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22% Cashback for BWS $30 Cap (Expired), Up to $250 Cashback for Private Health Insurance via Compare The Market @ TopCashBack AU

  • $250 (was $200) Compare the Market upsized cashback for Combined cover, $210 (was $200) for hospital only.
    Will stack with individual health cover bonuses such as free months as long as its displayed on compare the market when you get a quote

  • BWS 22% Cashback capped at $30 per member.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3199)

Referrer gets $30, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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  • +1

    finally a decent alcohol CB ! Sobriety no more!

  • Anyone used topcashback before? Never heard of it.

    • I am waiting for my first cashback to be approved before I buy anything else, bad things happened with the cashback company Cheddar.

    • First time user on 24th on Jan
      Still waiting for the cashback…

    • very good experiences so far, been over six month never an issue

    • Only used a couple of times on really big discounts, but no problems with tracking and payout

    • No problem for me. Missed one purchase cashback before but claim process was smooth, they approved the cashback straight away instead of waiting for months for purchases tracked normally.

  • Does this work with Qantas Insurance?

  • -1

    The last shopback promo ~2 weeks still had people with the bws infinite wheel of doom/no tracking. Would still not use for bws cashback

    • +1

      the website is straight garbage not shopback fault. Worked fine on the app

      • Yeah it's a bws issue none of the cashback providers. BWS just seems to ngaf. Issue has been going since second half of last year

        • Its honestly quite frustating if ur using a cashback site but if not, it is fine cause the order still goes through

          • +3

            @StarPlatinum: Yeah I'm negging until beer wine scams fix their website/tracking issues

      • not shopback fault

        Well, Shopback to continue to have a relationship with BWS knowing too well their site is a 🍕💩.

        • What other alcohol cashback offers are there? Yup 0…

    • +2

      So you're negging a TopCashback deal due to Shopback tracking issues? 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • -3

        Did you even read the discussion? How about you go do that then comment again

        • -1

          I've had BWS track perfectly via TopCashback. Shopback and BWS are a different story entirely.

          • -3

            @KangaDrew: Ok so have you re-read the discussion yet and seen what was said?
            It is not a fault of any of the cashback sites, it is a BWS website issue

  • Is there an end date?

  • Compare the market did not track last time for me

    • Same but i put in a missing cashback case

  • No problems with BWS tracking today. Received TCB tracking email 3mins past the hour for order placed 20mins prior.

    • Same, tracked

  • This seems to be good value if you like cognac: https://bws.com.au/product/38905/hennessy-vs-cognac-700ml

  • Is the BWS for single purchase or is it ok to have a second with $30 cap across both?

  • Bws website keeps showing items in stock but says unavailable to pickup no matter which store I choose

    • Same :( Website must be down :(

      • Same. Just tried a couple and although shows as all items available, unable to check out. Well that was a waste of my "valuable" time :-)
        Was fine earlier as also grabbed something then.

  • BWS is showing 2.25% instead of 22%
    Anyoine else seeing the same?

    • It expired last night at midnight but even then one couldn't check out of BWS last night as per above.

  • Still hasn't tracked for me, a day on. I didn't have the neverending wheel of doom either so that isnt the reason.

  • Was the cashback eligible for purchases made via BWS app?

  • Waited the 'may take 7 days to appear', hasn't tracked. Ugh.

    • same, i just lodged the missing cashback claim thingy

  • Try my luck here

    Anyone know if you can get both the cashback which is $110 on car insurance and Everyday rewards bonus points (12000) with promo code ? using compare the market and top cashback

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