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50% off Gym Bod Low Sugar Frozen Dessert 475ml $5.25 @ Coles


Hey everyone, GYM BOD is 50% off this week at all Coles Supermarkets in Australia, this is our biggest sale price.

I work for GYM BOD in Banyo, QLD so i thought i would share this offer and tell you a bit about the business!

GYM BOD is a low calorie, low sugar and high protein dessert that was made as a better option to your normal everyday ice cream. BOD stands for better option dessert.

GYM BOD started in a garage in 2018 in Toowoomba, Queensland by a young couple when they had the idea to make high protein, low calorie soft serve out of a truck for gym-goers! One thing led to another and it's now available in a tub at Coles! Cian & Courtney still own and run the business here in Banyo. All of the manufacturing is done in-house and the Owners still work out of the factory helping do all the everyday tasks!

I'm telling you all this because from the surface when you see our product on the shelves you probably assume its a massive company but in reality we're just a small aussie business!!

Flavours available:
Salted Caramel Choc Top…
Chocolate Pudding…
Cookies and Cream…
Strawberry Shortcake…
Vanilla Caramel Swirl…
Choc Top Vanilla…
Jam Donut (Plant Based)…
If you end up buying some, feel free to share your thoughts by messaging us on Instagram!! We love hearing feedback!!

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  • +119

    Prefer my current flavour "Dad Bod"

    • +13

      Check with your Mrs on what she prefers

      • +6

        And your doctor and grandchildren

    • +1

      comment of the day right here

    • +4

      Comes in a one-pack?

  • +2

    Choc pudding is top tier

    Thanks op will stock up 💪

    • +26

      You like eating crap?

    • +40

      Settle down Shooter McGavin

    • +8

      It's kinda the key message here.

      This is arguably a better alternative for a food product that is highly processed, has low nutritional value, and is adding to your diet refined carbohydrates (arficial sweeteners > sugar), and saturated fats (limited with use of skim milks/solids).

      But you still need to keep this to a treat, small serving size, max once/week. Ensure the halo effect doesn't permit you to indulge.

      • +6

        small serving size

        well it is a 475ml tub…
        way smaller than my normal 2lt container + spoon 2am snack straight out of the freezer.

        pro tip is to store the Ice Magic on top of the freezer ready to go.

      • Halo Top effect

  • +5

    how do you feel about the super market duopoly (especially woolworths with the recent news) putting the screws to suppliers - especially being a small operation in this instance? Or is it more about trying to secure market share this week and hope for roll on next week?

    • especially woolworths with the recent news…

      • +12

        someone in melbourne somewhere: how could dan do this

      • As a consumer I have never bought Norco milk. My primary driver for milk (in my view, the same products) is price and I doubt Norco has ever been cheapest. Even if it was, their packaging is the same (no design advantage) and their sticker is ugly.

        • +5

          Who the f buys milk based on packaging design advantage or the sticker?

          • +1

            @zsuetam: Reiterating what I said, my primary driver is price. If the price was the same, I'd then select by packaging by design or aesthetic.

    • +10

      I watched the interviews with Coles and Woolworths CEOs, and they said they weren't aware of a duopoly or dodgy competition practices.

      So I guess there's nothing to see here :D

      • +11

        something something He's retired by the way

        • +22

          Banducci: Wait, can we cut that?
          Grigg: licks lips no way Jose.

        • -2

          He's 'retired' by the way


    • +3

      I don’t know the inner workings of how Colesworth negotiate with suppliers, but I guess shelf space is limited and if your product is not selling, there’s another supplier wanting to take your place. Suppliers can also sell direct to consumer if they want but guessing this requires a lot of investment that suppliers don’t want to do.

      Aldi’s margins are better than Colesworth too but no one jumping on them

      In a previous role I dealt with JB HiFi & they are ruthless with suppliers too. Bunnings even worse

      • +1

        Suppliers can also sell direct to consumer if they want but guessing this requires a lot of investment that suppliers don’t want to do.

        True - steggles chicken has an outlet in brisbane that sometimes has great specials if you're willing to buy bulk.

      • +10

        Aldi’s margins are better than Colesworth too but no one jumping on them

        Unless it has changed recently, when I worked at a fruit+veg supplier the rates Aldi paid for produce was significantly better than Coles or Woolworths, and Aldi were happy to stock the perfectly fine but not quite perfect stuff Colesworths rejected.

        This anger hasn't come from nowhere, farmers/distributors have been on this bandwagon for decades.

        If they're making better margins it's because they've cut some bullshit out somewhere else.

        • I’ve never met a farmer that doesn’t complain & I have a number of family members in fruit & veggie farming

        • +1

          Like most public outrage, the anger is based on ignorant assumptions that are designed to fit their pre-existing world view. People bemoan manipulated data/dishonesty, but if that dishonesty fits in with their world view, it's fine.

