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2x 8TB NAS Seagate Ironwolf Drive (+ $35 Prezzee eGift Card Redemption) $500.40 Delivered + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


I've been looking to upgrade my 3TB NAS RAID and spotted this deal. You need to add 2 to the cart, however you get a $35 gift card, 10% off the 2 drives plus the $35 gift card. All up it cost me $500.40 delivered by paying direct deposit. It's +$5 for CC however us OzBargainers will always take the $5 savings! It's around $100 better (plus the $35 gift card) than the best deal I could find previously.

Seagate Gear Up Promotion

"Purchase any eligible Seagate products before 3rd April 2024 and redeem a complimentary Prezzee Smart e-Gift Card.' Receipt upload required.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express

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  • +6

    Aren't the drives from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/828443 much better value?

    • -5

      You are comparing non-NAS drives of a different model AND factory seconds recertified. So yeah sure a Datsun 180B is 'better value' than a Ferrari, but it's not apples for apples is it?

      • +5

        Some of those are NAS drives. They have IronWolf Pros on their store. IronWolf Pros are NAS drives.

        • Iron wolf pro are far better than iron wolf too reliability wise

    • These are different drives. Definitely better value but those drives are refurbs and not ideal to put in RAID (eg wrong timeout values if an error is detected).

      If a drive doesn’t explicitly say it’s a RAID model, it’s not ideal for RAID. It’ll work though. But when it starts failing, your raid controller may handle it very badly.

      • What’s the difference between factory recertified and refurbished? I got 2 14TB drives from them, both 0 run hours and work fine now

      • +1

        My post is partly wrong, EXOS is fine for NAS/RAID and similar to these drives. Ignore that part!

        The other deal above is for used/refurb/reconditioned drives, so the drives are still different (but not nearly as much)

    • +2

      EXOS are Seagate's enterprise tier of drives. They will be fine for RAID use.

      However, note that that seller is selling OEM/recertified/refurbished drives.

      • what does that mean? are they used? seconds?

  • +1

    Hmm, I'm not getting the 10% off?

    • Yep, shows $555 + $11 postage for me, where's the deal?

  • OzBargainers will always take the $5 savings

    Sophisticated OzBers getting greater worth with CC in terms of points, incentives, etc. won't.

  • Having gone through a few iron wolfs recently in under 2 yrs as nas drives and another mate with 4 failures in 6months I won’t be buying them again ever…

    • I stopped buying Seagate well over 10 years ago after multiple failures, and have not had a dead HDD since

    • +4

      It's funny how of you look up WD, you get the exact same response and experience…

      The grass is greener on the other side?

      • +1

        Yep, way more issues/drive failures with WD than any other company for me.

      • man i give up hey, i had a 4 bay nas now an 8 purely coz i dont trust anyone now… in my nas i have
        2x 8TB WD red - fine
        2x 8TB Iron wolf (had not anymore replaced with 2x Exos)
        4x 12TB Exos - fine

        I replaced the iron wolf with exos (basically iron wolf pro lets be honest)

        I suspect some years of bad wd red but loads of bad iron wolf from what i can tell, i just trust nobody now and waste storage :D

        • Well I have WD 3TB in the raid right now and one of those failed within 3 months from new. It's a spin of the wheel really.

    • +3

      It's funny, the brand of drive I own is far more likely to fail me than the brand of drive I did not buy…

      • well i should have added context… the 2x wd red sitting in the bays next door were perfectly fine…. the exos in the bays next to that are fine still

    • +1

      (2x8tb in this deal)

      • Thanks im blind

    • +1

      The posted deal is for 2x 8TB drives, 16TB

  • its not a bad deal but it could be better :D

    • Every deal could be better in theory, it's the best I could actually find today.

  • +3

    Amazon has it for $513 after the 5% off. I'd pay the $13 more to get it from amazon. Shopping express if there's a problem is a nightmare to deal with.

    • And you still get the $35 gift card!

      • Are you sure you still get the gift card with international stock? Especially when not sold in a 'bundle' of two?

    • Yeah I looked at that but that's not Aussie stock, so warranty becomes an issue.

    • Agree, terrible customer service if there is an issue. Had to get PayPal involved to get a refund as customer service is non-existent.

      Pay more to get it from elsewhere.

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