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ASICS Japan S ST (Size 7-10) $59.99 + $15 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $150 Order) @ Platypus Shoes


Layered synthetic leather upper
Platform midsole
JAPAN S™ shoe design language
Rearfoot GEL™ technology - Improves cushioning and creates a softer feeling at footstrike

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  • Order already shipped, that was quick.

  • +4

    forgot to add shipping.. the shipping kills the deal its really $75

    • It's annoying when click and collect don't transfer stock to stores!

  • +2

    Having size 15 feet sucks, I can never find shoes on sale.

  • i thought it was air force 1

  • Why is the mid sole beige? Looks off…

    • Are you like 80?

      • -1

        No. Thank you very much. White upper with beige mid sole is just fugly.

        • No, it isnt.

          • @nikoris: Well that's what you think and we should leave it at that because everyone has different fashion taste.

  • Is it for women or both?

    • +2

      all sneakers are essentially unisex tbh. if they're in your size, you're good.

      edit: actually, with the platform sole they're probably better suited for women, unless you're a real short ass

      • im female and im tall. im about to be tallest person alive with these shoes

        • a scary thought. i wish you well

      • They look like they are for women to me, but I'm 40 so probably think all the clothes the kids wear look like they are for females

        • +1

          They might have been intended for women, but I'm of the view that people can and should wear whatever they want

  • +1

    Japan is in recession, no wonder this is on sale

  • These sizes aren't going to help my size 17 boot

  • Boy oh boy, it sure is hard having size 19 shoes

  • They never have my size on sale! Size 6 feet have some downsides :(

  • +1

    Synthetic leather. Ew.

  • For a sec my brain went, Onitsuka Japan Made… for under a hundred?!!!.

    Now that would be an incredible deal.

  • Similar colours, $20 more, but IMO a nicer shoe


  • just got them and still to small, crushing my big toe. what a disappointment, getting the right size don't matter anymore, they look nice but they are stiff and tight around toes. why?
    now i have to try resell lol.

    • I think you can return in store if you have one close? I just got mine and they fit perfectly thankfully, definitely would be crushed if i got the 7 instead of 8.

      • what about postage though? will lose 15 i guess?

        • yeah you'll lose postage, but probably better than trying to re-sell for what you paid

    • ASICS tend to run slightly smaller than your typical Nike/Adidas.

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