fit well but you have to find the right combination of ear tips and wing tips. That might take a while and is a potential pain in the ass. If you prioritize comfort, convenience and battery life over sound quality then liberty 4 NC might be a better choice.

  • Where did you get original tws? If Amazon, would be worth chasing with their customer service rep to see if they can do anything for you

    • Already tried, out of warranty and no further can do.
      Did some test and found out the charging case not working properly, thus unable to charge earbuds. Replacement case not available in AU but from US, not worth paying intl freight.

  • The fit would be best described as "frankenstinian".


    • They aren't in properly. They're usually supposed to fit like 30° downward angle. Need to adjust the wing tips.

  • These are great for the price. Not the best in ANC tho.

  • sound quality is good, but they don't really stay tight if you are running

    • Tried Sennheiser momentum TWS Gen 1 for a few month, not too bad, therefore thought this one fine for me.

      Besides, 30 days change of mind return, If the fit really sucks.

  • +1

    These sound AMAZING for the $132 I paid 2 years ago.

  • I paid $150 in Nov 2022. Very happy with this pair. They usually stay fairly tight for me, but I have to admit that they probably escaped a few times (less than 5) in over a year's usage.

    Noise cancelling is quite good, not the best though, but it actually let me feel quite safe wearing them while I'm driving without feeling that I live in another world and the traffic around me seems irrelevant.

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