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Sapphire Radeon RX 7800 XT Graphics Card $769 Delivered ($0 C&C) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Not sure if it is ATL for RX 7800 XT. But good price.

Also ASRock Radeon RX 7800 XT Phantom Gaming 16GB OC seems to be a good buy at $799insufficient quantity, removed from title (Mod)

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.

Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.

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  • +2

    I believe this Sapphire Radeon RX 7800 XT is the reference model from AMD?

    If that's the case, then the recent Hardware Unboxed review suggested the base model of 7800XT (and 7900GRE) is little bit slower than the AIB OC variants.
    Of course AMD might have fixed this issue already by releasing a patch…

    • looks that way…

    • +7

      Its not an issue, nor is it unique to those 2 gpus - that's just how base models are.

      Reference/founders edition models have always run at base spec, and AIB OC models should be expected to be a few % faster (hence the OC).

      • -7

        Whilst I agree for the most part, I feel I have to nitpick. The Nvidia Founders Editions actually aren't reference/base models and run higher clocks.

  • +13

    I was looking for this model as it's the less porcine of the 7800 cards (to go into a fractal terra case). May have to pull the trigger on this!

    • +10

      +1 for choice of adjective

      • +1


    • +2

      Oink :3

    • Damn that’s nice case

  • +8

    Thought this looked like an insane deal until I realised the performance increase vs the 6800XT is pretty negligible

    • +6

      The irony is that when you search on FB marketplace for a used 6800XT, it's like $200 cheaper with no warranty/balance of warranty if they have the receipt. Plus has older features and not as future proof.

      • Yeah i've been staring at those FB prices all weekend. Hard to justify compared to this new 7800 xt.
        Im looking at upgrading from my 8GB 3070 because of all the VRAM discussions.

        • You still get cocky sellers that still want a 3080 for $750 - $800. FOMO is starting to set sail for many things, including overpriced GPUs.

    • +5

      i still rock a 6800 xt and its a great card, play anything at 2k, no drama

      • +2

        Same. I built a top end AM4 build mid last year. Should be able to get about 3-4 years out of it. Then I would build a top AM5 build hopefully when AM6 is around the corner and AM5 drops in prices.

    • Unironically still a good bang for buck deal when only considering rasterization

    • +14
      Vs 1080 Ti ATL AUD Correct AUD Overpriced By AUD Overpriced By %
      RX 6700 XT 12GB 121% $440
      RX 7600 XT 16GB 111% $549 $404 $145 26%
      RX 7700 XT 12GB 148% $649 $538 $111 17%
      RX 6800 16GB 151% $670 $549 $121 18%
      RX 6800 XT 16GB 171% $800 $622 $178 22%
      RX 7800 XT 16GB 179% $769 $651 $118 15%
      RX 7900 GRE 16GB 197% $949 $716 $233 25%
      RX 6950 XT 16GB 199% $900 $724 $176 20%
      RX 7900 XT 20GB 233% $1,139 $847 $292 26%
      RX 7900 XTX 24GB 271% $1,360 $985 $375 28%

      Using 6700 XT as the reference, this 7800 XT is now better value than a new 6800 XT ever was

      It's now the least overpriced RDNA 3 card because RDNA 4 8800 XT is less than 6 months out and will blow this away

      And for those who still don't think AMD are colluding with NV, the 7900 XT and XTX are $1K and $1.2K cards if they were only 15% overpriced like this 7800 XT

      TLDR, future RDNA 3 deals that are not all time lows are automatic garbage

      • +6

        Do that for Nvidia and I'm sure that thier lowest overpriced % will be higher than AMD highest

        • +5

          That is true, but we shouldnt be happy AMD is a little lower, because they clearly followed in nvidia's footsteps overpriced cards and at the sametime shamelessly overnamed everything. That 7800XT is literally a 6800XT. Atleast 4080 is 30% faster than 3080 despite shameless asking price.

          • +3

            @John Doh:

            Atleast 4080 is 30% faster than 3080 despite shameless asking price.

            However is 60% more expensive than a used 3080 going for around ~$700

            • +1

              @vinni9284: I paid 700 for an used 3080Ti over a year ago. Didnt want to pay either nvidia or AMD overpriced prices.

              • +1

                @John Doh: That's an awesome card and good deal!

                • @vinni9284: Yup, it still has warranty left. Hope it doesnt come to that as these were purchased in bulk by the seller.

                  • @John Doh: At least you're covered. Some seller's sell it without warranty/receipt and it become caveat emptor time!

                    • @vinni9284: Agree, when i saw the ad on facebook, i was like, bro, hold one card for me haha. And he was a good guy made a personalised video just for me with his lab tour to convince me that it was all real.

        • +1

          The fact that he only does this on AMD cards posts tells you everything you need to know

      • Good one.

      • Does your "Vs 1080 Ti" mean performance? Or like vs average used 1080TI prices these days?

        • +2

          It's performance but using one site's metric, which any honest person would list as a source while making definitive claims. The irony is that if we take these performance metrics at face value, they demonstrate AMD cards having generally better value than their Nvidia competitor as a measure of cost per percentage point.

      • Great post/comment/table.

      • When did the 7600 xt come out

    • 7800xt has better RT performance and some other performance like AI and others, I can’t remember. But raw performance as you said, just tiny bit faster than 6800xt

  • Prices finally coming down for these models

  • I dont' know if I want to or not go from a 6600xt to this. some says its worth it some say its not.

    • +3

      Too small a jump for me. I'd wait a little while, see how far prices fall.

    • Wait for next Gen, would be the same as going to 6800xt basically

    • +1

      If you think this is worth you would've gotten the 6800xt instead of the 6600xt. It's practically just a re-naming.

