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[ACT] 3 Pieces of Hot & Crispy and Regular Chips $3.95 @ KFC (Online Only)


Seems decent, Online offer, Canberra Only according to the description.

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    I almost paid the full price for this the other day. Luckily had 20% off in app. STILL wasn't worth it. Pieces were smaller than the wicked wings.

    • 🤮

      • Also not as hot (spicy) or crispy as they were years ago. Wicked wings are still crispier and it's barely any spicier than the wings.

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    I bought the hot and crispy once, they were the size of nuggets.

  • I feel with the wings, it's almost just aa good to get the nibbles or steggles from aldi or colesworth. Air Fryer and you're good to go.

    Recently discovered Aldi's frozen Cajun crumbed fish. Instant love.

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    Literally everyone saying that they’re not as good as the WW is missing the point of this: not everyone likes bones like you guys.

    This is literally the closest we can get to the Wings without getting bones in our chicken.

    • I think they’re amazing. Tastes like karaage.

  • Make it a meal, get a drink after completing the KFC Feedback survey


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      Need to add $1 more to qualify

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        Good point

  • I can see why it's Canberra only, you know with the politicians half million dollar salaries.

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      The politicians overwhelmingly live in other parts of the country, though?

      • Won't stop them using their travel allowance to save a few bucks.

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          They don't need to produce food receipts for the travel allowance, it's more likely that their wages and allowances ultimately get spent in their home electorates where they spend 85% of their time

  • I'm still dirty on KFC for having changed the feedback process from "write down this code" to "Scan the QR code on the receipt with your phone, then get the code sent as an email. Use within 14 days and max redemption of once every 30 days".

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      My local kfc never bothers checking my code or expiry. The code is not valid for online or kiosk orders yet they just hand out drinks sometimes even without looking at my email (YMMV).

    • What! I didn’t even know they changed this… The no free chips and drink means no KFC in my books!

      • It changed a little while ago from chips + drink can for $4.95 or more / 1.25mL for $19.95 or more to just 600mL bottle for $4.95 or more.

        Now it's changed from a written code on the receipt to "we'll send you an email with the code after you scan a QR and give feedback"

        • Is the QR code still on the receipt? Still waiting for kfc to implement reward survey for online orders

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            @CodeXD: I get emailed the survey after app orders now

            Well at least it happened a week or two ago

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    first pot now 4 dollar kfc sounds like a party in Canberra

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    I love these fillet pieces - not big but made of thigh fillet so nice and juicy!

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