          Aldi is a private company so doesn't publish its results in as much detail as Woolworths/Coles does, but in 2022 they reported an 8.4% profit margin - higher than both of them. Anecdotally, they seem to have raised prices in-line with Woolworths and Coles since then, so I'd imagine it's even higher now (but my own personal shopping doesn't represent the Australian average, so I'm not going to make that claim for across the board).

          I would have absolutely no issue whatsoever if the response to this was "yes, that's true but Woolworths/Coles are significantly bigger so it's best to focus on them first", but as this thread proves, the response is generally along the lines of "nuh uh, I don't like Woolworths so I'm just gonna assume they're the worst, and I like Aldi so I'm just gonna assume they're good".

          Despite being a "radical leftist", I annoyingly correct falsehoods from "my own side" just as much as those who are pro-business, pro-wealthy etc. It's incredibly depressing - we have the absolute moral high ground, there's no need to continuously peddle lies…

          (Not specifically directed at you by the way!)

      • -1

        Since when are Aldi's margins better? What are you basing this on.

        • -1

          Aldi’s financial results. Aldi have less costs as they have less products, fewer stores and their stores are not servicing as much of the population as Colesworth

          Aldi probably pay no tax in Australia to

  • +2

    I prefer my Jim Bod

  • +2

    Any real feedback of how good it is (tastes)?

    • +5

      It's pretty good…

      Just not the same texture as 'normal' ice-cream… It's a bit harder/brittle…

      • +8

        i cannot tell if this is a serious answer or not

        • +32

          honestly he isn't that far off. Its a little less creamier too than say… the good stuff.

          most serious JV comment i've ever seen.

      • +1

        Thanks. I will try one tub to see how it goes. I wouldn't expect it to taste as 'normal' ice-cream. Low calories - high protein

      • There have been other protein low sugar ice creams come and go, and I agree they all seem to be missing that smooth texture, which leads them to be a bit crumbly. I'm guessing that has to do with cream and other things that would cause the calories to blow out.

        I'd happily give it a go, though.

        • +1

          Better hurry then… Sale ends today.

    • +1

      It’s no Ben and Jerry’s in the texture/flavour department but as a less bad alternative I think it’s great. I will be picking some up on the sale.

    • +1

      It's good, I will be stocking up on Strawberry shortcake and cookies and cream

    • -4

      Its a bit useless in the fact that it normally costs like $10-$12 and for $5 you can just get a pack of drumsticks and eat one for the same calories.

      • +1

        If you can stop at one

        • very true

      • +6

        No, dude. Per 100g a drumstick has 9x the carbs, 3x the salt, about half the protein, and twice the calories.
        This won't kick you out of ketosis either. Not useless at all.

        • -1

          351 calories for the gym bod ice cream and 290 calories. Maybe for some people who believe the ketosis junk this isn't good for them. But seriously your not getting enough protein to make this worth the extra $5 and carbs and salt is not necessarily bad for you. If your cutting all you should worry about is you being a calorie deficit.

          • +4

            @M0Z: Yeah, for the whole nearly half-litre tub vs a single stick.
            Ketosis is a great method of losing weight along with other benefits that requires bugger-all counting, but to go that route, carbs are the devil.

    • +1

      Probably slightly better than the other protein ice creams. As good as normal ice cream.

    • +1

      Have tried the chocolate one, got it as a substitute from my online order at Coles recently. It's pretty tasty, but certainly not as creamy as the real deal. Might give the other flavours a shot this week.

    • +3

      The Strawberry Shortcake flavour has been sitting in the freezer since I first tasted it, doesn't really taste like ice cream..

      If mainly interested due to low calories, Halo Top on special is a much better option. I don't know much about the protein side of it.

    • +2

      Recently switched to Ninja creamie but Cookies n cream was good as was the caramel one. Chocolate was alright. Tastes like a typical frozen dessert that doesn’t have enough milk fat to be legally called an icecream, so nice as a healthier option.

      Keep in mind though that not all are 21g protein. Some of the vegan/vegetarian flavours are much lower.

    • +2

      Personally, as a diabetic, out of all the options available: the nutritional impact is very good for the taste it provides. I'd rate it in my top 2. Will be stocking up

  • +5

    So if I eat this I get a "gym bod". Great might buy a few.

    • -2

      So if I eat this I get a "gym bod".

      Technically, then yes…..

  • +7

    It contains Xylitol. If you have any dogs, please be careful.

  • +9

    All the sweeteners in this ( xylitol, erythritol and maltitol ) are questionably bad for you, and can cause mayhem on your stomach.

    • +7

      Got any studies that back that up?

        • +6

          dO yOuR oWn ReSeArCh

          • -7

            @smartazz104: " HavE U GoT EvIdENCe The SkY is BluE?! "

            Only fatties would get angry that their low sugar alternatives may be unhealthy.

            The same fatties are too lazy to do a google search.

            • +1

              @Whomastadon: You’ll probably not take me up on this but I invite you to listen to a few episodes of maintenance phase the podcast. Hugely eye opening about internalised fat phobia and the absolutely catastrophic damage fat phobia and shaming does to society. Listening to it really levelled me up and made me a better, nicer person, and the hosts are widely regarded as among the best podcasters in the industry.

