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Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh Office Chair $599 (Was $649) + Delivery @ Temple & Webster


Been in the market for a WFH Office Chair, reading a whole bunch of reviews and happened to be on the Temple & Webster website.

Temple & Webster Mid Season Sale Up to 40% off. No Voucher or promo code required.

Extra $5.95 for Purchase Protection (Optional)

Shipped to WA ~$137

See previous posts for all the other details, discussion, review/experiences and price history.

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    I have this chair and it’s still going strong (and still comfy) after 4 years of daily WFH use. I paid $635.

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      How much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking?

      • +18

        Maybe start with ASL?
        That was the style at the time I last used chat…

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        Not to move in on his action, but I've had one for years too and rate it, I'm ~90kg.

    • Have had one of these for 6 years now and it is still basically brand new condition.

      Admittedly at 58kg i'm not exactly a heavy workload, but my bony posterior has proven to wear a lot of chairs out very quickly and the mesh on this is unharmed.

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    Picked this model up in mid 2021 and it's been good for WFH, I'm sitting in it right now in fact. If I had one complaint it would be a tiny one— it's that the armrests are a little rattly and a little bit squeaky when they move, even after tightening and oiling absolutely everything I could find to tighten and oil. But overall it's been good, would get the same again if I needed another. I'm a bigger fella with a bad back so I'm picky with chairs.

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    this or ergotune from the other post?

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      I have been using Ergotune V2 since 2022 then upgraded the backrest to V3 but after while the adjustable lumbar on V3 makes its a bit uncomfortable and now i put the V2 backrest again.

      Then i visited a friend who got this Ergohuman Elite V2 and it feels much more comfy including the mesh quality, etc

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    Bought my v1 from Buy Direct Online for $520 delivered in 2013. Sitting on it now. 70-75kg around 8 hours average a day. It's still good, although the bottom mesh isn't as springy. I recommended it to multiple people in my friends/family circle, and I think there are 7 all up. I would still buy an Ergohuman if mine broke.

  • This chair looks very similar to the winrise wr-999 on amazon.

    • I'm both skeptical and hopeful with knock-offs. I want them to be as good as the original because who wants to pay more for the same? But at the same time, I've been in plenty of situations when the build quality and performance/function of the knockoff just doesn't cut it and is reflected by the lower price. It's upon realisation that it would've been a more prudent choice to buy the better one in the first place.

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    just fyi, V2 is part of gen 1, not to be confused with Ergohuman 2 (gen 2) Elite chairs.

    • which one is The 2? So many chairs

    • didn't know that, good to know, thanks!

    • Thanks a lot for sharing this info. I'm after the Ergohuman 2 (gen 2) but the picture on T&W is not the same as the one on https://www.ergohuman.com.au/. When checking the details on the T&W product page, you can find that they are not even the same product in their pictures and video, which makes me so confused.

    • Good call out. Do these drop in price much? Looking at Ozbargain it seems to be just this gen 1 variant that goes on sale a bit.

      • +1

        Only black friday dropped by 10% has never seen another drop since or prior

        • Thanks! Will keep a look out.

    • whats the main difference between Gen 1 and 2?

      • +3

        Mesh and lumbar support have improved as well as the armrests

  • +3

    The Sihoo M57 is a good cheaper alternative that can be had for $349 ($409 - $60 coupon). Picked one up last week and has been good so far

  • When you say cheaper you mean the quality isn’t as good .

  • +1

    I have the cheaper model from here:

    I’m actually very happy with it and I’m a bit fussy with my chairs. My only qualm is that the arm rests are a bit flimsy and one side doesn’t lock in at desired height consistently.

    I actually prefer this chair to the $1000+ commercial chairs I often salvage from my construction projects.

  • Is back tilt tension adjustable?

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