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Free 7-Eleven Iced Coffee, Popcorners 85g or Chilled Dessert on Your 7th Spend @ 7-Eleven (Scan App to Register Each Spend)



*Offer entitles you to one free 7-Eleven
Iced Coffee, Popcorners 85g or
7-Eleven Chilled Dessert

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    • Must be. I didn't get it and I was super hyped for the iced coffee

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    It is with the 7th visit

    • Yes

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      Does not say anything about 7th visit

      • New loyalty rewards
        Scan your My Card when you shop and enjoy a reward on your 7th eligible visit.


        Track your eligible visits* and be rewarded on your 7th visit.

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    On that note, my fuel visits aren't counting and I'm no longer getting a birthday doughnut either :(

    • Same. Haven't got anything for my past Slurpee purchases

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    I think you just unlocked your 7th visit promo and didn’t realise.

  • I redeemed this few days ago and it was the 7th visit Reward

  • I got that reward after my 7th visit.

  • Yea this is a 7th visit reward.

  • Anyone tried Popcorners before? No idea what they are

  • not a deal just a normal thing

  • The difficulty with making this a long running deal is that the reward changes time to time, so the info in the OP won't always be correct

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    I hope saying this and 7-11 will not crack the rewards down but this is VERY good deals.

    My personally buy a latte each day. $1.50 each, earned 3 velocity points (Sometimes 6 or 9 if there is double/triple points promotion).

    $1.50 x 7 = $10.50 Total cost. Paid with credit card to earn points (Churning Credit Card).

    Then I redeem for an Ice Coffee ($3 at retail price).

    Works out: $10.50 - $3.00 = $7.50 for 7 latte, and Velocity points, credit card points.

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      I hate their ice coffee, if I get an ice coffee rewards I ask if I just get a regular coffee instead or I just chuck the ice away

  • This is not just the normal long running 7th spend thing, it's a TARGETED freebie.

    I got an email saying

    "Hi ___,
    It’s been a while since we’ve seen you, so we've rustled up a little something as a welcome-back treat! Consider it our way of saying we've missed you.
    Swing by your local 7-Eleven within the next 7 days to scoop it up. See you soon!"

    It then says I can choose from a 7-Eleven
    Iced Coffee, Popcorners 85g or
    7-Eleven Chilled Dessert

  • Guess I am wrong

  • When you say 7th visit, when does it start counting?

  • What size iced-coffee is free?

    • There's only one size for iced coffee…

  • I went to three different 7-11 and none stock the chilled desserts.

    • I popped into a 7-11 on my way home looking for the popcorners which they didn't stock so ended up with a mango passionfruit cheesecake (which retails for $3).

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    the iced coffee SUCKS.

  • Which is the most expensive item out of the pop corners, iced coffee or 711 chilled dessert?

    I just got the email today with an offer, however when I go in the app it offers me different items.

    The email shows:

    • Regular Coffee A caffeine kick and bold
      taste to start your day.
    • 7-Eleven Chilled Dessert Indulge your cravings
      with our desserts range.
    • V Zero Sugar Original 250mL

    However the app offers pop corners, iced coffee or 711 chilled dessert.

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