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Organic Brazil Nuts 1kg $19.95 + Delivery @ Healthie Wholesalers


Organic Brazil Nuts 1kg $19.95 + Delivery @ Healthie Wholesalers
Awesome healthy snack for kids lunches or at your desk.

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Healthie Wholesalers

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  • Check out deez organic brazil nuts

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    Awesome healthy snack for kids lunches

    Most schools do not allow kids to bring nuts to school…

    • You can get around this restriction by homeschooling

      • Nah, we have the same rule at home.

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    No need to add organic to the nuts because Brazil nuts can't be cultivated. They just pick them off the forest floor from trees that grow in the wild.

    Then again, they could drop onto soil that includes pesticides/herbicides blown off farm land that's been sprayed.

    • Organic standards apply to processing methods as well as cultivation

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    Hi OP I added a few other items and shipping to Brisbane costs almost $39 that's kills the whole deal.

    • Hi, The freight should be approx $28.00 (per 25kg) to send a box to Brisbane, If you have gone over 25kg it will charge for another box, hope that helps,If you have multiple boxes we have a courier company that works out cheaper.Just send us a email and we can give you pricing.

  • I agree with the previous post: the shipping is a bit random but most times extremely expensive.

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    Just be cautious not to take too many a day. Especially if used as snacks for kids. They are very high in selenium, an anti-oxidant which is good in sufficient quantity. But too much can lead to toxicity.

    Adult recommended amount of selenium is 55mcg per day. But for children 9-13, it is 40mcg. One nut can have as high as 96mcg. I just eat one brazil nut a day.

    • Valid point. 6 a day for daily consumption is the figure i had, but DYOR

  • No wonder they added plus delivery. The delivery charges are substantial. I'll continue to use Charlesworth Nuts for reasonable shipping and quality fresh nuts, hopefully they might have a free shipping offer in the lead up to Easter so can stock up!

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