              • @hobbsey1: No thanks

                I don't have an " irrational fear " of fat, so listening to something about " fat phobia " is irrelevant to me.

                Thanks anyway.

      • +6

        He said "questionably"

        Apparently that means the burden of proof is on everybody else /s

      • +16

        No one's coming to Ozbargain to cover the depths of medical literature you'd expect from a meta-analysis.

        Currently there is conclusive evidence on the health effects of artificial sweeteners.

        They include an exponentially greater effect on central neurotransmitter activity such as dopamine and the driving of appetite for further sweetened foods (increased consumption), higher rates of chronic disease and vascular risk factors (e.g. obesity, diabetes, cancer), and a deteriorating effect on intestinal microbiota.

        The precidament is that we are framed with the choice of artificial sweetener vs. refined carbohydrates like sugars. Arguably the artificial types are going to be the better (read: marginally less unhealthy) choice because it will lessen the calorie excess problem that many have and a lower body mass will typically have less chronic disease effects than a higher one. But getting pass the gross energy balance equation and you're just making a choice between two unhealthy additives that each have their own deleterious effects.

        The more relevant choice is sweetener additives (artificial or sugars) vs. sweet whole foods (e.g. fruit). Now we have a health choice. But if you're reaching for ice-cream or soda, you have a clear intention for your actions, and it's not based on nutrition or health.

      • +3

        If I consume maltitol, I end up doubled over with abdominal pain. Not all people react the same, but some sort of reaction is not uncommon. Maltitol is a common sweetener in low calorie/sugar bars.

        • This is likely due to you having a poor gut biome. Maltitiol is prebiotic in nature but if your biome currently has large amounts of ‘bad’ bacteria they will ferment it causing excessive gas release and subsuequent discomfort. If you get on some probiotics over time u may find you are able to tolerate it fine.

      • Yeah I don't do too well with erythritol from lots of previous experiments. YMMV

    • +1

      and can cause mayhem on your stomach.

      le me: lactose intolerant and still tanking milk and protein

      also double scoop pre-workout on empty stomach, questionable diet, definitely nowhere close to the recommended amount of water

    • +7

      As someone who has a sensitive stomach, I'm better off with the calories of sugar that the gastrointestinal distress of any of the above.

      • Yeah, fair enough. I have to be a bit picky about what supplements I take as the cheaper ones tend to make me crook in the guts, but I don't seem to have issues with sweetners in general that I've found. I sometimes hear claims about links to more concerning aspects of sweetners (such as cancer growth, which I thought Whomaston might've been implying), but I haven't seen anything that really supports those claims… not that I'm looking too hard.

    • -7

      That's what fat people say

      • You’ll probably not take me up on this but I invite you to listen to a few episodes of maintenance phase the podcast. Hugely eye opening about internalised fat phobia and the absolutely catastrophic damage fat phobia and shaming does to society. Listening to it really levelled me up and made me a better, nicer person, and the hosts are widely regarded as among the best podcasters in the industry.

    • +1

      Lactose causes more gut issues with me personally than these types of sweeteners. I think they are more likely to cause dramas if you eat a lot of it in one sitting. Which can be a problem with this type of dessert - sometimes if you think something is "healthy" or "less bad than the real thing" you can tend to eat more of it than you really should.

    • Don't forget the Stevia..

      • +1

        Far better than the artificial stuff, though still could cause your brain to crave more sweet foods. Doesn't do it to me, but I guess it depends on the person.

  • +6

    Thanks for sharing your company’s story and also for making the plant-based option. I’ll definitely be getting some of that 👍

  • +5

    Thanks for the story. I love supporting Aussie entrepreneurship

    I don't consume much ice cream but I'll purchase a tub:)

    Good luck with a business, and do an AMA haha

  • Sorry never paid attention to this brand as we don’t eat ice cream often. Will definitely try this out, thanks.

  • Love this product! If I can help to promote it lmk!

  • +6

    Any chance of making these with sugar alcohols that don't jack up blood sugar, especially maltitol?

    • +5

      Maltitol is definitely a no go and do not buy flag for me personally
      Really affects my gut

    • +6

      I was going to try this out until I saw maltitol. That stuff is a no-go zone for me and what it does to my stomach

      • +3

        Yes same, I was thinking of buying it too till i saw maltitol mentioned in ingredients

    • +6

      I wish they would remove the Maltitol, we don’t buy it because of it!

  • Hopefully I can pick a few of these up. I like the Strawberry shortcake and cookies & cream (all I have tried so far), keen to try the others. As others have said its got nothing on a true ice cream but for a once in a while treat without completely undoing your days diet these are top notch.

    I can down a whole tub and I don't feel bloated at all like I would with say, BJs.

    • +20

      I don't feel bloated at all like I would with say, BJs

      The trick is not to swallow

      (Or so I hear from a friend of a friend)

      • +4

        lol, and waste all that protein?

    • all like I would with say, BJs.



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