This was posted 4 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nongshim Shin Ramyun 5 Pack $5 @ Coles


Ozbargainers favourite noodles on sale again at Coles for $5 from Wednesday onwards.

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    I wanna see black 4 pack for this price.

    • What's the difference between these and the black 4-pack?

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        black has beef broth, fat and extract. but it's usually $10 for the 4 pack which isn't worth it over the red imo. I like it better than red though but it really depends.

        I actually thought red also had just beef fat and extract but someone corrected me on a previous post, apparently red doesn't have any beef contents and is meant to be vegan.

        • If you like noodles I think the black ones are so much nicer! I would always get the black ones over these.

          • @Rochie: "If you like noodles I think the black ones are so much nicer!"

            interesting. I admit I havent had red in awhile but I remember the noodles being very similar.

            • @harshbdmmaster718: The broth is just a lot more rich and in-depth flavour. I am a bit of a noodle guy. Have tried many imported brands and have found my favourite few packs. Black Shin Ramyun is in my top 3.

              • @Rochie: hey sorry I thought you were talking about the noodles specifically. the noodle quality I think is top level in both red and black.

                yeah I agree with the broth being better with black as well. I like black shin ramyun better than red too.

    • I don't like the black one myself. Each to their own…

  • Waiting for the 'this is normal price at Asian grocer'

    Btw no idea if that's true or not but someone always says that anytime an asian item is on sale at Colesworth

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      They never provide any proof. Or it has been years since they saw it.

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      lol there's a comment of that right under this

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      i used to buy it by the box that worked out about $3 a pack. That was about 5 years ago though

    • 4.55$ normal price at IGA orange wentworth point, quite asian. have asian groceries in newcastle that has worse prices so definitely not every asian grocer.
      Big box from costco is probably cheaper still.

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    this is normal price at Asian grocer

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      You're wong

      • Wei Tu Lo

        • Pei Mor

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    Now I just need some cheap spam, american cheese and an egg.

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      +spring onion : )

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    • Korean grocers have their home brands they import which is generally $1-2 cheaper. Also chuck in a crushed garlic clove too.

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      Never understood using cheese on Asian noodles… They don't seem to match to me…

      Never tried it though.

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        I usually have it melt over some spam and eat it first.

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        I tried it, once. Never again. They don’t match for me either.

  • $3.5 at Clayton wws

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      used to be this price a few years back at WW and never again since

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        Careful. "A few years back" becomes a very imprecise measurement as you get older. If you're over 30, that could be 5 years. I'm over 50 and I've been caught out using that term to refer to something that happened 20 years ago.

        • Good to know thanks. I always thought a few means 2-3 or so. 20 years is beyond my expectation tho.

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            @Bii: Give it time, grasshopper :)

    • m-city Woolworths?

      • Yeah that's the one. Picked up 2 packs yesterday for around $3.5 each. Haven't seen Shin Ramyun that cheap.

      • yes

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    they are ok. Good quality noodles, but I wasn't a huge fan of the flavour

    • There is no 24 pack. It is a 20 pack. Price is higher now days.

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        20 pack for $17.99 at Costco.

  • I would love to know how you guys cook these. Do you add anything other than the seasoning that comes in the package? Beef? Veggies? Eggs?

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      Mix the flavouring with an egg yolk and kewpie mayo. Makes for a nice creamy broth once you add the cooked noodles and water.

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      beef does work and some brocoli is what i like with a bit of green onion and iceberg lettuce a nice hearty meal

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      Spring Onions + Eggs + Buk Choy is my lazy go-to

      Throwing in a single slice of Kraft cheese after it's finished cooking works surpsingly well

      Other options are like tomatoes.. kimchi.. spam..

  • How spicy are these?

    • no

      • Well it says it on the packet…

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      Depends on the amount of powder you put. One whole sachet is quite spicy for most people. Hard core people won't find it spicy enough.

      • OK cool, that's the kind of response I was looking for, might check them out. Thanks!

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      Depends on your spice tolerance.

      For me.. not at all.

      For some gwai lo… hell on earth.

    • I don't think these are spicy, but use all the powder just makes it too strong

    • If you add all the powder you'll feel the burn. Whether you like it or not is another thing..

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