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LEGO 42179 Technic Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit $89 Delivered ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ Kmart


Newly released this month.

RRP $99.99

Excellent little piece of Lego for display and/or show your kids how Earth and Moon orbit works.

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  • First time I've heard of this. Looks pretty good for the money. "This is a 526-piece set with a model measuring over 24cm high, 33cm long and 18cm wide"

  • +3

    What a great concept ruined by such an ugly and cheap looking sun. It'll look so strange on anyone's shelves.

    • I voted for the deal until I actually looked at it!

    • agree. they could have made it more polished. was planning to get it and put it on display but it looks ugly

    • +10

      I'm waiting for the revised version where the Sun is to-scale.

    • You might be able to get an aftermarket sun piece?

  • "Just landed"

    Nice one 😄

  • Not to scale*

  • "Thats no moon". (It had to be said)

    • +1

      Looking forward to the orrery featuring the Death Star orbited by a pile of asteroids

  • Target is showing it at $76 but only for click and collect and also low stock in only a few country stores - so basically no stock

  • More planets please

  • Not the nicest display piece but I guess it works.

  • Cool concept, but it's quite ugly. That sun in particular is hideous and obviously reused, which is disappointing giving its prominence. The base also looks way too chunky.

  • Replace the 'sun' with a 60w bulb and you're golden

  • +1

    So, to do this to scale it would take a lot more pieces…

    That Earth looks about 3cm in diameter, so the Moon needs to be about 0.8cm in diameter and the Sun would be about 327cm in diameter. Crucially, the Sun would need to be about 35,000cm from the Earth.

    I'm going to need a larger bookshelf.

    • +1

      Crucially, the Sun would need to be about 35,000cm from the Earth.

      350m! Pretty amazing when you think about it.

  • $50 seems reasonable for 500 pieces

  • +2

    I’d like to see a version with a flat earth….

    • No way, earth is not flat. LOL.

      • Exactly…. But imagine it. A Flat earth rotating around the sun sphere. The moon sphere rotating around the Flat Earth, Flat Earth spinning on its axis. Or would it need a flat moon and sun to go with it? Or would that model need a dome over top of the Earth with guards and an ice-wall around the edge and.

  • My only gripe is that they got the position of the equator wrong on the Earth. Hopefully they'll do a reprint…

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