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Selected Men's Perlatto Casual Shoes $49.95 + $20 Shipping @ Brand House Direct


Selected Mens Perlatto Casual Shoes Made In Brazil $49.95 + Shipping @ Brand House Direct

$49.95 + shipping when you apply coupon code: P10 at checkout

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  • -6

    fake sale nonsense get your shit out of here

    • +3

      kindness is optional, i guess

  • Looks like a sale rather than a bargain.

  • +1

    $20 shipping to Sydney Metro😱😱

  • -1

    "Made in Brazil"… Then why is it $50 / $60.

    • +1

      Because if it was made in Australia it wouldn't exist

  • Brazilian leather shoes are typically good quality and quite comfortable. At this price is as if you were buying at retail in Brazil, the brand is traditional but not really well known.

    So, not really a deal, definitely not a bargain. Probably decent leather shoes at a reasonable retail price.

    • Sim, muito bom!

  • +3

    Returns and exchanges aren't that simple with these guys. Takes time and multiple follow up emails and online chats.
    And they make you pay for the return postage, even when your size should be right but is clearly way too small.
    So thanks but never again.

    • +2

      Don’t be afraid of that neg button, it’s not a bargain if they’re difficult to deal with

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