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Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries 4-Pack: AAA $15.61, AA $16.96 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Good price for Eneloops from Amazon.

The classic OzBargain deal. I can tick this one off the list.

A further 10% off with subscribe and save.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Ugh should I wait until S&S brings it to 14.4? I think thats ATL so this should be an okayish pricd

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    Do you need to buy a charger separately? If so, any recommendations on a good one to pair these batteries with?

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      Nitecore is a good reputable brand.

  • This or IKEA Ladda’s? I’ve got both and haven’t done any tests that show one is better than the other. Big price difference….

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      Save some money and stick to LADDAs. They’re also japanese cells.

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      I just source the Laddas now, no practical difference but even when testing I've found the capacities are accurate and holding up well.

      The Eneloop pricing is totally uncompetitive in comparison even when it's cheap like this.

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        Ladda it is then!

        So are people continuing to buy Eneloops due to brand awareness and inertia? Seems very un-OzB to pay more for the same thing.

        • It's a headscratcher, the last Eneloop deal was voted in as a bargain at $5/battery, which is pretty absurd when the Ladda's are half that price. Even if there was some imperceptible difference that can only be detected via advanced testing and analysis, the Eneloops are most certainly not twice as good to justify that sort of response.

      • Can you charge LADDAS on an Eneloop charger?

        • why not?

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          Yes, you can (I tried it myself)

    • This. Ikea Laddas have really thin matte wrapper on the batteries, had more than one start to peel then stop working.

  • will this work on an xbox controller ?

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      Pros are better in my experience

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      Yes they do work (I use them in my xbox controller). If Pros are better, I can't say because I don't have some to test with.

  • Does it work the other way, can I charge these in my ikea charger?

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