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Citizen Eco-Drive AW1716-83L 100m Watch A$205 Delivered @ Creation Watches, Singapore



There are various other discount codes as per the store usually offers on slow stock

DHL shipping. Adding currency conversion and overseas fees 6-7%

It wil cost around 208$ for above strange dial watch

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Creation Watches, Singapore
Creation Watches, Singapore

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  • +2

    I know it's NOS, but the SKX007 prices are kinda hilarious

    • +2

      How do they still have stock? I thought Seiko stopped making them years ago.

      Anyway you'd be crazy to buy one when when you can get a Seiko Turtle for $493 delivered.

      Or if your budget is lower get a Steeldive SD1970.

      • +1

        Yeah, I guess they must have acquired a massive stockpile before they went out of production

        Some of those out of production SARBs and SKXs are fetching a lot of money on the resale market. To me, the appeal of those watches was the value for money they offered, so I don't understand why people are paying above RRP for them

    • +2

      Yeah I wouldn't buy one, people are trying for $400-500 second hand.

      Nothing particularly special except nostalgia and the iconic dial. They were awesome because they were only $260 back then or whatever. Mineral crystal, old movement with no hacking/handwinding, cheap bracelets.

      Ps this Citizen should stay Citibank, correct colours.

      • +3

        SKXs were about $150 and SARBs $300. Current resale prices are insane

  • +1

    If you're looking for other Citizen Eco-Drives around this price there's still these models available under $200.

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