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Ron Zacapa Centenario X.O. Rum (700ml) $149.99 (Was $220) + Delivery ($0 with $200+ Spend) @ Nicks Wine Merchants


$214.95 at Uncle Dan

The crown jewel in the Zacapa line-up and the epitome of elegance in rum.
Zacapa's top shelf blend of 6-25 year old rums is an exemplary example of the spirit that goes through a similar solera aging process to the popular Solera 23 with one notable exception: after a spell in ex-bourbon, ex-oloroso sherry, and ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, the final blend is finished in French oak casks previously used to age cognac (befitting of the XO moniker, but relatively meaningless in the rum world). It feels like a very old cognac or brandy on the nose with an almost ethereal lift of sticky date, dark chocolate, coffee bean and light golden syrup. The palate delights the senses with a fabulous rush of dates, molasses cake, mocha, honey, super-aged muscat and perfectly balanced spirit. The finish is drying and XO cognac-like. Tasting like a good proportion of seriously old material is in the mix, this is the epitome of elegance in rum with luxe presentation to match. 40% Alc./Vol.
International review of Spirit Award: Gold Medal (2002) 94 points (Exceptional). - tastings.com

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Nicks Wine Merchants
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  • +8

    yo wtf this is an INSANE PRICE!!!!!

    even entry level zacapa hasnt been sub $90 for a while without stacking coupons and flybys points (i do half heartedly watch the prices)

    • +1

      Grabbed you a bottle to greet you in the limo pickup tonight. Enjoy.

    • +1

      Dan had Zacapa 23 for $104 just this week. About $20 off.

      • +1

        its still 104 this week i believe
        i used to buy it closer to 85 (i definitely paid around this sometime around 2020) before any cb or credits
        then i think we had a bunch of alcohol tax increases and a shortage (i rememeber boozebud was out for ages especially), so i bought up on diplomatico one christmas, which i think i paid about 90 ea after credits etc

        • Ronny & Diplo are my two favourite rums. Any other suggestions?

          • +1

            @Joe Armstrong: Not a rum but for $100 mark I recommend penfolds grandfather. Usually comes in a nice presentation box. All round crowd pleaser even for people that are not big drinkers.

            A bad chick, a bowl of bulla vanilla icecream and a glass of this for dessert. I promise you will be vibing like crazy with it.

  • "The crown jewel in the Zacapa line-up" - Poor Royal Solera, much sad. :-(

  • how do you drink this rum?

    • +5

      straight. its quite sweet.

    • +2

      Straight from the bottle…

      Nah serious either neat or with whiskey rocks. It's absolutely delicious. That being said in a moment of weakness I have had it with coke, and it was the absolute best rum and coke I ever had!

  • On the rocks 🙂 or straight up

    • +8


      Yes that's usually what's exchanged for goods. Show us where it's cheaper using cashback/points/discounts etc?

        • +5

          What? You made an outlandish claim and now won't (can't) substantiate it.

          This price is right here & now. BWS doesn't even sell RZ at present so good luck getting there let alone cheaper.

          • +1

            @Ham Dragon: not to mention 'cashback ' - there hasnt been cashback on alcohol deals for ages (there was a lot of chatter about it lately)

            • +6

              @Musiclover: RRP at DM is $237, less 30% is $165.90, which is still 10% more expensive than this deal. Cope harder.

              No one is disputing that certain booze can be had for an equal or greater discount, just that this particular high-end niche product is not cheaper elsewhere right now, despite your claim (that you refuse to substantiate).

              • -8

                @Ham Dragon: I have not said you can have it now. I just said it can be generally available cheaper from major retailers. If you want this particular brand, this particular bottle and you want it right here right now - sure, it could be the lowest price for you. I would at least be doing a price beat at Dan Murphys if I wanted this one urgently.

                • +3

                  @Musiclover: So many words to say nothing at all.

                • @Musiclover: You should really stop talking…

                  • -1

                    @solidussnake: Yeah, punish me by paying more for your booze. That will teach me.

                    • @Musiclover: You didnt bother listening a cheaper price though, so this is the cheapest price to buy atm…

                      • @solidussnake: You probably meant to say "listing"? But I did, It's not my fault you have not read what I wrote. Price beat at Dan M for the laziest of the lazy. Stacking with vouchers, codes and cashbacks for the rest.

                        • @Musiclover: Please show us where we can stack vouchers, codes & cashback for this particular product and get it cheaper.

              • @Ham Dragon: how do we get 30% off the normal dans price ?

                • @garage sale: The other person was claiming 30% cashback at BWS happens regularly. BWS don't even stock Ron Zacapa at present, AFAIK. I used their claim of 30% cashback to illustrate that this Nick's deal is still cheaper, even if DM offered 30% cashback (good luck), using their RRP, which is usually the lowest.

            • +7

              @Musiclover: Put down the shovel, mate.

  • +11

    Nick's has Flor de Cana Grand Reserve 7 Year Old Rum (1000ml) for $69.99(Reduced from $120.00) if you buy these 2 together you get free delivery.

    Only 30 left in stock

    • thanks mate - looking forward to next week!