  • +1

    its a decent 1440p card though

  • +1

    ooo its free postage too.

    • +1

      Or ~$10 if you treat the silly card processing fee as a pseudo postage cost.

  • +1

    Bought one, thanks !

  • +2

    Great card, finally great price, boo on the un-free postage to WA, NT, + remote. Im NT + remote and they've lost a sale. Srsly wont cover the extra $5 for us?

  • I've the Asus OC variant and very happy with it. I run 4K games on my LG OLED and couldn't be more than happier. Best bang for buck card

  • Is this the all time low on 7800 XT? Very tempted to pull the trigger and move away from my 5700 XT.

    • +2

      Buy this and sell your card. I've seen your card on FB around $200 - $250. So look at it this way, it'll cost you $600

  • Would this be allright on a supernova g1+ 650W 80PLUS gold power supply?
    I have a intel core i5 9600K

    Thanks for your input guys, I'm looking to upgrade from a 5 year old 2070 that's starting to play up.

    Can you also recommend other cards that would suit my system?

    • +1

      This card is fine but up the PSU to at least 750W. Then upgrade rest of your system and sell your current rig.

      • I game on 1080p so was hoping to only upgrade my gpu to run newer games on max.

        • Then consider higher PSU wattage minimum 700W

    • +4

      Consider punching your PCs details into a PSU calculator. I had a quick look on the Coolermaster one, speculating on some aspects for your machine like 2x 16gb ddr4, 3x ssds, atx motherboard etc,. With the 9600k & 7800xt, and it spat out a suggested minimum PSU of 485w.

      Maybe I'm getting old and out of the loop with PC hardware, but surely a 650w decent PSU should be more than enough for this?

      • Thanks man yeah I've done the same and you're pretty much spot on with your guess. I might just go a step down from this card and pull the trigger

      • -2

        but surely a 650w decent PSU should be more than enough for this?

        No it's not.


        System Requirements
        AMD Radeon™ RX 7800 XT
        The following are recommended minimum requirements for installation of AMD Radeon™ RX 7800 XT graphics cards:
        • PC with at least one PCI-Express x16 graphics slot available on the motherboard.
        Minimum 700W system power supply
        •Minimum of 8 GB of system memory, 16GB is recommended.

    • It's more than likely fine. I will be using a wattmeter with mine to see what it is really used, but these system wattage requirements always get exaggerated.

    • -1

      It’s not like I recommend, but you could undervolt the GPU and CPU if you don’t want to upgrade the PSU (they will use less power). As 7800XT recommends 700w minimum PSU.
      My 6800 use less than 180w when undervolted with stock clocks speed, up to 230w default setting.

      • I think I'll just buy a new pc since everything in this one is 5 years old

  • A new complete build with RTX 4060 is about $50 more.
    Such a large price gap between 4060 and 7800XT.

    • +7

      Price and performance as well. 4060 is just a joke card.

      • yeah it is a pity, they could have made 4060 a good budget card.
        At least it is good for AI

  • Thanks, ordered one 👍

  • +1

    Could not find any reviews on youtube for this particular mode. Anyone has a link for the review, want to see the temp and power benchmark

    • Would like to know this too

  • Refuse to pay that much for a gpu. My $200 used Asus Dual RTX 2080 8G Evo still serves me well.

    • I had the same GPU, bought it second hand for the same price. Then bought the 7800XT and bye bye 2080 as this GPU makes the 2080 feel like a GT710

  • hm coolermaster psu calc says I recommended cpu wattage is 420w but recommends me 850w psu's

  • +4

    Regarding the PSU requirements people need to buy Wattmeter, plug your pc into it, and play some games with the GPU maxed to 100%. I just did that with this model 7800xt and never even hit 400w total draw at the power socket. Remember, PSU efficiency is how much power it draws to provide x watts to the system. For example, a 650w psu provides 650w max, but say a bronze one might draw 680 - 700 total at the socket. ie. The efficiency rating is it's efficiency in converting 110/240v down to (mostly) 12v.

    So with that in mind, in my real world example , the actual system draw is 400 minus the inefficiency of the psu. So it is nowhere near the sorts of numbers people are talking about. Also remember that you need a certain amount of load on the psu for it to provide its maximum efficiency. Running a 800w psu with a load of 200w average is NOT it.

    Before people go needlessly throwing away hundreds of dollars on buy a basic whattmeter with a digital display and find out what you actually need. Contrary to popular belief the PSU won't explode/steal your wallet/steal your wife etc if you approach it's limit momentarily!

    • I generally agree with you, but what I learned in 2022 when I build my gaming PC. People recommend buy minimum 150% power PSU that’s your system requires.

    • +1

      You also have to factor the CPU, motherboard power draw & ancillaries such as AIO, RGB fans etc. If you're buying a $800 GPU, there's no point skimping on a current underpowered PSU. It's like running a high powered engine on E10

      • Yes which is why i said to just use a wattmeter and find out what the power draw is.

        • Why would you waste your time and money instead of getting a bigger PSU in the first place?

  • Is this worth upgrading from 1080?

    • Yes

    • +1

      You cant even get 6800xt second hand anymore under 600…

    • +2

      I've upgraded from the 2080 and it made it feel like a slug.

  • Scraping the bottom of the barrel with deals like this. I'd wait for more substantial price drops. I wouldn't expect them but I'd just keep using a 1080ti/5700xt/2000 series card and forget hogwarts

    It's basically a 6900xt/3080 and the 3080 was $1100 4 years ago.

  • Will this fit in a node 202?
    I feel like I am off by 2.5cm..

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