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$50 off $150 Spend Sitewide e.g. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 (Men's & Women's) $129.95 (+ Free Delivery) @ Brooks Running



also these are $149.95 each, so add $12.95 Run-In socks (cheapest item) to make them $112.90 after $50 off:

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  • Amazing thanks! Literally have just been thinking about getting a new pair these. Great timing.

    • Same!! Finally got a hole in mine after a year of putting them through the wringer so this is very welcome.

    • -7

      Literally, not fictionally. Thanks for clarifying.

  • +2


    $119 signup discount and 12% cashback

    $90-$99 is a good price to buy on cleareance

    • Men's white / ARCTIC RED TITAN $119.99 - only sizes 7.5, 9, 15

    • what signup discount ? thanks

    • @regenade are you sure about 12% cashback? Can only see 1.4 on Cashrewards and 3.6 on Shopback.

  • These or hokas? I have a slightly wider foot at the toes

    • Hoka

      • Hokas generally have a narrow toe box so I wouldn't recommend them for OP, even in wide (2E). Brooks and New Balance tend to be more accomodating.

        • All Altra shoes have a really roomy toebox, and mostly 0mm drop

        • What are you on about? I have wide foot Hokas and they are great!

    • My last two pair of sneakers have been Adrenaline 4E for my fat foot, I can't find much else that fit, but these fit great.

      But on this sale it looks like they only got up to 2E, worth trying on in store to see which width suits you.

    • +1


      Hoka are too narrow,even their 2e is really barely D

  • Does this discount work on sale shoes?

    • yes, sitewide - did you try to Go to Deal? anyway, i've updated the title :)

      • +1

        I tried to apply to a pair of ghost 1e for $130 but it said it's not applicable. Do you have to be logged in?

        • no - ghost 1e??

          $50 off $150 Spend

          • @tonester: Ghost 13, whoops! Fat fingers :(

            …And I misread it too, lol. It's 50 off 150, so the ghost 13 at 130 obv don't work.

            • @Skinnerr: no worries, though there mustn’t have been much stock of Ghost 13 as they’re no longer listed, but there’s Ghost 14

  • deal updated:

    also these are $149.95 each, so add $12.95 Run-In socks (cheapest item) to make them $112.90 after $50 off:

  • I'm used to wearing ASIC nimbus shoes, anything similiar from Brooks?

    • +2

      Glycerins are probably most like the nimbus

      IMO asics are streets ahead of brooks in terms of technical foams and ride feel, but for everyday use you couldnt fault them

      • +1

        May stick to ASICS then, really enjoy how they feel

    • Very similar Brooks, Asic and Myzuno. I do find Brooks and Asic to be slightly better quality though.

      • +1

        it depends, but for me, generally Brooks and Asics, then Mizuno and Saucony

  • Bought a pair of ghost to replace my last pair of ghost, great shoe for my wide foot.

    I'd happily go New Balance but less deals and higher rrp on 880 and 1080 ranges.

  • +1

    Thanks Op. Time to change my Adrenaline GTS to Glycerin GTS, although my Adrenaline came at only $75 2 years ago

    • +2

      no worries - btw in case you’re unaware, afaik Glycerin GTS is more neutral, plush, cushioning, heavy, than more supportive, firm, Adrenaline GTS

  • Great deal thank-you

  • Awesome! have been waiting for such a deal for long time.

  • Thanks OP, bought a pair of Cascadia 16's for $140.

    • no worries - for alternative trail runners, perhaps consider Saucony Peregrine

  • Any shoe recommendations my old man is struggling with Plantar fasciitis .

    • Adrenaline GTS 22 or 23, I believe.

  • Dang! I bought them at $179.95, do you think they would refund me with difference?

    • No harm asking

  • -1

    The deal is not working for me. I’m trying to buy shoes that are $199.95 using the code?

  • Got the cancellation email and shipping information received by austpost notification at the same time

    • +1

      Only the sock got cancelled for me, which I'm not fussed about as I only wanted it for the discount.

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