    • Cheers, picked one up for the free shipping. The more you spend the more you save!!!

  • +8

    Got a 5% discount as a first time customer using this code: NWM5PC

  • +3

    got 2 bottles successfully price matched via live chat just now at dan muprhy

    they did it at 148 ea for me.

    thanks @daddy74 ya legend

    • Jimothy heard mumbling away after the first bottle

      Who's your daddy? I have daddy issues

      • +2

        i have many, MANY issues, but happy to report no daddy issues. he wasnt the best dad, but he did what he could with what he had. i'll miss him for sure when its time.

  • +2

    Havent tried this but definitely prefer a Diplomatico over all the other previous RZ's ill try, very tempting OP thanks!

    • Entry level zacapa I’m happy to substitute with diplomatico - pretty much whichever is on sale.

    • +1

      Diplomatico is the tits

      • they add a bit of extra molasses to give it that almost liquer taste,

  • +3

    Thanks for the deal.
    I went a little overboard and got Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (1000ml) instead.
    It was the ABV: 60% that drew me in.
    Paired it up with Flor de Cana Grand Reserve 7 Year Old Rum (1000ml) for $69.99 and the 5% discount https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15041186/redir and I'm happy.

    • ABV: 60%

      damnnnnn - is this for them times when you get called out by the boys but got a saturday shift at 7am so need to get 7 hours of partying done in 2-3 shots?

    • Hint: Water the Glenfarclas down a little (had many bottles). It's strong stuff. Was around $105 for a long time pre-COVID. :(

    • Looks like they finally matched drink society on the 105. Its my go to whisky

  • Cheers OP, rum collection gets ever larger :(

    • +1

      well at least this one is super easy to drink, prob need to get another 2 bottles next week :')

  • -1

    How this compare to Bundaberg rum?

  • Thanks, bought 10 to mix with coca cola 😂

    • +3

      i know its a joke but this aint bad with coke actually. better straight

  • Successfully price matched at dan murphy.
    Bought two, indeed they do $148 each.
    What a wonderful deal.
    Huge appreciation!

    • Received it and damn it tastes good.
      It's my first rum and I'm in love.

      • good choice for 1st rum brah
        the problem is now its pretty hard to come close for anything else lols

        • +1

          Bought one earlier this arvo after @Jimothy Wongingtons stellar recommendation, as a (budding) rum enthusiast myself - thanks Tuna and OP

  • "Unfortunately" I or better said my taste buds have "outgrown" these quite sweet Rums.
    But defiantly a very drop for a very good price and a couple of years ago I would have been all over this.

  • Must be a pricing error.. our wholesale price for this unit is $197.60ex GST

    • i really expected dans to tell me to f off tbh (as would have been their right I guess seeing as nicks is only in 1 location, and in victoria) - i guess today has been a slow sales day.

      • Same and thank you, this is my favourite rum.

      • +2

        Its so much below my wholesale price I went to dan murphys now and bought two

      • Ahh this makes sense now on why they were trying to charge me $9.90 for delivery and no pick-up options at my local DM. Managed to get out of it. I will be picking up this bottle when I finish work and hopefully its enjoyable. I'm sure it will be!

        • If you only got 1 bottle I think that would have been fair. Nicks had $200 spend to get free delivery (I think most of us got two bottles though)

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: I didn't want to spend nearly $300 on something that I've never tried before. I'm sure I will regret this decision later though haha

            • +1

              @mastermik3y: That’s what I mean going with the t and c’s shipping should have applied (unless you happen to live near nicks)… but yeah good on dans I guess they are thinking better any money into dans pockets than some random 1 shop independent

              And I bet u Wil be tempted to go back for another haha
              It’s niceee

      • dans now also sometimes ask if price matching distance from store ,

        • They asked me that too and I am definitely nowhere near the nicks store

  • thank you :) got pricematched at Dans :)

  • Also price matched at Dans. They were also going to charge me $9.90 for delivery but I've managed to get out of it and they allowed me to pick it up from my local Dans for free. Originally they said it had to be delivery only as it's a part of their price guarantee policy but after a bit of complaining they agreed for free pick-up at my local DM.

    I'm usually a cognac drinker but I'll give this a go judging by how highly its spoken about here and online.

    Thank you Daddy74!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and dictator 12 but never tried these, are these better?

    • +1


      Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Is a nice drop as is. Will you get the extra enjoyment out of this for the extra dosh ? Maybe not. At this price I say f it, treat yourself. At $220, ehhhh

    • +1

      Give the Dictador 20 Year Old Rum a go. Goes on sale for $120-$130.

      You wont be disappointed!!

      • +1

        Nick's has it for $110.

        • +1

          thanks Joe/Jim, got Dictator 20 price matched at dans for $109!

  • OOS now

  • +3

    Absolutely devastated.
    Damn school pick up distracted me from my normal OB refresh addiction.

  • Glad it's OOS.. saved some money and brain cells

  • life was easier when nick still had store in high st malvern and one in doncaster could go in on weekend, see what’s on special or taste something new and grab a bottle …now mail order only …

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